Final 15 films of 2010 to look out for.

Yes. Merdeka (for Malaya that is, the “real” Merdeka is 16 September!) has come to this. Nothing to shout about. Nothing to “race” but racism. Nothing to “politics” but politicking. Yawn … already a bore, and it’s now a chore.

Indulging in film would more likely unite than divide us. Seeking greater independence from our lame authorities and looking forward to greater unity, LoyarBurok will over 48 hours present 15 snippets of movies to end 2010. Hit that couch!

This is not a review. This is a preview.

A view of some of the upcoming films of 2010. Some of the movies are already premiering next week.

Let’s get this out of the way first: 2010 has largely been a mediocre year for movies. If last year was a depressing F then this year (to-date) is scraping by with a C+ at best.

There have been bright spots amidst the gloom, like the superb “Inception” and the tender “Mother and Child”. I’ll give you a proper report at the end of the year.

For now, there are still a number of months to go, and thankfully, a number of movies to look forward to.

My magic number is fifteen. In the words of the Joker: “And here … we … go!”

Piranha (3D) Poster

1. Piranha 3D (2 Sept)

There are serious-minded art films that explore the human condition with sensitivity and intelligence. Then there are movies like Piranha 3D. A movie filled with ridiculous amounts of violence, gore and boobies. And a half-eaten human penis! In 3D!! This is an odds-on favourite for the year’s Most-Unconcerned-About-The-Constraints-Of-Sanity-Or-Subtlety Award. It’s also … shock! gasp! … critically acclaimed, with an incredible 81% “FRESH” rating on reviews website, Rotten Tomatoes. Critics are celebrating “Piranha 3D” for its thoroughly un-pretentious tone and insistence on being relentlessly fun. Be warned, though. In our local theatres, the movie will be as ripped to shreds as the piranha’s victims.

The American Poster

2. The American (est: 16 Sept)

Smooth schmoozer George Clooney plays against type in this noir-ish thriller. Here, he’s a burnt-out assassin who seeks refuge in a picturesque Italian town after a botched hit, only to find the place and its inhabitants a little too good to be true. Directed by Anton Corbijn, the guy behind many of U2’s legendary videos, “The American” has a distinctly gritty ’70s flavour, right down to its poster art. The premise is kind of like “In Bruges”, minus the midgets and Irish accents. But it’s based on the novel “A Very Private Gentleman” by Martin Booth. So expect a suitably literate experience. With gorgeous cinematography that will surely increase tourist enquiries to Abruzzo.

… to be continued

LB: Storyteller by trade and dreamer by nature, Wai has been deeply nuts about the celluloid world since the first time he discovered he could watch a story instead of reading it. But he likes writing about it. Wai goes by a single name because he likes to avoid any “Imperial entanglements” (a.k.a. “conflict of interest with the powers that be” for those of you who don’t speak Star Wars) in his employment. Plus, cool people use one-word names.

Storyteller by trade and dreamer by nature, Wai has been deeply nuts about the celluloid world since the first time he discovered he could watch a story instead of reading it. But he likes writing about...

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