Yet another lawyer intimidated for doing his job. When will this end? Never …unless the people stand up, unless we see naked abuse of power for what it is and call it as it is, and when we start demanding only the highest of standards from those who wield power and authority.

N. Surendran
Lawyers For Liberty's N. Surendran

Two days ago, my friend and Lawyers For Liberty‘s N. Surendran was issued with a RMAF letter (read: threat) dated 28 October 2010. The RMAF “advised” Surendran to advise his client to do something which Surendran would never do – surrender to the RMAF.

Surendran’s client is a former RMAF sergeant currently facing a criminal charge for allegedly being involved in the jet-engines fiasco. In the course of carrying his duties as a lawyer, Surendran raised numerous issues regarding the fiasco and also in relation to the manner in which the RMAF had treated his client while under investigations.

For acting without fear and favour, Surendran has been issued with what appears to be a threat.

On one previous occasion there were 100 or more lawyers offering to be part of LoyarBurok’s Team 100 to protect the Bar Council’s MyConsti campaigners in face of a police report lodged by a misguided group. I hope the same individuals and others who are reading this will rise and put a stop to RMAF’s unacceptable act of intimidation against Surendran and his client.

Surendran is not just a lawyer but a dear friend of mine and I would like to make it known to all and sundry that any act of harassment or intimidation of him, is an act of harassment and intimidation of me and members of the Malaysian Bar.

Surendran was merely doing what any right-minded lawyer would do. It is quite obvious that there are some people in the upper echelons who are unhappy with the manner he is carrying out his duties. RMAF’s conduct is an attack on the fundamental right of a person to be represented by a lawyer.

This is a clarion call for members of the Bar and fellow Malaysians to unite and stand up together. Together we must send a strong message to the powers that be that we do not accept this kind of behaviour.

So to those who are reading this: “Who will stand by Surendran’s side?” I definitely will. If you would join me, list your name below.

The writer was supposed to be a reincarnation of Mahatma Gandhi, Malcolm X, Che Guevara, Hang Jebat, Bruce Lee and Nocurnto Beasto (a black metal dude from Bergen, Norway) rolled into one. Due to the highly complicated “1Reincarnation process” (which was impossible anyway in the “1st” place because of discriminatory scientific-politico policies) and Lord Bobo’s intervention, he ended up as Amer Hamzah Arshad in the present life. And for the sins of others he has been condemned to practise law in Malaysia where nothing makes sense. Amer believes that Slayer’s “Reign in Blood” is still one of the best metal albums ever made.

The writer was supposed to be a reincarnation of Mahatma Gandhi, Malcolm X, Che Guevara, Hang Jebat, Bruce Lee and Nocurnto Beasto (a black metal dude from Bergen, Norway) rolled into one. Due to the highly...

62 replies on “RMAF v N. Surendran & >12,500 Malaysian Bar members”

  1. i am not a lawyer. But if the police or RMAF want to see his client for further investigations and questioning why should surinderan prevent his client from doing so. He can ask for an arrest warrant if need be or if the situation is just a questioning exercise why prevent him from seeing the police and RMAF. It is that simple.

    We have laws on arrests, on police questioning and investigation, on custody etc. As long all are complied why Surenderan prevent his client be brought to the police and RMAF.

    He is behavibg like a law upon himself. thats all. And yet some lawyers talking about rule of law.

    If you have nothing to hide just go to the police/RMAF.

  2. Always in solidarity with all lawyers who have been belittled, threatened, abused, killed or violated in the line of duty. Keep fighting. You have an army behind you.

  3. RMAF's threat is the result of the UMNOisation of almost all branches of the Govt. machinery – and the culprit for such sad state of affairs is none other than Mahathir Mohammad, our ex-Prime Minister. May God forgive him for the untold damage he has done to all Malaysians.


