The Malaysian Consultative Council of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism and Taoism’s (MCCBCHST) expresses deep disappointment at yesterday’s Court of Appeal decision to turn down the late Everest Moorthy’s family’s appeal and instead asked them to go to the syariah court to set aside its order.

The MCCBCHST is deeply disappointed at today’s decision by the Court of Appeal in the sad case of our national hero, Moorthy Maniam popularly known as Everest Moorthy.

The wholly unjust decision of the High Court in December 2007 that denied Moorthy’s widow access to the justice system to prove her claim that her husband professed himself a Hindu and practised Hinduism at the time of his death sparked outcry, and a month long candle light vigil.

Numerous cases since then have come and gone causing pain and anguish to many non Muslim families throughout Malaysia.

Bodies have been snatched from grieving families by the Islamic authorities, and children torn apart from their mother or father by another parent through unconstitutional Syariah court orders.

The comment by the Court of Appeal that non Muslims can go to the Syariah court provides no satisfaction, and contradicts the guarantee of freedom of religion to non Muslims enshrined in Articles 3 and 11 of the Federal Constitution. The founders of our nation never intended Islam to enjoy supremacy over all other religions.

Forcing non Muslims to go to a court applying the theological law of Islam is wholly unjust.

It appears that the Courts, the civil service and both sides of the political divide have grossly failed the non Muslim community on this issue.

No amendments to laws have been made by either Parliament or any State legislature since these problems have come to prominence.

The MCCBCHST asks all parties to please apply their conscience and stop evading the anguish this is causing innocent families, tearing apart our delicate social fabric and leading to greater disunity amongst Malaysians.

We have put forward our very reasonable proposals for law reform, which we are confident is fair to both Muslims and non Muslims.

Please amend all necessary laws now so that these injustices do not continue.

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One reply on “MCCBCHST Disappointed with Court of Appeal’s Decision In Everest Moorthy Case”

  1. I read it from a commentor Here it is

    ‘Umno stands for moderation’.a very intreasting topic indeed..How many non muslims are duped by this theory?Well we know during the 70’s we are not a Islamic state.They are religious freedom.Many non-muslims converted to islam but there are also cases where muslims left islam to embrace other religion through marriage.Syariah law is limited to only divorce and distribution of propertys among muslims.

    Things begin to change during the Mahathir era.UMNO as the ruling party begin to carry islamazation to achieve political goal.The famous 121(1a) amendment was made during this time when UMNO enjoy two –third majority.As a result of this amendment even the non muslims are affected..This led to problems like

    1.Body snatching (when one converts secretly)

    2.Minor conversion if one spouse converts.

    3.Promblem arise with property distribution when one converts to islam

    4.Islam is a one way traffic.Once converted it is diffucult to leave.

    Is this a moderate form of islam as claimed by UMNO?Does the non muslim partner like MCA,MIC,GERAKAN supported this amendment because they thing it is moderate?Whatever this has undermine the secular foundation of this country which is the basis of the “GREAT BARGIN” in 1957 between UMNO,MCA,MIC.What is even suprising is with the entry of SABAH and SARAWAK which has a majority non muslim population at that time(SABAH) the non muslims thought the secular government is well entrenched What happen has got the non muslims by surprise.UMNO manage to establishe a Islamic government by manipulating the non muslim parties in BN.One example is the issuing of my kad to muslim immigrants in sabah.

    Yes they are outside factors like the Islamic revolution in IRAN and PAS Islamic ideology

    This alone would not have influence the local muslims to support PAS.Many muslims are angry and fed up with UMNO abuse of power and widespread corrupt practice.DID UMNO TO HIDE THIS WEAKNESS HAS CARRIED OUT ISLAMIC AGENDA INORDER TO ATTRACT MUSLIM VOTERS.This islamzation policy has angered non muslims who has deserted BN.Outside Malaysia in Turkey where more than 90 % are muslims who are staunch followers of secularism.In the last general election they supporte a Islamic party not because they love it but to get rid of a secular corrupt party which has favoured the rich and elites.In Malaysia muslims are punished using syariah law for alchol consumption,kahlwat, gambling and joining beauty contest but not in Turkey.Which is moderate ? UMNO or the Islamic party in turkey which has maintain secularism.At least this has not affected the non muslims in Malaysia like the 121(1a)

    Don’t be fooled by the slogan BN is moderate and Pakatan Rakyat is extreme because of PAS…..

    I believe UMNO led BN would not have lost many states in the last General Election if they have not amended 121(1A) .Even moderate muslims are not happy with certain policy carried out by UMNO like moral policing on muslims.As a result BN lost the non muslim vote bank as well as the moderate muslims.

    They should have introduce universal Islamic policy like fighting corruption,abuse of power,equality to challenge PAS.This will have maintain their non muslim +moderate muslim vote bank.

    The best option forward for all malaysian to fight religious extremism ,corruption and abuse of power is by creating a two party system as this will make the ruling party more accountable or they wiil lose power come general election.

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