A non Muslim LoyarBurokker’s journey in understanding Islam.

Dear friends, I am not a Muslim, however I feel compelled to share my experience in understanding Islam due to the recent furore over Teo Nie Ching’s visit to a surau, the backlash in Nga Kor Ming’s recitation of verses from the Al-Quran, and the decision to ban the usage of “Allah” in non Muslim publications not so long ago. All these have caused much tension between the Muslims and the non-Muslims in Malaysia.

A lot of misunderstanding is going on in the process of understanding each other. This is a most welcoming development actually, as it has never occurred before. People from both sides are actually interacting and trying to understand one another.

The recent outburst from fellow LoyarBurokker Syahredzan Johan, on the various issues affecting Islam in Malaysia and the many racial problems arising lately pushed me to revisit this piece. Being a non-Muslim in this country, Islam has affected me so deeply that it has become an integral part of my thinking faculty.

The person I am today is largely credited to the impact Islam has had on me; it has in many ways liberated me. Islam is affecting the lives of many non-Muslims around the world. From 9/11 till this very minute, Islam is rapidly influencing the way of life of many non-Muslims, Malaysians in particular. I wish the Muslim community could see that Islam is no longer exclusive to them.

I wrote this piece about a year ago, however I think it is still relevant considering the weather of our national politics.

Chinese quran

In the Name of Allah, the most Compassionate, the most Merciful

My journey in understanding Islam begun a long time ago. As a child, I had always been curious as to why the Malay kids kept insulting the Hindus in school, accusing them of being demon worshippers. I was angry that the kids ridiculed the Hindus and Buddhists by accusing their religions as the work of the devil, that only Muslims deserve heaven, and that all non Muslims were condemned to hell for eternity. This is what I first came to learn about Islam, that it is the only true religion, and all those that do not profess it are condemned to hell.

Years later I came to know that the Christians were pretty much the same, especially the protestants. The Catholics however had much love to share, and in 1998 the declaration by the Pope that heavens grace is not just limited to Christians but all those who do good drew me closer to Christianity (however that is for another day). The connection between Islam and Christianity were the first pillars of my personal iman. As time passed by, I comprehended the concept of the Only One God.

By this time I was beyond yakin that there was only one Al-Khaliq(The Creator), and I could see the works of Al-Musawwir(The Shaper of Beauty) in everything. I learned to appreciate Al-Mumin’s(Inspirer of Faith) greatness – to the extent that I am able to see the beauty of HIS destruction.

My fascination of Al-Azim(The Magnificent) grew immensely. Be mindful that at this point I had not read the Quran yet, and every time I spoke to a Muslim with regards to Islam, they only managed to push me away from Islam. Every claim they made about Islam had to put the non Muslims down. It made me feel dirty being a non Muslim. It made me feel that I do not deserve the love of Al-Wadud(The Loving One) just because I am not a Muslim. It made me feel as if Ar-Razzaq(The Provider) only cared for Muslims.

Somehow Al-Alim(The Knower of All) had much planned for me. I entered Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia where Arabic and Islamic studies became a part of the subjects that I had to pursue. From then on, understanding Islam liberated me from my narrow mind. I realised that there is so much more to life then the dogmatic acceptance of things. Islam has taught me to think, to read, to cherish, to appreciate, to respect, to guide, and to be free. Islam has taught me compassion, love, humility, justice, but beyond all Islam has liberated me.

During my second year in UKM, I had the chance to meet Ant, a convert who was previously a Christian. By Al-Majid(The Majestic One) I swear that this was the first person who spoke to me about Islam and made my heart feel peace and love. Every word that came out of Ant assured me of the majestic beauty of Islam. The description of Islam that came from Ant was nothing like those that came from all the other Muslims in my life. Ant drew to me the greatness of Islam under 15 minutes. It was flawless in every way, it was perfect in every way, he didn’t put anybody down, he drew the perfect Islam. Not one moment was his intention to convert or even to call on me to embrace Islam – he just wanted to explain the words of Al-Khabir(The All-Aware). Just like The Phrophet’s sabdha(Peace Be Unto Him) ballighu ‘anni walau ayah.

