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After LoyarBurok’s 3 hit combo in The Fairly Current Show’s episodes #103, #104, and #105, another LoyarBurokker hits the show! In episode #115, Syahredzan Johan, Co-Chairperson of the Bar Council Constitutional Law Committee and it’s MyConstitution campaign chats about the campaigns objectives as he addresses the issue of Kelab Graduan 1 Malaysia’s police report alleging the campaign of sedition.

Episode #115

This week we talk with Syahredzan Johan, lawyer and member of the PerlembagaanKu/MyConstitution team.

We ask Syahredzan about the motives behind the MyConstitution programme, and whether this effort seeks to amend our nation’s Constitution, as alleged. Our guest also explains why the programme has only just found success, a number years after its inception, and the demands that the team have received since they have come into the limelight.

PerlembagaanKu/MyConstitution is an initiative by the Malaysian Bar Council’s Constitutional Law Committee to simplify the Federal Constitution to reach out to 6 million households in Malaysia with its enduring message.

Enjoy, embed, and forward!

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