The four key areas to transform Malaysia’s civil service.


To date, the Malaysian public service has a staff strength of 1.2 million employees, covering 28 schemes of service. Despite the growth in quantity after 53 years, unfortunately the system still struggles with not only technological usage but also in efficiency, quality of service, and mind-setting spirit at work. We stress on improving the civil service because the Malaysian civil service plays a huge role in the growth of the country, domestically and internationally, and we therefore cannot afford these short-comings.

As recently as 9 October 2010, our Prime Minister addressed the civil sector in Malaysia to be more receptive to change. He mentioned in his speech that we should equip our public service with quality human capital and quality of service to meet the demands of our society. He said the following four areas would be the benchmark in order to improve the civil service:

  1. Transparency and accountability.
  2. Competitiveness.
  3. Merit-based, and striving for a culture of excellence.
  4. Knowledge and high awareness.

Transparency and accountability

The Prime Minister mentioned the adoption of best policies and implementation of services.

There has been much promotion of the policy of 1Malaysia and “people first, performance now.” However this is not reflected in practice.

For me, the true meaning of transparency and accountability – one that will benefit Malaysia – is to aim for zero corruption. Remember the RM12.5 billion corruption in the Port Klang Free Zone scandal? The RM12.5 billion could be channelled to fund scholarships or improve the road system, something that would be more beneficial to the growth of Malaysia.


The Prime Minister said we have to listen to stakeholders.

Having to listen is indeed correct, but not to stakeholders – not yet anyway. The government has to listen to the people and find out what would attract the best people for the job. To be competitive in business, we have to make the civil service a competitive field for jobs. When the best brains are recruited, they will drive the civil service forward and increase competitiveness amongst stakeholders.

The sectors responsible for driving the civil service forward are the Federal Public Service, the State Public Services, the Joint Public Services, the education service, the judiciary, the legal service, the police and armed forces.

To increase competitiveness for these jobs, the government should channel funds to increase the pay of civil servants. This would make the jobs more prestigious and attractive, and would appeal to the best brains in Malaysia.

Jayanath Appudurai, who writes extensively on poverty for the Centre for Policy Initiatives, suggests that Malaysia calculates the PLI based on two-thirds of the median income of its households. The median income is a country’s total income divided by half – which is RM2,830 for Malaysia. Therefore, Malaysia’s PLI for 2010 based on two-thirds of the median income should be RM1,886, rather than the government’s PLI average of RM800 per household.

The basic salary of a special assistant to a politician is RM1,500, and for a local councillor, RM750. As stated above, the benchmark of one living in poverty is an income of RM1,886. We cannot expect a degree holder to want to take up a job that pays below the poverty line.

Recently, in light of the 2011 Budget, Second Finance Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah said bonus payments to civil servants would depend on the country’s economic situation. And yet the government can afford a RM 65 million facelift of the PM’s official residence, and an additional RM147 million for the construction of the new national palace at Jalan Duta, Kuala Lumpur.

Merit-based, and striving for a culture of excellence

The Prime Minister spoke of an outcome-based performance and delivery.

Yes, we should aim for a high performance culture, but this would only be possible when we achieve a cultured civil service. There should be more non-bumiputeras recruited. The reason is simple. Our country is multi-racial. Hence, the different races have different needs the government should cater to. Let me give you an example. Take the issue of merely fulfilling a basic need of having a crematorium for non-Muslims in a district. If the people up in the board are populated of more than 90% of bumiputeras, more often than not, we cannot expect them to provide for needs that would be almost impossible without proposal and deliberation from the non-bumiputeras. It would then be a challenge to strive for excellence and a high performance culture. We can’t really blame this on the people in the civil service, really. We blame it on the system.

AB Sulaiman wrote in his blog Anak Bangsa Malaysia on 4 February 2010 on the civil service being very “Malay-sian”. He mentioned his experience of working in the civil service, particularly in recruitment exercises: “Each time, my interview committee members and superiors goaded me to select and appoint people of my own type. The reason given was: ‘Malays are not yet ready for the highly competitive private sector employment. They won’t be able to survive out there’.”