It was since then, that I realised how beautiful the commandments of Al-Muta’ali(The Supreme One) was, and how badly many Muslims have portrayed it, it hit me then how could hatred come in my heart when I heard all those people preaching the words of Al-Barr(The Benign, The Source of All-Goodness)… then I realised they were not preaching Islam, for they do not even know Islam. They were preaching arrogance, pride, and blind faith.

This I can say without one moment of fear, that Al-Muhsi (The Reckoner) is beyond religion, that the Quran belongs not to Muslims but to all of Mankind, it is for the benefit for all Muslims and non Muslims alike. It’s high time Muslims realise that Al-Hay(The Ever Lasting) is beyond Islam, that HE is present in the lives of every being, for HE is the lord of the Universe and beyond. Al-Wahid (The One) is as intimate with each and every being, Muslims and non Muslims alike. Al-Sammad (The Eternally Besought) regulates the life of all.

For this, no one will stop me from knowing Al-Khaliq(The Creator), no one will stop me from preaching the words of Al-Haqq(The Truth), and no one will stop me from uttering, writing, or declaring Allah Akbar, and no government will ban me from publishing the names of Al-Warrith(The Ultimate Inheritor). For those who ban the usage of “Allah” and recital of Al-Quran by non Muslims, I pray to Al-Tawwab(The Granter & Acceptor of Repentence) that your sins are forgiven and that your mind and soul is enlightened, that you will soon see that the magnitude of Dhul Jalal Wal Ikqram(Possessor of Majesty and Honour) is beyond Islam. May Ash-Shakur(The Appreciative) bless upon you the grace and strength to appreciate Al-Wassi(The All-Encompassing, The All-Embracing).

I hope that Muslims in our country will be more open in understanding that Islam plays a huge role in shaping the future of Malaysians, be it Muslims or non-Muslims. It has already influenced them in various ways, from moral, to dietary taboos, to what is good and bad, and to some extent even influenced the way they understand their own religion. Islam is now the connecting bridge between Muslims and non-Muslims, and I hope no bridge is burnt for political mileage.

Peace be upon you.

Lingswaran Singh has been a LoyarBurokker since he was 5. He speaks an open but disinterested language, dictated not by passion but that of humanity. Independence is his happiness. His country is the world,...

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  1. Dear Ramsey,

    I second your opinion. I do believe that there is GOD the creator of heaven and earth. Religion is obviously the way to fool people.

  2. I believe in god. BUT I HATE RELIGIONS. THIS is what has caused millions upon millions of death. Propagators and leaders of religions have always been the root of all problems of mankind. Had they taken the real religious route of peace and kindness would all this have happened. Of course the followers are also to be blamed because they did not stop to think about what they were doing. But not so much as a lot of religions tend to just brainwash the followers

  3. Dear Lingswaran Singh,

    I am a Hindu. I had an opportunity to learn about Islam when I studied Islamic History in Form Six and Islamic Law which was compulsory when I did law at University Malaya. I have to agree with you that Islam is a great and well structured religion, but it is not the only such religion. Unfortunately some muslims knowingly or unknowingly insulting people of other faith like kafir-mengkafir. I have come accross such insults all through my life. On the other hand, we go through great pains to accomodate muslims and try to toe the line so as not to insult them but unfortunately most of them don't reciprocate. Their disrespect of non-muslims are causing negative thoughts about them. If only every muslim and non-muslims can respect each other's race and religion this world will be a better place to live. May peace be upon every living being in this world.

  4. Alhamdulillah jalanday, at least there is you talking about Makrifah. Mengenal diri Mengenal Allah, kenal Allah binasa diri. There is othing but The only ONE. Be it what ever name is given or called to nothing but only the ONE name AKU ANA UL HAQ.


