Single & Pregnant – What are my choices?

Finding out you are pregnant when you did not plan for it can be a scary surprise, especially in a conservative society. What do I do? What will people think? Where do I go? WAO has developed the booklet “Single and Pregnant: What Are My Choices?” to help single mothers through pregnancy and as a guide to their options for the baby.

Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO) developed a booklet for single pregnant women on medical and legal matters. The booklet Single and Pregnant: What Are My Choices? is published in both English and Bahasa Malaysia. Simply click on the links below to read it in your language of choice.

WAO hopes this book will serve as a guide and help single pregnant women with their pregnancy process physically, mentally and emotionally as well as guide them in their options to either opt for adoption or to keep the baby.

The booklet was sponsored by Malakoff Corporation Berhad under their “Empower for Life” initiative for single parents.

For more information on WAO, please refer to

WOA booklet

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