  4. I met Surendran in a kopitiam in shah alam earlier this year, when he was representing Aminul Rasyid's family. I told him that I was a law student and he joked about the possibility of meeting me in court one day. A very pleasant man indeed.

    and despite the fact that i'm thousands of miles away from home,

    Count me in!

  5. May the strength of god be with you to fight justice and to dispose

    all evil doings. M with you all the way….

  6. The Rule of Law is not understood by many in authority. It has ben replaced by My Way. I entirely support Amer Hamzah's stand and Surendran

  7. I am NOT a lawyer. I will nevertheless commit myself in whatever way I can, including street demo, make banners, whatsoever as long as justice and basic human rights are threatened.

  8. Count me in for the supporting justice. Screw Dharmendran if he is guilty. Screw the RMAF chief if he is trying to transgress justice with half baked threats. What's the MAF's legal dpartment doing? You fella's better educate the wayward RMAF chief. He is behaving like a nut….

  9. Yes I suppport you Mr Arshad and so will all decent citizens of Malaysia.

    What's your action plan?

  10. Needless to say… I will stand with you Surendran and all other lawyers and people who are being subjected to threat and intimidation by whatever form… :)

  11. I am happy to know that so many people, especially lawyers are standing firmly behind Surendran and the 4 other lawyers (or lawyers-to-be). Let it be known by the RMAF and the powers that be that they should not mess with lawyers who are defending the RAKYAT MALAYSIA against human rights abuses. Yes, count me in !

  12. I stand with you Surendran and with the 4 other lawyers. It is the very nature of our creed to represent our clients without fear or favour. This trend of harassment of lawyers must stop immediately. The rule of law must prevail.

  13. "A muslim is only a muslim, he/she can’t be buddhist, christian, or other denomination. Definately, Im not in this stupid crusade of protecting criminals."

    So if a muslim can't be buddhist, christian and/or whatnot, so what… i can be a muslim… you? be an idiot?

    to be cont…

  14. Definitely, I am in. We cannot allows harassment of lawyers any longer. This has to stop.

  15. *raises one hand*

    Like I said to Edmund before, tell me when, where and what. If it can be done, I will do my best to see it through, if a little challenging, there is always an alternative. =)

  16. Amer and Suren

    The camaraderie created and shared by your work at the Bar is stuff of legends. Many new cells like groups calling themselves "No White Flags" (NWF), "LoyarBurok" (LB) and "Lawyers For Liberty" (LFL) have emerged. Perhaps its high time to form a human rights "madrasah" (Seh Lih's usage of the term) to graduate more activists like you two.

    I am with you on this! Don't leave me out, please.

  17. Tsunami,

    A muslim is only a muslim, he/she can't be buddhist, christian, or other denomination. Definately, Im not in this stupid crusade of protecting criminals.

  18. I am in. I am with the fair-minded malaysians. I am against the corrupted-mind, cheaters and those who wanted malaysians to be as stupid. I am against those acting & talking stupidity and idiocy at its lowest.

    I am with a buddist, a muslim, the down-trodden and/or whatnot including Allah. I am a christian and a malaysian. And only in Sarawak we are allowed to used the very word, "Allah". What say you? Anyone?

  19. Apart from Surendran's issue I urge the members of the Malaysian Bar as well the public to condemn the arrests of 4 legal aid lawyers and pupils who were arrested on 11 October 2010 for distributing the Bar Council’s Red Book “The Police and Your Basic Rights” to the public. Educating the public on their constitutional rights, especially during law awareness week, can never by any stretch of the imagination constitute an offence in law. Therefore, the arrests of NORASHIKIN AMIRRUDDIN, MOHD AZWAN, CHAN KOON MOH and JASON KONG are clearly another case of blatant harassment of members of the Bar.

    There seems to be no end to this kind of harassment of members of the Bar by the those who weild power and authority. If the members of the Bar and the public do not put a stop to this form of arbitrary abuse of power, then who will? We have to stand united and fend ourselves for the sake of the public.

    To these 4 brave individuals, let it be known that I am with you.

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