Lady Baba in Hulu Selangor

Lady Baba is my space minion. (If you are asking “But who is Lord Bobo?”, where have you been? Click here, find out and don’t ask silly questions again.)

By my decree, Lady Baba has been sent to earth to report on the oh-so-hotly-contested-I-don’t-know-which-side-I’m-on Hulu Selangor by-elections. The slightly dim-witted Lady Baba and her bright pink afro gets down to interviewing local folks and not-so-local campaigners with much …um… enthusiasm!

Our Vblawg, WayangLoyarBurok, premieres today with Lady Baba’s adventures in Hulu Selangor!

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12 replies on “WayangLoyarBurok’s Lady Baba Does Hulu Selangor (Episode 1): What’s The Hype!?”

  1. Syahredzan,

    You should do it!
    You can start by showing WayangLoyarBurok viewers, what is the role of an MP with “Rakyat Service Advertisement 4” by posting a video response to the Lady Baba video (you can do so by posting a comment and attaching the RSA4 video).

  2. I like Lady Baba. She asks the most obvious of questions so innocently.

    More than that though, looking at the responses from people Lady Baba interviewed, despite the fact everyone knew that there is a by-election and why they are having it, most don't quite understand the role of an MP.

    Maybe we should play them RSA4?

  3. Damn thats not funny, the humour is too juvenile and asinine. But damn the girl is hot..can see how she uncomfortably wriggled away from that indian guy who had his arms on the chair behind her haha. I wouldnt mind hvg a tete-a-tete with her!

  4. hahahaha….Great Stuff!!! Keep up the good work peeps!! Am sharing this with everyone…LOL! =)

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