There should be a place for all Malaysians in the civil service, so that each race is well represented. Lim Kit Siang, on his blog, stated that as at 31 December 2009, the racial breakdown of the Malaysian civil service comprising 1,247,894 employees is as follows: Malay (78.2%); Other Bumiputras (7.7%); Chinese (5.8%), Indian (4.0%); and Others (4.2%)

This the worst multi-racial composition of the government service, with the lowest Chinese and Indian representation in the public service in Malaysia’s 53-year history. This is clearly seen from the three sets of comparative figures of the racial breakdown of the civil service before the NEP 1971 and as at December 2009 – Malays (60.80% and 78.2%); Chinese (20.2% and 5.8%); Indians (17.4% and 4.0%); and Others (1.6% and 4.2%).

It is clear that the Government is setting the worst example of a 1Malaysia Government.

Yes, Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Senator Datuk T. Murugiah told a press conference in Parliament on 13 October 2010 that the number of Chinese employed to date had seen an increase of 9% compared to 2008. With all due respect, an increase of 9% of the 5.8% of the Chinese in the government is quite pathetic.

Knowledge and high awareness

Our Prime Minister mentioned that there is need to implant knowledge into our thinking and reacting.

I beg to differ. I believe the more accurate statement would be that we have to implant thinking into the knowledge we’ve learnt. Often in the Malaysian syllabus of education, students are required to merely memorise facts and formulas to regurgitate out at the exam halls. There is minimal requirement for any form of thinking to be shown.

The education system is extremely important to empower the people with knowledge and high awareness. Not only does the current system not facilitate the need for thought and reaction, it also needs improvement in the area of cultivating civil awareness. For example, the syllabus should include basic general knowledge of the roles of different ministers, about the legislation, executive and judiciary, the difference between a Member of Parliament and an assemblyman. It’s tragic that SPM graduates do not know about basic things like that. These are all basic requirements in cultivating high awareness in our society.

The Prime Minister gave his views on improving the government system. Here are some of my views.

Malaysia has always been talking about improving infrastructure, growth in development, etc. Yes, Putrajaya is indeed a beautiful city. The government has spent billions beautifying that particular area. However, this would not attract the best brains to work there. More often than not, it is the pay that attracts. As mentioned earlier, money should not be allowed to leak into corruptions like the PKFZ scandal. These billions should be used to up the attractiveness of the pay of government servants.

To the dismay of government servants, the bonus to be paid to civil servants totalling RM 3.1 billion had not been included in the 2011 budget, due to financial constraints. Now there is a recent proposal of building another skyscraper with an allocation of RM 5 billion. I personally think that this RM 5 billion could be channelled to improving the government service by increasing the pay of civil servants.

It is evident that there is an increasing growth of infrastructure in our country but you’d be surprised that when it comes to simple necessities like street lamps, water pumps, the town council does not have sufficient funds. There must be something really wrong in our allocation of money.

Back in the day, the civil service used to be a very highly looked up to profession. How did that change over the years? How did the quality drop so immensely? Is it because the people running the system have become so complacent with things that they feel there is no need to maintain the quality, let alone improve it? After all, it’s been 53 years – and 53 years is a very long time.

Wanting to change things from grassroots level will not be as impactful. Given the analogy of the best lawyer in town, being able to lay down brilliant points of arguments and accurate cases in court, but we don’t change the way judges are appointed, justice still will not be served. Change must come from the top.

The Prime Minister said Malaysia’s Talent Corporation will start its operations in January 2011, marking the start of a concerted effort to woo the return of Malaysian professionals abroad. Charles Polidano once said, “Most reforms in government fail. They do not fail because, once implemented, they yield unsatisfactory outcomes. They fail because they never get past the implementation stage at all. They are blocked outright or put into effect only in tokenistic, half-hearted fashion.”

