Edmund Bon in Men's Folio, September 2010 (image)

What is haute couture clothing? This? Certainly not?! Travesty. It can’t be.

Determined to bring more power to the people, Edmund has been ruffling more feathers lately with what he calls a “blawg” (law blog) in LoyarBurok. He says the online resource aims to empower Malaysians by enlightening them on the country’s complex legal system, and serve as platform for activists to express their views and inspire others to do the same. “I hope the blawg creates awareness that will eventually stem the tide of cronyism, nepotism and authoritarianism,” he says.

See other great pictures of the men’s white tee here (L: Freedom Size, XL: Real-Freedom Size and XXL: Uber-Freedom Size) and the women’s version in black baby tee here (XS: Cili Padi Size, S: Freedom Size and M: Lots of Love Size). Now, quickly order your LoyarBurok tees by emailing [email protected] and including these details:

(i) Name

(ii) Quantity

(iii) Size(s)

Each tee costs RM30 each. Delivery charges of an additional RM7 is applicable for West Malaysia and RM9 for East Malaysia (for delivery of up to 2 tees)

You may bank in your payment to:

Maybank Account

Account Name: Liberal Banter Sdn Bhd

Account Number: 5127 6310 8627

Please send us the confirmation of payment slip and your mailing address so that we can send you your very own super cool tee(s).

Happy LoyarBurokking!

Edmund Bon in Men's Folio, September 2010 (interview)

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  1. There are more than Freedom size now? I wore the Freedom size and I went to an event yesterday n people gawk more at my protruding belly as the Beruk looks obscene. I need another one lah camni

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