Wednesday, 18 August 2010, will you wear the t-shirt and be there for Beng Hock? (Source: The Malaysian Insider)

Will you do it for Beng Hock? Will be you be at Shah Alam High Court tomorrow? Will you lend your support to Dr. Pornthip when she testifies tomorrow? Will you wear the t-shirt? Will you remember those who have no voice anymore? This country will not move until we move. See you in court tomorrow!


17 August 2010

Wednesday, 18 August 2010, will you wear the t-shirt and be there for Beng Hock? (Source: The Malaysian Insider)
Wednesday, 18 August 2010, will you wear the t-shirt and be there for Beng Hock? (Source: The Malaysian Insider)

I attended the forum “Injustice for 1 Year: What Say You,Malaysians” at KLSCAH this evening – a forum by Malaysians for the Teoh Beng Hock Campaign.

Wish you had been there.

Wish you had looked closely at Teoh Lee Lan’s face and heard her speak. And if you didn’t understand a word of Mandarin – and I didn’t – you’d still feel heartbreak for her.

Wish you had been there to listen to the other 3 speakers – Lee Ban Chen (Senior writer), Haris Ibrahim (Blogger & Activist), Chong Kok Siong (Coordinator, Malaysians for Beng Hock Campaign)

You’d have asked yourself then…

Do I not care that Beng Hock’s family continues to suffer injustice?

Isn’t their loss and pain my loss and pain?

Have I forgotten and gone on with my own living in comfort?

Is my memory of his death so short?

You can ask yourself these same questions now.

Regarding Beng Hock. Regarding Kugan. Regarding the rest.

I’m not just asking you. I’m asking myself too.

As Haris said, “There will be no justice for Beng Hock.” Why?

Because nothing will bring him back alive.

But let them never sully his name with their outrageous claim that he committed suicide.

We must bring honour to his name and peace to his family and enable his son to grow up knowing the truth about his father. That is our responsibility.

Come Wednesday, 18 August 2010 at 9.00a.m. some of those who attended this evening’s forum and who will take leave will be going to the Shah Alam High Court.

We’ve bought T-shirts bearing the picture of Teoh Beng Hock. We’ll wear these and show solidarity on Wednesday

We’ll be there when Dr Pornthip states her findings.

Will you be there too?

And will you buy those t-shirts and wear them every weekend, every month, every year till injustice dies and the truth reigns? So that on just any Saturday and Sunday, what you see as you step out is a sea of people with the same T-shirt, says Haris. That’s a strong message being sent out.

Will you?

Will you do it for Beng Hock? For Lee Lan? For his parents, his wife and his son?

That’s doing it for all the others before and after him too.

It’s got to stop. The murders have to end.

See you in court, people.

This country will not move until we move.

LB: Farida learnt late in life that the time to stand up for justice and the truth should have been years ago. She recognises that much of her life was spent in the “Me, My, Mine” zone. While the past cannot be erased, the future is there to claim and to shape. So no self-condemnation. Learn lessons, change, and move on. Today, her passion is poured into the causes Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia espouses. Not able to track her down? Try her second home Rumah Anak Bangsa Malaysia (RABM).

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18 replies on “Will you be there for Beng Hock? 9AM 18 August, SAHC”

  1. I do not understand the intention of those who wanted this case to be buried and forgotten with. Why?

    Have you no soul to see the family is suffering? Have you no heart to understand that Teoh's father is seeking justice when he is holding his beloved son's photo? Have you no sense of justice to see that an injustice is done and continually be served to the family of Teoh? Have you no empathy towards a family that has lost a son, a husband, and a father?

    Are you blind to the fact that a life is lost in the most unacceptable manner? Are you still human? Have you a conscience?

  2. Politicising the death of any person is unfortunate and should be condemned!! Today we sit back and watch from afar because Beng Hock is not our family. We effortlessly pass judgement on the good intentions of noble people because we have not lost a loved one mysteriously!! I read this blog with utter dismay that there are heartless people that haunt the dreams of judicious Malaysians in advocating justice. So you heartless creatures out there, it's never too late to start over again.

  3. my point of views is…just let beng hock rest in peacelah…no need to parade his family into court drama anymore..kesian looking at his orang tua holding photo frame here and there…just let it go..