  5. Lone,

    Actually nobody wants to layan (share) your stupid brain. Better keep to yourself your arguments.Yes, I can see it also, there is no value neither academic nor spiritual. And for others who questioned why singh is not a Muslim, well the truth is no living creatures in this world could make him so but HIM. If you believe in One God you will understand this. Someone wrote about “berjalan and belari” and you construed, well neither of you can be considered as a scholar/cleric in this context. To me and many others, ‘Ilmu’ is given by god if one seek for it, and the Al mysterious will provide as he please and it can be at the eye blink or the whole lifetime of the person who is seeking for it.Mohammad SAW says ‘tuntut lah ilmu walaupun sampai ke negeri China’ So Mr. Loone lone, read one more time what mr. singh wrote and get the information right. I’m sure what singh wrote is something about “Awaluddin maarifatullah”. i.e Awal ugama ialah mengenal Allah (god) dan sesiapa sesiapa mengenal Allah maka dia mengenal dirinya. So what’s the problem with you mr. looney Toon,@#$%, I tell you right now youre nothing but misleading scum.

  6. lone, the truth is you have posted the sermon of some right wing Imam and hailed it as the gospel truth. The contention of Lingswaran Singh is that of the projection and interpretation of Islam by these people made Islam looks bad, "Membangsatkan Nama Islam" to quote Syahredzan Johan.

  7. No muslim dare to answer.

    Because it's the truth,

    you cannot argue with Al-Quran…

    And for a Sikhs to talk about islam, its just not right.

    Agree with Smarties

    “Belum tahu jalan dah nak lari”

  8. Thank you Lone, job well done, in your comments, you have single-handedly destroyed the beautiful and harmonious Islam as portrayed by Lingswaran Singh. Your portrayal of Islam is discriminatory, arrogant and divisive.

  9. Dear Lings,

    Im a muslim and I believes in nothing else but Allah and Muhammad pbuh.

    Yet I seek to share this as well:

    "Rivers, ponds, lakes and streams – they all have different names, but they all contain water. Just as religions do – they all contain truths. Muhammad Ali"

    While 'truths' might sound a bit strong, at the very end of the day, anyone with anything-bigger-than-pea-sized-brain would recognized that most if not all religions promoted nothing but good values.

    And its just a matter of respecting others regardless of background (religion etc) that will turn a mere house into a home.

    Selamat Hari Raya to everyone as well.

  10. Ghaz,

    Not sure you are a muslim or not,


    Imam Muslim meriwayatkan sebuah hadis daripada Abi Hurairah bahawa Rasulullah saw bersabda:

    ?? ?????? ?????? ??? ??????? ??????? ???? ????? ????? ?? ???? ??????? ??? ?????

    Maksudnya: “Janganlah kamu mulakan orang-orang Yahudi dan juga orang Nasrani dengan salam. Justeru itu, sekiranya kamu menemui seseorang mereka di jalan tolaklah mereka ke jalan yang paling sempit.

    Ulama berbeza pendapat dalam menyelusuri fiqh (kefahaman) hadis ini. Kebanyakan mereka memutuskan bahawa haram memulakan ucapan salam kepada mereka. Sebahagian pula berkata ianya tidak haram tetapi makruh.

    Seorang fuqaha iaitu Abu Sa`ad berpendapat, sekiranya seorang muslim ingin memberi ucapan hormat kepada bukan Islam dia boleh melakukannya dengan lafaz yang lain daripada lafaz salam. Contohnya dengan menyebut: (???? ???? ) maksudnya moga Allah memberi hidayah kepada kamu atau (???? ???? ?????) maksudnya moga Allah memberi anugerah di waktu pagimu ini. Imam Nawawi menyetujui pendapat ini tetapi dengan tambahan: sekiranya ianya diperlu. Antara contoh ucapannya bagi Imam Nawawi ialah ucapan selamat pagi, pagi yang bahagia, pagi yang baik, moga Allah kurniakan kamu dengan kebahagian di waktu pagi, atau nikmat di waktu pagi dan seumpamanya. Sekiranya tidak perlu maka pilihannya ialah jangan mengucapkan apa-apa. (Nawawi, al-Azkar, Dar al-Khayr, hlm. 311)