So, Mr. Prime Minister, the rakyat will hold you to all your speeches. Prove to us that it all isn’t just words someone else had prepared for you to read out, and that this will move past the implementation stage. After all, they always say, actions speak louder than words.

Vivian Kuan is a person that never lets anyone tell her she can’t do something. She channels her time and energy only to what she loves in life. Thus, she chose to read law and is currently in her second year. Other than burying her head in law books, she loves to dance, play the piano and write songs. And she never says no to food. She has a heart for people; hence she finds joy in making a difference in the lives of others. She always believes she can do anything, which sometimes gets her into crazy situations, but that belief gets her through. She’s always wanted to be a part of something bigger in life.

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  1. To all of the commentators, thanks for all the comments. Do note that I'm new in writing articles and the above is all in my humble opinion. I appreciate the opinions you've put forth that is keeping the ball rolling on how do we think we can improve our government system. It all has been food for thought and I will reply each one of you personally.

    limkitkat – Refering to your comments/concerns which are mostly on civil servants and the fluency of language they speak, yes you are absolutely right about how if civil servants cannot speak proper BM or English, it would be a disgrace. That is why my article suggests for an improve in quality of the civil service. And like I mentioned, the state funds should be channelled to increasing the pay of government servants, making it competitive, attracting people of competence for the job. And I'm sure that person of callibre would not have a language problem. And even if he/she does, that person would want to master that language fast because of that very competitive job he has.

    AgreeToDisagree – I absolutely agree with your views. To vote the pro-apartheids out because who needs a government that does not listen anyway? I see that you hold the education system of Malaysia close to your heart like I do. Why not write about it? I'm sure you'd produce a superb article.

    youngNan – wow thats really tragic to have experienced the inefficiency first hand and have the drastic comparison right after. Its a sad reality, but true. Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

    Parent – yes that is very true. Some of the school teachers do not know the answers if its not textbook answers that the students asked. I would know; I was a secondary student not too long ago.

    Quek – Thanks for sharing your experience with us. I didn't know that they had someone to press the button for you at the high court counter! Yes to much distaste, it is a sad reality that sometimes it seems like the govt is just giving out jobs and having that mentality. Hopefully we are wrong about them.

    Mohamad adil – Yup, kita semua memang sama. We all have our little flaws, but in the end, it just boils down to wanting to live in peace and harmony dispite our flaws and differences. Yup, we are just Malaysians.

    happyeverafter/Emperor Qin – They have C-town everywhere OBVIOUSLY because other cultures enjoy and find interest in the culture. I'm quite sure its not a racist move in building the C-town all over the world. Its the other countries that want a C-town in their city. And do NB comment by IsayNotoISA, highlighting the other 'towns' all over the world. I'm really sorry to see that the chinese are really intimidating to you.

    ISayNoToISA – Thank you for standing up to racism. It shows how truly a Malaysian you are. I' not sure if you are Chinese or Malay or Indian but I do know you are standing up for common humanity. We need more mindsets like you.

    charleskiwi – Thanks for your views pertaining to govt servants being funded by other countries and the history subject to be made compulsory. I guess our govt is not really listening to the voice of the rakyat. ie: protest on the RM 5bil Menara Warisan.

    Charlie Chan – We might have the best ratio in the world and it might only cost RM 3 bil to fund our engine of Malaysia, the civil servants. But we would want our RM 3 bil to be used to the best capacity, to create some improvement with that 3 bil, and not to just feed mouths in the civil service. We should aim for quality. Yup, I absolutely agree with you that BN would do anything to stay in power. Thats why we as the rakyat, should do everything we can to make a change. We can start by voting for a better govt.

    Joachim Leong – Thanks, that was very thought provoking. To a certain extent I agree that the pay rise may advocate other ingenuinity in taking up the job. But NB the teachers in public schools and lecturers in colleges. The difference is the pay in their job – making it a more prestigious job, and this job only attracts the degree/master holder – (there is quality). Having obtained this job, they would want to do well in their work and thus producing quality students. And besides, lecturers don't become lecturers if they hate to teach.