  4. Justice for Beng Hock,Kugan and all who died in Police Custody !

    The torture & murder of Beng Hock, Kugan & others in Polis custody should not be forgotten- if we dont care or choose to remain apathetic, then we also have blood on our hands !

    For when Good Men & Women do or say NOTHING evil will continue.

  5. J4TBH, Yes any sane person could smell something fishy about the manner how MACC and the Police is so eager to expunge foul play and so desperate to prop up the suicide theory.

    Those who support the suicide theory are either extremely dim-witted or they refuse to see the injustices and subsequent cover-up committed by the MACC, the Police, and the Pathologists.

    Do these people have a conscience? For they show no remorse for a life lost in the most suspicious circumstances. They show no empathy for a family that has lost a loved one. They seems completely happy that a promising young man whom is going to get married is dead. They do not seems to bother that a child has lost his father. Do these people have a heart? Don't they know that by covering up the incidence as a suicide, they sully the name of the Teoh Beng Hock and by that they have shown the utmost disrespect to the dead??

    These people are cold-hearted for they steep so low that they even attack those who try to seek Justice and those who were with the family of Teoh Beng Hock. Do these people fit to be called a human being? Where is their compassion?

  6. J4TBH,

    this murugan appiah is another pseudonym for TOKZ. ignore him. he's just a mere fly in this kopitiam. cheers mate!

  7. Well, those who do not wish to buy the T-shirts is fine. One one is forcing you to buy. Please do not try to degrade the efforts of the organisers who are doing a good job to get justice for TBH. That's all.

    If those who are sincere to go there please do. If not no one force you to go there. Do not say if the T-shirts are given free, then you will go. What's the logic ?

    Please remeber, nothing is free. Maybe the BN can pay for those to write this or that.

  8. The facts are :-

    1. Who in his right mind including the fact that he was getting married the next day would want to commit suicide considering that he was not a suspect but only a witness ? Furthermore, the "offence was only RM 2,400. Even if found guilty , the fine will not be more than RM 5,000. Why did he then want to trade his life for RM 2,400 ?

    2. Why didn't the head of Selangor MACC report to the police immediately when he was informed by his subordinates that THB was found dead in MACC's premises ? Were they trying to fabricate a cover-up ? This is a serious matter that a responsible MACC officer did not report to the Police when a dead body was found.

    3. Why did the Prosecution and MACC made their conclusion that it was suicide at the beginning of the inquest without going through all findings ? They appears to be in a haste to cover and wrap up the case as soon as possible.

    4. The body position and injuries including absence of blood splatter is inconsistent with fall from a height.

    5. The drag marks on his shoes points to someone trying a cover-up which by normal standards is absurd.

    6. The post-exhumation findings are crystal clear that there were strangulation marks and the internal section of the brain was consistent to him being beaten. Dr. Pornthip's testimony this week will point clearly to this. Wait for her expose.

    7. There are thousand more evidences that contradict the suicide theory which is beyond this discussion.

  9. I can smell there are some people out there trying hard to make QUICK BUCKS by using the death of TBH as their EXCUSE.

    Can you smell it too?

  10. I will only be there if the SHIRTS are given for FREE.

    This then will prove it's GENUINELY for the JUSTICE of TBH.

    Makes sense??? I bet it do

  11. Hi Ong Jo-lene,

    It's better to spend that RM15 on charity fund instead.

    PAKATAN RAKYAT just got richer by RM 15. Thanks to our dear friend Jo-lene here.

  12. That's purely your judgement, DANNY LOHH!!!

    Only TBH will know whether it's TRUE or FAKE but unfortunately he's gone.

    Your judgement remained mere SPECULATION, that's all!!!!

  13. One can even bring the entire ZOO ANIMALS wearing that STUPID PROPAGANDA T-SHIRT to Shah Alam High Court but the FACTS will remained UNCHANGED.

    It's still possible it's a SUICIDE after all????

    It's PREMATURE to make any CLAIMS or CONCLUSION from it.

  14. 1) Do we need to BUY the SHIRTS or are they available FREE OF CHARGE????

    2) If there's a PRICE for it, how much does it COST???

    3) Where will the PROCEED of the SALE of these SHIRTS go to???

    Based on these 3 simple questions, it's evident enough to say this is more of a SALES/MARKETING STRATEGY to CHEAT the rakyats' MONEY instead of GENUINELY fighting for the JUSTICE of TEOH BENG HOCK.