    Pandangan ini bagi saya sesuai diamalkan oleh umat Islam di Malaysia pada hari ini. Mereka boleh menyatakan selamat pagi kepada bukan Islam tanda penghormatan, atau berdoa moga Allah bagi hidayah atau seumpamanya. Ucapan-ucapan ini boleh mendekatkan mereka dengan bukan Islam sebagai satu pendekatan dakwah.

    Imam Bukhari dan Muslim meriwayatkan hadis daripada Anas bin Malik katanya, Rasulullah saw bersabda:

    ??? ??? ????? ??? ?????? ?????? ??????

    Maksudnya: “Apabila kamu diberi salam oleh ahli Kitab, jawablah “wa`alaikum”.

    Imam Bukhari pula meriwayatkan daripada Ibn `Umar –radiyallahu `anhuma- katanya; Rasulullah saw bersabda:

    ??? ??? ????? ?????? ????? ???? ????? ????? ???? ??? ?????

    Maksudnya: “Apabila kamu diberi salam oleh Yahudi, mereka hanya menyatakan Assaamu `alaikum (mampuslah kamu), maka jawablah: wa `alaik (dank e atas kamu juga).

    Daripada kedua-dua hadis diatas para fuqaha mengambil hokum apabila seorang muslim diberi salam oleh bukan Islam, jawapan yang diberi ialah wa `alaik atau wa `alaikum (dan ke atas kamu juga).

    Imam Mawardi menghikayatkan satu wajah di kalangan ashab Syafie iaitu harus memulakan salam kepada bukan Islam dengan menyebut Assalamu `Alaik sahaja bukannya Assalamu `Alaikum. Begitu juga boleh menjawab salam mereka dengan Wa `Alaikum Salam, tapi tidak menyebut warahmatullah. Imam Nawawi menegaskan bahawa kedua-dua pendapat ini adalah janggal dan ditolak. (Nawawi, al-Azkar, Dar al-Khayr, hlm. 311)

    Kesimpulan perbahasan di atas ialah ucapan salam adalah ucapan khusus untuk umat islam. Justeru, untuk bukan Islam tidak perlu digunakan lafaz salam tetapi boleh digunakan lafaz-lafaz penghormatan yang lain.


  11. LONE said lone on 6 September, 2010 at 5:31 am

    Yes Ghaz,

    May Allah (muslim’s God dear LS) give you Hidayah..

    Just Curious Ghaz, if giving Salaam(assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh) is no allowed to no non-muslim, is saying may Allah blessed you are alowed?

    My answer is what is not allowed for a good cause. Who said so is not allowed. In Quran Allah said " I creat you with various tribes and races for you to get to know each other". Yes we are only from One race that is the human race, only with various facial complexion and dialect. But in actuallity we are a human race. Is giving Salaam is a bad greetings? Only who dont recognise once self will will not recognise others. Go one step further to know your self. Understand what the prophet Muhammad teachings externally and internally ie. 1:Syaria 2:Tariqat 3:Haqiqat 4:Maqrifat understand this than you understand and know and recognise once self. Once you know and you rcognise your self than only you will recognse and know the beauty of the Allah, God or what ever names is given to all other religions god is just a name that was tought when we are all since newly born and babies. Well this is my answer…… once and for all

    Thank you LONE may Allah bless you too. Assalamualaikum warahmatullah hi wabarakatuh.

  12. i'm impressed by your sincerity and bravado in writing this article.

    hope you'll find what you're looking for. peace be upon you.

  13. Hi all,

    Really HILARIOUS to read all the comments here. Some "LONE" ranger & Katharina bashing SINGH & vice-versa.

