The KL YLC’s Candidate Watch Campaign (CWC) moves on with the full list of questions for Bar Council election candidates. The responses are expected to be published on Monday, 15 November 2010.


Q1. In not more than 80 words, please provide a brief introduction about yourself and how you perceive yourself as a legal practitioner.

Q2. Which committee would you seek to chair and what are your aspirations and intentions for the said committee during your tenure? If you do not intend to chair a committee, please state your reasons for the same and tell us what do you intend to achieve during your tenure as a Council Member?

Q3. The issue of setting a term limit for members serving the Bar Council has attracted many supporters as well as detractors. Do you think that there should be a term limit for members to be in the Bar Council? Please provide reasons for your answer.

Q4. Based on feedback received, many Young Lawyers are leaving the profession because of perceived deteriorating working conditions at the Bar. What are your views about the working conditions that Young Lawyers are being subjected to and how would you seek to improve these conditions?

Q5. The Johor Bar and the Penang Bar have recently held EGMs, inter alia, to obtain feedback in relation to the Fast Track System implemented by the judiciary which places emphasis on a Key Performance Index (“KPI”). Has the quality of justice dispensed by the Courts suffered as a result of the KPI that has been put into place? What would you do to improve the situation?

Q6. Do you think the Solicitor’s Remuneration Order (SRO) has achieved the objectives it was put in place for? Do you think more should be done by the Bar Council to ensure adherence to the SRO or alternatively, should the SRO be done away with all together?

Q7. What are your views on the failure of the Attorney-General to bring charges against the individuals named by the Royal Commission of Inquiry in their findings on the leaked video-clips vis a vis judicial appointments? What action do you propose the Bar Council take?

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5 replies on “Candidate Watch Campaign: Full list of questions”

  1. I think the questions are quite good. Obviously they could be a bit more hard-hitting, but it would probably be unfair to expect the CWBC campaign to ask questions that could be deemed offensive or accusatory.

    I'm looking forward to the answers. They should provide more insight than the standard blurb that comes with the ballot papers – some of which are obviously written half-heartedly.

  2. Dear SL Chung,

    We appreciate your comments on the questions.

    If this first-of-it's-kind initiative is undertaken again next year, we hope that you can help us so that we don't again churn out 'the usual mediocre rubbish' as you have put it.

    Anyway, there are some really interesting answers which will be published tomorrow, so watch out for it, okay?

    Kind regards,


    (on behalf of Candidate Watch Campaign)

    1. Dear SL Chung

      LoyarBurok supports this important and well-thought out Campaign. Many LoyarBurokkers are part of this initiative too! However, we did not help with the questions.

      We would encourage you to pose some of your own questions here as suggested by AgreeToDisagree.

  3. After the build up, I expected tough and controversial questions. These are mostly the usual mediocre rubbish. Not challenging or revealing at all. Did LB help set questions? I sure hope not.

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