    Of course, there will be people coming forward to say the sales proceed will go to here, there & everywhere but one can be sure the $$$$ will all go to the unscrupulous pockets of PAKATAN RAKYAT via MONEY LAUNDERING process using "Malaysians for Beng Hock Campaign" as its' medium.

    To short say, these unscrupulous DONKEYS are FOOLING you, pocketing your $MONEY$, while helping PAKATAN RAKYAT to gain political mileage. It's likened to KILLING 3 BIRDS with 1 PIECE OF GARMENT!!!

  15. Yes, there can never be Justice for Teoh Beng Hock because he is dead and he died in the most suspicious circumstances in the office block of MACC. He died because MACC want to question him as a witness for RM 2,000 purported corruption. A life lost because of something that MACC did. No matter what transpired next, There can never be justice for Teoh Beng Hock.

    But these scumbags should not be allowed to sully his name by the outrageous claim that he committed suicide. Even more ridiculous is the sudden “discovery” of a suicide note that addressed not to his loved ones but to his boss, a note that doesn’t match his signature and hand writing, a note that only surface 1 year after his death, and they want us to believe that this is the iron proof that he committed suicide!!? Only the most dimwitted would believe such fabrication.

  16. Hi all,

    No doubt it’s SAD & SHOCKING to know the late TEOH BENG HOCK passed away in such a MYSTERIOUS way. I do understand there’s a need for JUSTICE but sadly there are certain quarters who are making this IMPOSSIBLE.

    These so-called “quarters” are individuals from the “Malaysians for Beng Hock Campaign”. These individuals are already AGGRESSIVELY claiming it’s a “MURDER” despite the existence of a NEWLY found evidence (The Suicide Note). How can these so-called individuals from the “Malaysians for Beng Hock Campaign” pursue their campaign when there are also strong possibilities of a SUICIDE after all??? Wouldn’t this be UNFAIR to MACC??? Wouldn’t this be UNFAIR to the Govt.??? & wouldn’t this be UNFAIR to TEOH BENG HOCK & family???

    I view the OBJECTIVES of “Malaysians for Beng Hock Campaign” as a MISLEADING campaign. It’s a campaign that is being EXECUTED with POLITICAL EVILNESS in disguise. The PURPOSE of this campaign is NOT for the JUSTICE of TEOH or anyone else. It’s purely for the POLITICAL MILEAGE of PAKATAN RAKYAT to condemn the Govt. of the day(BN). What makes it even more disgusting is that PAKATAN RAKYAT had been exploiting the weaknesses of TEOH’s family members for PAKATAN RAKYAT’s own self greed & gain. Leaders from PAKATAN RAKYAT had been BRAIN-WASHING Teoh’s family by claiming it was representatives from the BN that caused TEOH’s unfortunate death since day #1. In another words, PAKATAN RAKYAT is calling for their own VERDICT before the actual VERDICT is being read.

    PAKATAN RAKYAT knew TEOH’s family members will be at the WEAKEST period since knowing BENG HOCK’s death. The OPPORTUNISTIC PAKATAN RAKYAT was quick to capitalize on TEOH family member’s weaknesses by enticing them to believe PAKATAN RAKYAT’s bunch of NONSENSE.

    Now, CANDLES was lit, T-shirts had been printed, while months had past but what do we have at last???? “NOTHING” except for a SUICIDE NOTE of which became a STRING DEBATE of late. Could this SUICIDE NOTE be after all a GENUINE one of which could prove how TEOH succumbed to death on that unfortunate date???

    Nobody can ARGUE the Suicide Note is FAKE. Neither can anyone say it’s GENUINE. It’s BEST is to leave it to the EXPERTS & the Court to make the decision.

    For all those laymen or laywomen, it’s better to just “SHUT UP” & allow the law to take its’ course. This means NO CANDLELIGHT VIGILS, NO STUPID T-SHIRT with TEOH’s face being printed on it & NO STREET PROTESTS. The VERDICT is still NOT out yet!!!

    Thus, for anyone to even wear the said T-SHIRT as shown above, you’re then, ONE UNFORTUNATE LOW WISDOM person who CAN’T even differentiate PROPAGANDAS vs FACTS.

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