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Amnesty International Malaysia and Strategic Information and Research Development Centre (SIRD) are pleased to invite you to the launch of the book:

Once a Jolly Hangman: Singapore Justice in the Dock

by Alan Shadrake

From in-depth interviews with Darshan Singh, Singapore’s chief executioner for nearly fifty years, to meticulously researched accounts of numerous high profile cases, Once a Jolly Hangman reveals the cruelty and imprudence of an entire judicial system. At the same time he displays a touching empathy with the anguish of the victims and their families. This important book should be required reading for human rights activists everywhere
Alan Shadrake is a renowned veteran investigative journalist and author whose 50-year career has taken him around the world. His appetite for unearthing the facts and presenting unpalatable truths remains undiminished.

Official Book Launch and Presentation

Book sale and signing



Saturday, 26 June 2010
11am – 1pm
KL and Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall, Jalan Maharajalela.

Welcome Note by Nora Murat (Amnesty International)

Edmund Bon Tai Soon
Chairperson, Constitutional Law Committee, Bar Council
M. Ravi
Dedicated abolitionist and Yong Vui Kong‘s lawyer in Singapore
Alan Shadrake
For queries, please contact Hiba 03 7955 2680, Chong Ton Sin 016 379 7231 or Clare 019 227 4473
Please do circulate this invitation to your friends and colleagues.

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  1. Remember when Malaysians headed to Singapore to buy Wain's "Malaysian Maverick" before it was released? I hope the bookstores in Johor Bahru start carrying this soon.

    1. Dear Steve

      We understand that the book should be out in major bookstores soon. Alternatively, you should contact SIRD (or distributors, GerakBudaya) by calling Hiba 03 7955 2680, Chong Ton Sin 016 379 7231 or Clare 019 227 4473. Thank you.

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