JOM! Make some noise! Youths of Malaysia, let’s speak our minds through music. The BANGKIT album is the voice of Malaysia’s youth – YOU decide the songs YOU want in the album.

BANGKIT! Got a tune in your head? Or rhyme that resonates? Submit it! If you’re not that talented, then vote for the songs that you want in YOUR compilation album. How cool is that!

HEBOHKAN! Know of friends with some groovy beats at their jamming sessions? Or a friend of a friend of a friend who might know? Tell the world about the BANGKIT album. If you’re not into talking anymore – Facebook it, Twitter it, MySpace it, blog about it, SMS blast it! Speak out and Spread the word.

JOM BANGKIT! The time is NOW.

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Do you love Malaysia?

Are you happy with the state of our country today? Is our country and her people truly living up to their potential? What do you think of Malaysian society today? Should “race” be a major factor in how Malaysian citizens relate to each other? What unites Malaysians? What divides Malaysians? Do you think Malaysia needs to change? Why or why not? What are your dreams/aspirations for yourself? For your country?

YOU have the answers to these questions. YOU have an opinion about your place in Malaysia. You are NOT alone. You CAN make a difference. Your voice DOES matter and it NEEDS to be heard. Now with Bangkit, here’s your chance.

It’s time for you to stand up and speak out with the rest of our nation’s youths.

Song entries will be received until midnight of 15th May 2010.
Voting will remain open until midnight of 31st May 2010.

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