You Were Wrong: Who will win Hulu Selangor (P.94)?


From Apr 19, 2010 – Apr 25, 2010 YOU voted on:

Who will win Hulu Selangor (P.94) in the April 25 by-election?

Zaid Ibrahim (PR) – 94%

P. Kamalanathan (BN) – 6%

The results of your votes in this poll is far from the results of the actual by-election results (see below) where P. Kamalanathan of Barisan Nasional won by a majority of 1,725. (spoilt votes – 731)

Hulu Selangor (P. 94) by-election results

P. Kamalanathan (BN) – 52% (24,997)

Zaid Ibrahim (PR) – 48% (23,272)

Perhaps, dear readers, you were voting for who you wanted to see win in Hulu Selangor.

NOW have YOUR say and vote in the new LB Poll (right side-bar):

Do you want local council elections to be restored?

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