    But that is indeed a very good point you've brought up and I do agree to a certain extent.

    Thank you once again for the comments. I apologise if I have upset anyone in my article and do know it is unintended. But I do stand by what I have written. Lets keep the ball rolling and continue pouring in our thoughts on how we think we can improve our civil service. Although, it would be great if we did it with respect for one another. Lets be civilised before we can even talk about a civilsed civil service.

  2. LimKitKit all of them also terhegeh-hegeh wanna sound like “Queen’s English” or american. suruh belajar cakap Melayu tak nak, go UK la why stay here kan poodha chey! even their english also sound like shit actually lololol

  3. Who said Malay who speak English hancur lebur probably one who who really lived under the coconut shell. Probably one who thinks that ALL non Malays in Malaysia speak "Queen's English". Poodahhhh

  4. Thank you for that very idealistic take on how the civil service should be.

    I would like to offer my 2cents from an economic perspective.

    In Malaysia, the government has become an employer of last resort. What this mean on top of having less unemployment and (arguably) less crime you have a grateful well-looked after bunch of individuals. (which comes in handy during general elections)

    Of course, I have to qualify that. Not everyone joins as the last resort but have their own reasons be it to serve, teach and nurture the next generation or position themselves strategically. Let me put it this way : To be paid at that rate, there must be another reason you would want to join the civil service!

    As a result, the end-user of the civil service will suffer. As a employer of last-resort, they would be reluctant to reprimand or remove individuals as their aim is not to get the best out of the civil service but to tow the line and be seen as a benevolent government which cares.

    Looking through race-tinted glasses, with the majority of one race in the civil service, people quickly tend to associate the civil service with that one race.

    Putting all this together you get a civil service which is more political, somewhat a social net ( I have no problems with this prima facie) but ultimately lacking in performance.

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  7. VIVIAN -Do you have any experience dealing with our Malaysian Civil Service which is the most CIVIL in the WORLD. With 1.2 million servants serving a population of 27 million, we have the best ratio in the world< Do u know what is the yearly salary of 1.2 million servants? Take an average salary of RM 2500 per person, it would cost taxpayers only RM 3 billion per year. BN is mostly supported by these civil servants- so how to transformed, Be realistic this 1 Malaysia n BN will do anything to stay in power, After all they are using taxpayers money. If u need more just keep on borrowing,

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  10. A racist will turn all things into a racial issue via stereotyping. Like a leopard can not change its spot, a racist can never see things beyond his/her racist lens. If you are one of the racists that think there are only China Town on earth, check the URL and see how ignorant you are:

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    Indian town is way down the list and their population is comparable to ours. And so, I decree here, it is obvious that we want more than everyone else we want to suck the earth dry for all there is. Lastly, we will rename this earth as China.

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  12. @Emperor Qin,

    You have just shown what a racist you are. Of course the China Town is on top of the list, after all Chinese made up the biggest population on Earth. But you are too racist to realize that.

  13. 'All you need to do is Google Ethnic Enclave or Ethnic Town on the internet to find out.'

    Guess who's on top of that list?

    'It is so obvious that they want more than everyone else isn’t it?'

    Spot on again happyeverafter, you are brilliant

  14. The civil service in Malaysia is to say the least is one of the most corrupted and worst in Asia , Africa and the Middle East !

    Yet the DPM just to gain the political support of these civil servants is saying said that the Malaysian civil service is one of the best when in actual fact it is the opposite. Of course he would not dare to compare the civil servants, over 94% of them are Malays and most important of all supported and funded by the government, with that of countries like Singapore, Japan, U.K, or U.S. to name just a few. He compares Malaysia with countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia just to name a few muslim countries that need assistance from everyone and every country whenever disaster struck them. Not to mention the reasons why so many of their people from these countries are trying so very hard to immigrate there illegally. I might add most of them are risking their lives most of the time. Why ?