    Well, well, "Thanks" for all those HILARIOUS JOKES after all.

    However, I think it's BEST to keep the topic of "ISLAM" ONLY to the Muslims themselves. For a SINGH to be a WANNABE "SMART ARSE" trying to talk about ISLAM certainly makes no sense. If this SINGH talks about SIKHISM, then, "Hats Off" but if this SINGH tries to talk about "ISLAM", then, it's as BAD as a SCHOOL KID trying to speak like a PROFESSOR.

    "Ada style tapi takda mutu".

    Dear SINGH, I know you're trying very HARD to act SMART by talking about ISLAM but I reckon you should MASTER your own religion first before even trying to talk about another religion.

    "Belum tahu jalan dah nak lari"

    Now…..go drink more GOATS' MILK first!!!

  14. Well done sir.Life is much too short for it to be filled with the hatred and bile for someone who is different..There is a grand mystery in our lives and it is shared by all.

  15. I would like to apologize to all those who posted kind words here, for not addressing any of it. I thank you all for your kind words and understanding. Thank you very much, and Selamat Hari Raya, maaf zahir dan batin! :) Ouh and this extends to the hardworking cyber troopers as well.

  16. @Katharina Sri (ex Noor Aza), did you even read what i wrote? If at all i were to pay any attention to your comment, why do you blame Islam for all the violence that you have mentioned?

    Should i defame Abraham s.a.w, for what Israel is doing to Palestinians? The causalities in Palestine sums up to about 15000 people, of which were kids and women, and old people.How about the Hindu's that slaughter Muslims in India? How about all the Muslims and Sikhs that became casualties after 9/11? Who do we blame for that?

    How abt the KKK? Do we blame Jesus (pbuh) for all the nonsense they did? Do we demonize Protestants for that? What about Rwanda? What about Darfur? What about Bosnia? Who are you going to hold responsible for those? Ouh and how abt Iraq? Afghanistan? What about those Muslims?

    So i am not intelligent? So what do we do then? I am doing what i think is right. I am sharing my personal experience in understanding Islam. I used to be like you, until i told myself i am being unfair, i should study the religion myself with sincerity.

    And every single time i try to understand something with sincerity, i see the truth. I suggest you study the religion, by first putting aside your anger, then put aside the evil things Men do, seek God with purity, not animosity.

    I understand that your angry, i am sad for all the deaths too. But the only way to end all those, is to fight anger with non-anger. Fight evil with good. Fight miserliness with liberality. Fight a liar by truthfulness.

    What i wrote is not propaganda. I am not a Muslim, i have no intention of spreading any religion. I am a tool of God, i am a believer, i do this purely because i believe in God, purely because i want Muslim and Non-Muslims to live in harmony. I do this with peace as my goal.

    I do not know what your intentions are, but i will pray for you. If at all my writing did not strike peace in you, then i will beg God, to give you the answers you seek. Peace be upon you sister.

  17. Muslim?

    What make u think that i'm a muslim?

    I don't believe in God anyway..


    So you are saying you believe in Allah s.w.t. but not islam?


    Or u saying you believe in islam?

    Because in islam (correct me if i'm wrong) believe in Allah s.w.t. and islam is the only way to get His "Keredhaan"

  18. Lone, you are a blasphemous Muslim. You have committed a cardinal sin in Islam. You believe that there exist multiple Gods. My God is simply HE who created me, created everything that exist,this universe, the multiverse beyond it, the Sun, the Moon, the multitude of Planets.

    For your information, Sikhs believe in Allah s.w.t. and the kalimah 'Allah' is also mentioned in our Holy Text. The word ‘Allah’ occurs 46 times in the Guru Granth Sahib, the holy book of the Sikhs.In our minds, there is only One God. It doesn't make any sense to us when a somebody like you speaks of your God, my God. To us there is only One God.

