Finding out you are pregnant when you did not plan for it can be a scary surprise, especially in a conservative society. What do I do? What will people think? Where do I go? WAO has developed the booklet “Single and Pregnant: What Are My Choices?” to help single mothers through pregnancy and as a guide to their options for the baby.

Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO) developed a booklet for single pregnant women on medical and legal matters. The booklet Single and Pregnant: What Are My Choices? is published in both English and Bahasa Malaysia. Simply click on the links below to read it in your language of choice.

WAO hopes this book will serve as a guide and help single pregnant women with their pregnancy process physically, mentally and emotionally as well as guide them in their options to either opt for adoption or to keep the baby.

The booklet was sponsored by Malakoff Corporation Berhad under their “Empower for Life” initiative for single parents.

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WOA booklet

6 replies on “Single & Pregnant – What are my choices?”

  1. My sister owns the copyright to the photo above- The photo of the fetus' foot in it's mother's belly. This website did not compensate her for the use of that image.

  2. My sister owns the copyright to the photo above- The photo of the fetus' foot in it's mother's belly. This website did not compensate her for the use of that image.

  3. LN,

    You've just contradicted yourself. You advocate educating the young about sex so that they do not take it lightly yet you believe abortion should just be blanked-out because then people may just go ahead and do it?!?

    You think they're not going to find out by typing "abortion" in Google or asking their peers? Shouldn't the logic that follows from your first statement be that we should educate the young on the gravity and risks of abortion? (this is rhetorical, of course the answer is yes)

    So in your version of sex education there can't be a mention of condoms lest teens know that safe sex is possible and they will run out and copulate?

    Analogy, I know that poking you in the eye with a fork seems kinda funny but I'm not running out to do just because I know that choice is available because I have been educated on the consequences!

    Yes, abortion is not for any person – it's only for women who are in a position where they have a tough decision to make; the choice should be hers. Women ought to have all the choices possible made available – along with relevant information educating her on the consequences and risks of each choice be it parenthood/adoption/abortion.

    All the above choices are not to be taken lightly. Abortion is the most taboo of them. But we need to educate not pretend it doesn't exist or deny women of their right to choose.

    Minors should require parental consent and parents and pregnant minor be given counseling and literature.

    Abortion is a personal choice, not a political or moral policing debate.

    I've said this before: People who will never ever possibly get pregnant – shut up or I’ll cut your reproductive choices too.

    Best Wishes of Safe Sexxing,


  4. Abortion is not for ANY person. Sorry to say this. It's as bad as dumping the feotus or baby in the garbage bin. We really should focus on educating kids on sex. They need to know it's not just fun and games. They need to know a HUMAN BEING can result from the act. And we need to stop thinking of short term measures by even suggesting abortion. If the kids know there's a way, they'll never learn self restraint and sense of responsibility but continue taking risks.

  5. if muslim dont go and complain to syariah court. is that in the advice? you’ll be lashed and made to give press conference.

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