A lawyer chronicles her adventures as a political campaigner for Parti Keadilan Rakyat in the Hulu-Selangor by-election that took place yesterday, April 25, 2010.

(Day 1): Armour, Shield, & Sword

(Day 2): Nomination Day

(Day 3): On the Ground

(Day 4): Restless & Ruminating

(Day 5): Cruising the Sleepy Hollow

Day (6): Of Hand Kissing and Drinking

Day (7): What Strategy!?

Day (8): Final Countdown

Day (9): In the Hands of Hulu Selangorians

Day 10: Hulu Selangorians Have Decided

I asked a friend yesterday about our chances of winning today; he thought that we will win if a miracle happens. And it looked like a miracle did not happen.

The last I checked the results, before knowing the final results, was when PKR was leading by a 1,000 majority at 7.oop.m. The next I checked, it was the final results and Barisan had won by 1,725. I had received a text message from a friend who is a Barisan party member inviting the clique of friends (including me) to a mamak near our place and also not forgetting that he is in “bizarrely” great mood and that drinks are on him.

I had expected the lost, but feeling upset about it is still inevitable. Hulu Selangorians have decided and they are not ready for us.

Insults hurled from our side that Barisan had been buying votes and that the Malays are blind. Despite the heartbreak, I do not think that is necessary. It is hard, I must say, not to be bitter about the lost but an effort must be made by us not to be. There are messages telling us to fight on and not to whine about it and move on, but I’d like to take my time to recover.

I know that there are many of these disappointments expected if we are in this for the long run. I am sure I will get used to it in time and giving up is not an option. I am aware that change does not happen overnight. Soon enough, I will dry my tears and start the race again.

I hope P. Kamalanathan (YB now) will prove us wrong by not just being a yes-man to UMNO but instead, be the voice for the people who gave him the mandate. I hope he will make Hulu Selangor a better place – that he will be able to create more job opportunities and better street lighting. It is sad that we only find out how much needs to be done in a place like Hulu Selangor when a Member of Parliament passes away.

Moving forward, there is Sibu to look out for but ultimately, in about three years time the big one comes again. To those who have never cast their votes (and I know who some of you are), I hope you might change your mind, for true democracy requires each and every one of us to act on our inaction.

Road leading to Felda Soeharto
Road leading to Felda Soeharto that has no street lights
The small houses at Felda Soeharto
The small houses at Felda Soeharto
The crowd yesterday that would be disappointed today
The crowd yesterday that would be disappointed today

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6 replies on “Eunice’s Hulu Selangor Diary (Day 10): Hulu Selangorians Have Decided”

  1. Eunice, I enjoyed your reporting of the entire HS campaign. Although I am sad at Pakatan’s loss, I am hopeful with the commitment and courage of young minds such as yourself in shaping the political future of this country. Keep up the good work and stay positive and true to yourself.

    Your reporting made my day. Thank you.

  2. Dear All

    “The people who cast the votes don't decide an election, the people who count the votes do” – so the Communist Joseph Stalin said.

    For this dirtiest buy-election, MAFREL was absent. I was informed that even in Indonesia with hundreds of million voters and tens of political parties, all vote countings are done in public. Here, it's hush-hush.

    For this wildest buy-election, gangsterism ruled with exploitation of school children and college students, harassing the voters and the petugas.

    "Sure I am this day we are masters of our fate, that the task which has been set before us is not above our strength; that its pangs and toils are not beyond our endurance. As long as we have faith in our own cause and an unconquerable will to win, victory will not be denied us” ~ Winston Churchill

    Let's not feel sad over losing this dirty game but let this fate fuels our desire to fight for our cause with full dignity, respect and transparency.

  3. Eunice, i share your disappointment…

    In fact, i could not sleep well last night…

    I am feeling blue now …

    My fear came through as i know the very people who supported you yesterday, they will turn against you today because of some goodies…

    Indeed bad human nature, sigh sigh sigh !!!

    I dont blame the Malay voters… At least the Chinese in Ulu Selangor are more awaken now, 80% support for PR…

    Can we blame the Indians???

    Many thanks Eunice for your hardwork and reporting…

    Take care and God bless !!!

  4. Despite not having the huge resources like Umno/Bn ( which belong to the Rakyat ) , Pakatan did very well. This show a strong growing support for Pakatan.

    Why do we feel the postal votes and the removal of some voters fr the electoral roll cheated the Rakyat of a Pakatan victory.?

    Pakatan fought the good David vs Goliath fight !

    Lets not be disheartened but lets pick up and continue to campaign for a better future for all.

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