    Now if you had actually read my article you would have understood that. But i suppose your simply up to no good and intent to cause havoc. I told you your not welcomed here. I think you are a religious bigot and you pose a grave danger to Islam.

  19. Yes Ghaz,

    May Allah (muslim's God dear LS) give you Hidayah..

    Just Curious Ghaz, if giving Salaam(assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh) is no allowed to no non-muslim, is saying may Allah blessed you are alowed?

  20. Well,

    I think it's a valid Question.

    Just saying whether You (Linswaran) believe in Muslim's God or Sikhism ?

    There's no harm if you are saying you starting to get confident in Islam and thinking of converting..

  21. Lingswaran Singh, great piece of article.

    You are absolutely right about one thing, it is the Muslim that made had “membangsatkan nama Islam”. The Allah and Islam as described by you is much more beautiful and harmonious than what is “on displayed” by the Muslims (for example Ibrahim Ali and Ridhuan Tee). For what these people had shown us is the exact opposite of what you described here. Sadly, they are the “official representative” of Islam, not you.

  22. Glad that u see beauty and peace in Islam.
    However these are the traits of most Religions in the world today if you care to study them too.

  23. Dear LS, how beautiful you describe the 22 names out of 99 names of Allah, God or what ever names called by all relegions. It is the creators names or in arabic Asma' ul Husna. I as a muslim and had learned all of that would like to say thank you to you which had reminded me of how important the names that you mention to be practice in everyday of my daily lives. Your writings shows how it does from your soul not your external body. Beatiful LS. Now I really can see what you are writing the true and beautiful of internal lives that govern the external live not vice versa. May Allah and the whole universe bless you my friend, and thank you again for reminding and teaching me what I had left and forgotten.


  24. lingswaran, so you're threatening me for my freedom of speech whilst you can say what you want – just don't like anyone criticizing Islam is it? What's your problem; are you a suppporter of Muslim fanatics or something – and don't pathetically lie because I did post a long comment criticizing Islam! Get a civilized and modern education!

    1. Dear Kat,

      I am sure that your article would be published if you somehow learn to speak in an eloquent and grammatically correct way.

      I wish you the best of luck in your endeavours.

  25. Linswaran, This is indeed a very good article and it will put those sicko UMNO Muslim that we encounter to shame. To them their GOD is Al UMNO and Al Rasuah.

    Peace be upon you and this lone chap I agree is a certified idiot.

  26. I'm very happy and proud that there are people like you out there making a difference and having the guts to do so!

    Ignorance from various parties would only cause misunderstandings and racial tensions.

    Thank you for writing such a wonderful piece. Not only has it enlighten me but also caused me to do some deep thinking on my own. :)

    I hope many other Malaysians will be greatly impacted by your article too.

  27. Lone, you pervert…I hereby certify you an idiot to the highest degree. Now go elsewhere, your not welcomed here.

  28. Lone, first of all i don't like you. Secondly you must a complete idiot, as i have tried my very best to put this article in the simplest language so that the message gets across, but you perverted the whole essence of it. Where did i mention that Sikhism has failed me? Take your ill intentions and go elsewhere. May God forgive you.

  29. I still could not the "beautiful", the "greatness", the "love" and the "peace" you mentioned oft times above.

    Why is it that a non-muslim like you could see the "beautiful", "greatness", "love" and "peace" in Islam but the majority of muslim failed to do so???

    It's just perplexing thinking about this.

  30. Interesting that a non-Muslim seems to know so much more about Islam than most members of extremist Malay movements, including many politicians, academics and Utusan's editors, who have done nothing, but created fear and invited so much distrust and resentment against the religion of their birth.

    Even, recent converts, like those who contribute articles to Utusan, who, rightly, should have had the advantage of a more balanced view of religion, seem to adopt an inexplicably combative stance in their attitudes towards others, I suppose, in their desperate hope for acceptance, to the extent of de-humanizing the race, beliefs and customs of others, even of their own ancestors.