    Also the Malaysians are required by law to learn a language that the government themselves don't make use of because they know no one outside Malaysia no body would make use of or know no one would know what B.M. is. Consequently Jawi is used outside every Malaysian Embassy to make people think Malaysia is part of the Arab world.

    It is a bloody and a sick joke the only reason they are doing that is just to slow down the none Malays and soon they want them to learn History that is being distorted and twisted for their own benefit and again to slow them down just like the introduction of the remote class for the non Malay students going from stand six to form one.

    Finally why is it the Malaysian civil servants best known for being lazy and corrupted ? Just try the immigration and the custom at the airports and all the road transport departments without naming all the other departments.

  15. @happyeverafter,

    Fact 1: There was a Malay Town in Cairn, Australia.

    Fact 2: There is a Russia Town in Herkimer County, New York State, USA, but I guess you are too blinded by your own racism and too ignorant to know that.

    Fact 3: There is not only China Town but there is also the Little India, the Korean Town, the Little Saigon (Vietnam Town), the Japan Town, the Little Manila (Philippine Town), The Black Neighborhood, Little Italy, Greektown, Irishtown, Little Pakistan, Little Protugal, the German Town and Barrios for the Hispanic.

    Want more? There’s the Norwegian Town, Swiss Towns, The Swedish Towns, and many Eastern Europeans Town. All you need to do is Google Ethnic Enclave or Ethnic Town on the internet to find out.

    It is human’s nature to want to stick with you own tribe. Heck, the Malay students were well known for sticking together with themselves when they were studying in U.K and U.S. Only the minority of the Malay students have the ability and willingness to mix with the locals when they were in UK and US.

    So, stop your racist stereotyping of Chinese in Malaysia.

    Another point to ponder. The favorite racist slur of the American Redneck is:”This is America! So speak proper English, else get out from here and go back to your own country!”

  16. happyeverafter, spot on. Even the origin country is named after one family's surname. Overly greedy they are by nature.

  17. @happyeverafter and all the racists posted their racist comment above,

    Fact 1: There was a Malay Town in Cairn, Australia.

    Fact 2: There is a Russia Town, but I guess you are too blinded by your own racism and too ignorant to know that:

    Fact 3: There is not only China Town but there is also the Indian Town, the Korean Town, the Vietnam Town, the Japan Town, the Philipine Town and even German Town!,_Philadel

    Want more? There's the Norwegian Town, Swiss Towns, African Towns, The Swedish Towns, and many Eastern Europeans Town. All you need to do is Google Ethnic Enclave or Ethnic Town on the internet to find out.

    It is human's nature to want to stick with you own tribe. Heck, the Malay students were well known for sticking together with themselves when they were studying in U.K and U.S. Only the minority of the Malay students have the ability and willingness to mix with the locals when they were in UK and US.

    So, stop your racist stereotyping of Chinese in Malaysia.

    Another point to ponder. The favorite racist slur of the American Redneck is:"This is America! So speak proper English, else get out from here and go back to your own country!"

  18. Dear limkitday,

    I've never heard of an Americantown, Britishtown, Russiatown, Aussietown, even a Malaysiatown anywhere. On the other hand, C-town is everywhere.

    As we speak, they are even draining Mother earth's entire resources via globalisation. It is so obvious that they want more than everyone else isn't it? Here they stick with their long winding names, keep their own language, can't even speak our native tongue, hang with their own cliques and breed with their own kind. Religion of course is a different story, but even the communists banned it back there too.

    So why build their own little countries in other people's tiny land? Isn't it just convenient to save humanity of all the mess, their vast mother land is still up there anyway. They can keep all they ever want there and everyone else lives happily ever after.

  19. limkitkat , you are 110% right.

    English hancur lebur.

    I am also right if I say.. cina cakap BM hancur lebur…

    Lu pun sama juga. Kita semua sama. Malaysians.

