Know Your Malaysian “Laws”

We’re not really sure either but here’s what it sure does seem like.

Lust und Laune Statt Law and Order Graffiti

Talk to anyone in the streets, mamak shop, and kopitiam, and you will learn that in Malaysia it is the law that:

  • if you are a bankrupt, you shall be automatically be discharged in 5 years’ time;
  • if you are a bankrupt, you shall be jailed;
  • if you do not vote in 3 consecutive elections, you shall go to jail;
  • if you allow someone squat on your land, after 10 years your land shall become his;
  • if you evict a squatter from your land, you must pay him compensation;
  • if there is a same direction collision, the driver of the car at the back is in the wrong;
  • if you are a Tun, you cannot be sued or prosecuted;
  • if someone is a Datuk, Tan Sri or Tun and you do not address him as such, he can sue you;
  • a car carrying a VIP takes precedence over an ambulance in emergency.

Do you have any other of these “laws” to share?

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3 Responses to Know Your Malaysian “Laws”

  1. A family company sold the family house to the wife of the founder at a discounted price and waived the payment through board resolution. 18 years later, Inland Revenue demanded from the ex-directors, payment for Real Property Gains Tax (5%) based on the deemed value at the time of transfer. This was despite the company having been sold to others since the transaction.

  2. The list adds on:-

    1. if a private limited company is not incorporated and registered with RoC, the Department of Skills Development (DSD) under the Ministry of Human Resources can recognise, consider and grant a certificate of accredition for it to operate;

    2. if a private limited company is not incorporated, DSD can accept the name of company as a PROPOSED NAME for at least more than 7 months;

    3. if a private limited company is not incorporated, DSD can still address official letter to it;

    4. if the law says "After having considered an application under Section 24(1), the Director General may – (a) grant the application and issue a certificate of accreditation to skills training provider for a period of three years; or (b) refuse the application, stating the grounds of refusal", the Director General only approves a period of 1 year 3 days and not the PRESCRIBED PERIOD.

    5. DSD can pass such allegedly fake letter to discredit and undermine a complaint.

  3. kee

    for your in4, i never address this lawyer who is a datuk when i was working… plainly because i dont believe in titleship… will i be jailed?

    i saw a lot of people they really angkat those who hv a datuk title. Why? I cant uderstand…

    this is why these datuk-datuk they think they are the untouchable???

    i think Mr Chua Jui Meng is having sleepless nights for losing it… sigh sigh sigh !!!

    why is datuk/tansri/ tun, this title thing has become so cheap, whose fault ya???