[VIDEO] That Okay Song

Did that police intimidation video get you down? Are you reminded of all the “not okay” things in Malaysia? Well, it is Sunday today and we at LoyarBurok like giving out Sunday sweets… so we give you “That Okay Song”! Made by the same f’lers who brought you”I Am A Macha” and features musical guest star, Azmyl Yunor. Oh and one fame monster LoyarBurokker is still bummed that it missed the chance to be a fab extra in the video, heh. Enjoy and embed!

Okay Song Collage

Is Malaysia getting you down? Tired of those traffic jams and flash floods? Tired of listening to those same old talking heads and their slogans? Feeling like you want to just throw in the towel and give up?

Well we at “That Effing Show” have something to say. That it’s all fine. That it’s okay. Kita sudah kautim. Paravaillay.

Because we are the world. We are the children. We are the all singing all dancing machas. And we’re back. This time, we have horns! We have trumpets! We are higher and fi-er than ever before. Heck, we even scored ourselves a special musical guest star. Check it.

LB: Click here for more of “That Effing Show.” Got the making of “That Okay Song” too!

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