    As shameful as this is, it is reflective of the a more pervasive and pernicious epidemic our society faces – that of intolerance and outright rejection to the need for accommodation of the pluralistic traditions of this country by those who are hell-bent on creating chaos and crisis among its citizenry.

    The irony of the university system, I am honestly uncertain if this policy is practiced elsewhere other than at UKM, that requires all non-Muslims to include Islam as a compulsory elective, while at the same time, Muslims are not given the corresponding privilege to understand other religions, only serves to handicap the majority population when it comes to appreciate and perform any level of comparative examination of alternative religions.

    It is policies of this nature that, although, lacking any merit, other than the imposition of the will of the majority on the pretext of 'creating a better understanding' for the 'official religion', that lends credence to accusations of the blatant disregard for the feelings and sensitivities of other races and, suggests an awkward attempt on the part of the authorities to impress upon others as to the supremacy of Islam. If this were not the case, then why the 'blackout policy' on anything to do with other religions.

    Shame, since the Malays will be of worse-off for their lack of cross-cultural exposure and understanding of other teachings. As evidence of this handicap, one only needs to visit any of the pro-UMNO websites, to discover how rude and vulgar some of the articles are and, how ignorant they are of the beliefs, culture and values of others. In most of these blogs – Unspinners, Malaysian Instinct, among others – for fear of exposing their immature and childish stupidity and, as a pitiful means to disguise the cowardly attitude of the actual authors, Chinese and Indian names are used by them.

    Moreover, I am surprised that, given the blatant abuse that was being constantly hurled against anyone and, even, given their brand of logic, anything, that seemed not to conform to their corrupted perceptions of ‘rights’ and ‘justice’, that, not until the release of Namewee’s video, as race-neutral and harmless as it was, have the authorities decided to move against bloggers. But I am certain, given the outright smut and gutter language of the articles one would find in these sites, one could find ample justifications for his own, should he need them, to defend any views that he may have posted on the net.

    If only the Malays were given the option to study other religions, they may be surprised to realize the extent of similarities and convergence, particularly, in respect of universal values that shape man’s' conscience, sense of justice and those that govern his interactions with others. I have often said, if one lacks the basic qualities of humanity – that of decency and conscience – no amount of religious education, and feverish observance to ritual and rites will make any difference to the rot and hatred that they harbor. Like a cancer, it will infect every aspect of their being and, contaminate the minds of others around them. I fear to contemplate the harm that will visit our society, if evil of this sort, is elevated to a position where others seek them for spiritual guidance.

    1. Shut Up! Lt. Col. (Rtd) Nirwant Singh
      Talk about evil? Look at yourself first before commenting about ''ISLAM RELIGION''.

  31. Brilliant writing Mr Singh! very, very articulate. If there was an award for best contribution to 1Malaysia, you are the most deserving candidate. If only all Malaysians were to think like you, our country will be ever so succesful.Sadly, most people will not appriciate this excellent contribition that you are making towards the betterment of our nation. I salute you Sir.

  32. Are you talking to me Katharina Sri (ex Noor Aza)? I am sorry but i had not received anything from you. I also suspect that your a no good cyber trooper, while i know for sure Gina Cheong is, please immediately stop harassing me or i would not hesitate to lodge a report against you.

  33. God is beyond us all. To limit Him is to form a little wall of wet sand at the beach and call what is within it an ocean. I am Catholic, and this article shows me the love you have for Him.

  34. May Allah Blessing and Guidance be gently laid upon your beautiful mind. I am a Muslim in this proud country. I am proud of what you wrote. TQ for such beautiful writing. I shall take heed in your words and make me a merrier Muslim. TQ again and may Allah bless you, again and again!!

  35. Thank you LS, you did make some points here.It's seems you did enuff 'home work'.Thumbs up.May God bless you.

    from the comments here, we can see how 'great' the effect of so-called 'freedom to speak'. free to say anything, didn't care about people feelings! nice! 'freedom to speak' here is actually freedom to scheize!