    So, what is your solution…?any suggestion?

    periok cakap kuali hitam… jangan marah limkitcat..meow

  20. these ultrakiasu ppl are very good when it comes to diversion of real issues.

    what a racist bigot of ultrakiasu. this type of low-class, retarded-like and uncivilised mentality must have come from the JENIS school.

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  21. Government sector should not be used as a platform to just merely giving out jobs without even looking into the need of having that post. I remember during my chambering days which is last year, at the high court counter, they actually place a guy just to press number for you. No offense, but do we actually need a person to press number for us? resources like this are wasted all the time. and not to mention, most of the government servants like MBMB are slacking around (most of the time). therefore the first thing we should look at is actually does the government sector need that many man powers? or are they merely giving out jobs to the Bumis who cant get a job in private sector therefore coming to government sector to say "give me a job whatever post will do. i cant get a job in private sector" this kind of mentality should be stopped

  22. Majority of the civil servants are teachers(by limkitkat)!and majority is from one particular race! No wonder our education breeds half-past six students! Some of these teachers can't even teach properly and can't answer questions raised by students.

  23. HaHaHah!!…when they came to change the water meter in my house…here were what they bought with them….

    The manpower:

    1. A van with six personnel.

    The job:

    One person is dismantling the old meter, one is holding the new water meter, another one is holding a replaceable iron pipe, one person is on standby,and the driver and another listening to the radio.

    After meddling with the meter for half hour (the fitting still leaked), they decided to say enough is enough, and just drove away telling me that the job is completed.

    Compared this to a job done by the private plumber…one does the whole job with or without an assistance

  24. I have this much at least to say of the education sector.

    Do the minorities need to become a teacher in national schools given such conditions of apartheid? All the minorities need to do is vote for the END OF APARTHEID by choosing which politicans or even running for politics themselves without a political party breathing down their necks.

    OK back to schools. Home school with other parents, or gather like minded parents to establish private schools in private premises or make your own private syllabus in accordance with ‘O’ then ‘A’ levels or HSC, SATs, applying as a group of private candidates.

    Saves the trouble and energy and aggravation of lack of choice or forced ‘streaming’ or forced ‘language’ or going through the public school system which sometimes hosts racists paedophiles and violent teachers among their staff that can inflict psychological harm or inferiority complex/creation of stockholm syndrome/proselytization by unethical teachers.

    With the parents as a Council of rotating OWNERS who could hire Principals and Teachers with prior experience from nations of your choice or even faiths of your choice.

    In other words, a boycott via a public cooperative that could be organized from and aside clan associations, religious NGOs or local temple communities and existing PTAs as well. While we fight to put open minded people in political parties via political ballot, it is imperative that we set up our own educational institutions as well as there is no guarantee the next Minister will be the right kind of man being from those idiot political parties on either side.

    Plan Of Action :

    1) Organise a cooperative with like minded parents

    2) Gather on a forum or social network to set up a pro-tem committee, designate a legal convener (necessarily someone with a degree or Phd in Education), formulate and sign a binding agreement or fund pledge

    3) Locate where the school (primary / secondary (tertiary EVEN is possible) will be situated, in city probably a multi-storey building or shop house or shop lot in a shopping centre, in the countryside probably some acres of land.

    4) Get an established lawyer to collect funds from all participating persons.

    5) Decide on the salary to be paid to the teacher (try some third world nations for cheapest, or if the parents in the cooperative are wealth, go for the very best from Europe, India or China – don;t bother with UK/US/France, some of them are damn racist!!!)

    6) Put out adverts for support staff clerical workers/cleaners/guards etc..

    7) Make sure there is a SOP for all

    8) Name your school!

    9) Don’t necessarily expect the Education Ministry to want to recognize it, get your accreditation from friendly foreign UNIs instead!)

    10) Send your kids to your PRIVATE ELITE SCHOOL and after they have grown up, reap the rewards of having your OWN PRIVATE SCHOOL *BUSINESS*

    11) REMEMBER TO RUN IT IN AS AFFORDABLE AND LEAST PROFITEERING MANNER AS POSSIBLE – we must never become as bad as those we were avoiding or that made this private school necessary, education in fact should be free . . .

