From Apr 26, 2010 – June 14, 2010 YOU voted on:

Do you want local council elections to be restored?

Yes – 91%

What are local council elections? – 4%

No – 4%

Not sure – 1%

UKM 4 UUCAThank you for speaking out. The many followers of this magnificent blawg have spoken, and spoken overwhelmingly in favour of having more say in how their local areas are to be administered!

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Do you support the UKM4?

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3 replies on “Bring back local council elections!”

  1. It appears ,on the given statements confessed by Kim Chai & Ismail that they have had no knwledge of the contents of the boxes which purportedly belongs to one Johnny & his Associates but put into the said rented van on that fateful eventful morning ,

    On the premise that lack /absence of knowledge ,if that constitutes an essential element of an impending charge deprives the Prosecution Parties /AGC to frame a proper charge against the Bravo4
    /ukm4 , the power that be just want to flexes their muscles to the Oppressive Minorities to make their life difficult . Now The Court of Appeal majority decision held on 1-11-2011 has rejuvenated the otherwise depressing sense of justice to the right thinking members of M'sia .

    Stand up & Be Counted . From a member of the BC .

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