  36. Hi SINGH,

    You are BAYEE & this is different. The piece of cloth you use to cover ya head is POWER mah, rite???

    Is it WRONG to go inside the GUDWHARA with their heads uncovered????

    Same logic lah. Wake up lah, dear SINGH!

  37. Yeah, right – what propganda lies is this! How about asking all, those murdered and raped women/girls (now more viciously by fanatical Muslims such as the Talebans, Al-Qaeda, Iranin Mullah's regime!), converts from Islam and non-Muslims especially the Jews, mass murdered since the Arabic Pedophile Mohammed founded Islam! Obviously this author only cares about his own 'liberation' and who cares about the liberation of all those murdered above?! Here, do some real intelkligentr thinking on Islam!

    Anti-Semitism, I suspect, was constructed originally by Mohammed, the Arabic founder of Islam. In order to annihilate the sophisticated Jews (the Jews produces many intellectuals and craftsmen – including writing the first Bible)completely and assert the dominance of Arabs, he ‘racialized’ the Jews, as enemy of the Arab race. Besides, the history of the first brutal and systematic Genocide of the Jews in history, that include the wiping out the last village of the Jews in 627AD in Khaibar, is by Mohammed, in his goal to construct pure Arabian-Islamic Caliphate – see http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/myths… or http://www.andrewbostom.org/content/view/25/1/ or in the book Dr. Andrew G. Bostom (Ed.), The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism: From Sacred Texts to Solemn History, Reprint edition, (Prometheus Books;, 2008, New York).

    Mohammed’s army (even after his death in 632AD) then went on to conquer Christian Kingdoms in 718AD until the 15th. century, in the Iberian Peninsula, of what is now Portugal and Spain – See http://www.thenewamerican.com/index.php/history/w… and http://www.historyworld.net/wrldhis/PlainTextHist….
    Later on, more Genocide of the Jews, by Mohammed’s Muslim army when “…hundreds of Jews killed between 1010 and 1013 near Cordoba, and other parts of Muslim Spain; of the massacre of the entire Jewish community of roughly 4000 in Granada during the Muslim riots of 1066…” – see foreword by Ibn Warraq, a former Muslim and scholar at – http://www.andrewbostom.org/content/view/25/1/ . The Jews were spared earlier as they were forced or exploited to be used as soldiers, intellectuals (I suspect Mohammed used the intellectuality and writing-skills of the Jewish intellectuals, where many were also forced to convert to Islam, to plagiarize from the Bible and the Torah) and craftsmen, against Christian majority. Thus violent Arab-Muslims, is suspected to have sowed the seed for extreme hateful and racialized anti-Jew belief and attitude amongst the Christians, who have co-existed with the Jews, although amidst religious conflicts, before in ancient Europe.

  38. Dear LS, thanks for sharing your well explained view. It moved me greatly that you have such deep understanding. As a muslim, I agree with you totally. Keep on sharing.

  39. (1) What do you call a SINGH who likes to collect things?

    (2) What do you call a SINGH who likes to turn?

    (3) What do you call a SINGH who likes to spin?

    (4) What do you call a HAMSAP SINGH?

    (5) How do you scold a SINGH?
    ANSWER: Tiu Nia SINGH.

    (6) What do you call a SINGH who likes to write RUBBISH?

  40. If you don’t publish my article, you’re a fraud and a fascist in contrary to your “free spirit” slogan above – a perfect example of what Islam is about!

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  41. Dear Lingswaran Singh,

    This is a BEAUTIFUL piece of writing. I agree with you, that most of the muslims in malaysia are narrow minded, and that not many actually have the ability like your friend Ant does, being able to talk about Islam without offending others. I myself am a strong believer of what you have just said, that what Allah has given is not just for Muslims, but for everyone on earth.Thanks for writing this, it means more than anything, especially to the muslims around the world who have a bigger and better mindset than those mentioned earlier.

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