    This should be an effective plan for those with toddlers. It could take around 3-5 years for a Private School to be established.

    So who needs politicians and a government that does not listen? Or go to insulting schools which hit you for eating your own food? It’s a free world after all so live as FREE PEOPLE and let your children enjoy an elite environment free from APARTHEID. DIY as if politicians and government didn’t exist and remember to communicate with the UN on the Human Rights Charter if anyone tries to prevent you from setting up your own private school. So start putting your heads together. Parents at nurseries could begin communicating on this to avoid the 2014 ‘Educational Holocaust’ via imposed History subject too.

    Next target? Everyone begin buying Toll Concession Stock until a majority ownership is reached. When that happens, take control of the committee and dismantle the damn concessionaire system. Any small holders to millionaires ready to lead the charge?

    Worst come to worst, set up your own Amish style communes/Townships and invite UN or NAM type bodies or even friendly foreign governments to oversee/witness communications between such communities and the currently APARTHEID government. Set up your own enforcement/militia/fire brigade and put them in uniform, there you go, there are JOBs. MAKE SURE THEY understand the *LOCAL LAWS* / *SPIRIT OF LAW* and the *HUMAN RIGHTS CHARTER* before making them enforcement though. At the same time ensure that ALL *RIGHT MINDED* races and faiths are allowed to participate or you are being no better, though justified in behaving this way does not make for a cleare message that APARTHEID has to end. Being treated like Palestinians under apartheid while they say 1Malaysia this and that is rubbish to free global citizen of the world. The wealth and lands of this world belongs to all men, I'm tired of APARTHEID or those racists in any country.

    Meanwhile vote the pro-APARTHEID parties to hell!


    "What 1mlaysia is this when its citizens cant even speak national languange? think b4 u write, stupid!"

    You're the stupid one. So what if some of us don't speak the language? At least we don't go around stripping the Sultans of their immunity or destroying the nation by siphoning funds or corrupting everyone. Which is the greater evil? So if you speak the local language that means you're a good citizen? In any case Human Rights Charter Article 26(c) as well as :

    Article 12.

    No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honour and reputation. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks.

    Article 18.

    Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance.

    Article 27

    (1) Everyone has the right freely to participate in the cultural life of the community, to enjoy the arts and to share in scientific advancement and its benefits. (In this case, applied as IMPLIED as a 'Negative Freedom' that indicates the right to freedom from discrimination from not using the local language, though the disadvantages of communication are certainly apparent but again must not be intentionally applied to afflict the same freedom where viable – i.e. either party communicates as best they can with no intentional maliciousness or resentment at the same inability to speak the language)

    Article 29.

    (1) Everyone has duties to the community in which alone the free and full development of his personality is possible.

    (2) In the exercise of his rights and freedoms, everyone shall be subject only to such limitations as are determined by law solely for the purpose of securing due recognition and respect for the rights and freedoms of others and of meeting the just requirements of morality, public order and the general welfare in a democratic society.

    Regards the language issue, government could make courses in local language free and easily accessible as well as NEUTRAL in the manner it is taught – but NEVER in the form of culturo-linguistic domination or as a DEMAND as the Education Ministry now uses as it's paradigm. In the Free Global Citizen's context, the onus will always be on the larger entity and in this case the onus will always be on the government to make learning of language attractive *BY FIRST ENDING APARTHEID*

    Life is not fair and all of us must work towards correcting those who would oppress and demand or imagine greater entitlement to equally shared lands and wealth of the world to at least treating us fairly.

  25. do u know that more than half of the civil service are teachers, army and police?

    how can a chinese become a teacher in SMK and SRK (not the JENIS type) when their Bahasa Melayu hancur lebur? What 1mlaysia is this when its citizens cant even speak national languange?

    think b4 u write, stupid!

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