Lady Baba is back! This is my loyal space minion’s second report on the Hulu Selangor by-election. Lady Baba puts on her party dress and goes in search of the hype at Hulu Selangor.

Humans never fail to humour me. Watch as one party gets a little too excited at the sight of Lady Baba’s hot pink hair…

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2 replies on “WayangLoyarBurok’s Lady Baba Does Hulu Selangor (Episode 2): Where’s The Hype?”

  1. Hi all,

    This is a EXTRA MILE of effort I'm bring for all WANKERS here before the RESULTS are OUT tonite.

    "I PREDICT BN to win by 500-1500 votes"

    Why??? My analysis are as followed:

    During the last election, many members in the BN coalition who are voters in Hulu Selangor was rather UPSET with the previous administration headed by PAK LAH. Many of these voters of whom by-right should have translated their votes to BN actually DIDN'T come out to vote. For those BN coalition members/voters in Hulu Selangor who had exercised their voting rights actually SPOIL their VOTES or voted for the Opposition.

    If we look back to the last election result, there are as many as 1000 odd UNDI ROSAK & 99% of these UNDI ROSAK was due the reason said above. Take MCA as an example, in Hulu Selangor itself there are already 8000 odd votes into BN's pocket but was spoilt in the last election due to disagreement factor within MCA itself.

    Now that MCA had consolidated itself with CHUA SOI LEK's leadership, MCA is now UNITED & STRONG with most MCA voters in Hulu Selangor voting back for BN again. Based on solely on this factor, BN will automatically have at least 7000-8000 votes into their tally (this have NOT include MIC's share).

    Thus, if the last election's majority was just a mere 200-300 votes…we can be assured this time round, BN will have a MINIMUM of 7000-8000 extra votes coming from the CHINESE alone to offset this previous 200 odd majority claimed last election by the Opposition. If we put it into numbers…..8000 Chinese votes from MCA members minus 300 majority votes of last election = 7700 votes for the BN. This of course had NOT include MIC's share of which I predict will add on another +/- 1000 odds.

    As such, I expect BN to win by a rather SLIM majority of NOT EXCEEDING 2000 votes. Well, of course I will be EXTREMELY DELIGHTED to see BN proving me wrong by obtaining an excellent 5000 majority votes & above.

    All these at the moment merely remains SPECULATION & no Political Analysts will DARE to argue my points. Just let see how things will end up in less than 4 hours from now….

    It's either YOU BETUL or I BETUL…….Good Luck!!!

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