A lawyer chronicles her adventures as a political campaigner for Parti Keadilan Rakyat in the upcoming Hulu-Selangor by-election.

(Day 1): Armour, Shield, & Sword

(Day 2): Nomination Day

(Day 3): On the Ground

(Day 4): Restless & Ruminating (LB Note: Link updated – 2.00p.m. Apr 23, 2010)

(Day 5): Cruising the Sleepy Hollow

Day 6: Of Hand Kissing and Drinking

I am sure those who want updates on the upcoming by-elections would be able to obtain it from other web-portals, as I have skipped making a trip down to our favourite town of the week. The thought of getting only 4 hours of sleep again was probably the largest part in my decision.

At the moment the media is filled with trashy news, like Zaid Ibrahim’s drinking and gambling habit, P. Kamalanathan’s hand kissing stunt, and more.

The fight for change sounds all-inspiring and noble. The struggle Mahatma Gandhi had to endure are now only described by words and assisted by individual imaginations. Aung San Suu Kyi’s restricted freedom is channelled by the media, but can only be seen in our limited minds. Datin Seri Wan Azizah’s struggle for her husband is a never-ending fight for her. I cannot even imagine what she had to go through, (and is still going through) under the scrutiny of her party, the media, and the country. She was forced into politics when she had only wanted to be a good mother and wife. Ah well, they’re just words to you and me – actually having to experience it is an entirely different ball game altogether.

The crowd on April 13 when DSAI announced our candidate, Zaid Ibrahim. This is just the crowd inside the hall - a crowd of the exact same size were listening from outside.

Therefore it is not surprising at all that P. Kamalanathan had lost his cool when probed continuously on his hand kissing stunt. I don’t blame him. Someone like him who has the prime minister supporting his campaign can lose his cool, what more someone from the opposition party or an independent? Even Khairy lost his cool and he is not even in the race!

Zaid had only calmly admitted or denied claims against him, which can only be seen as transparently sincere. Whatever doubts I had of his attributes when he joined PKR at first are slowly fading. There is nothing but respect to have for hi when he admits his “mistakes” and is not defensive of the criticisms that have been thrown at him from all angles.

The point he is trying to get across is one that is simple and basic – that despite his personal ways, he is more than capable to bring about change for Hulu Selangorians. The mandate obviously lies with the voters and he has to show them how sincere he is. Whether he drank before or gambled before has absolutely no bearing as to whether he is able to highlight that the Tamil school needs electricity!

Mobile ceramah
I took this from a moving car. It is a mobile ceramah, which I think is an innovative idea in order to reach out to senior citizens.

People have told me that I am easily swayed. I had only sung praises of Tok Guru Nik Aziz when he gave RM100 from his pocket to the Metro Tabernacle Church after it was flamed. However, there is really no point living life with skepticism and negativity.

Even if we win this by-election, the fight for change never ends. What is worth the fight is the knowledge that when you have reached your goal – you know you have made a difference.

LoyarBurok Note: Read more from Eunice at her blog.

13 replies on “Eunice’s Hulu Selangor Diary (Day 6): Of Hand Kissing and Drinking”

  1. for the by election barisan already waste half a billion peoples money. these chair is not for too long but their already wasted the money.now our federal goverment got no moneytheir acting our economy is stable. if their wasted the money our federal goverment cant be diclear bankcrap.

    "pakatan hidup"!!!

  2. this is not simply a by-election… is the fight for change and it all start from here… every efforts count…. never give up hope for a truly new malaysia…

    let's do it this time for a big bang…

  3. Hi, I just can't wait to go back tomm to my kampung and cast the vote on Sun.

    TQ for sharing infos.

  4. I am reading your posting from down South. Thanks for keeping us informed.

    Eunice, don't be apologetic if you admired someone like Nik Aziz, I too, share your admiration for this great and humble man.

    Yes, re-charge your battery and go full swing by the weekend…."No pains, no gains!"

    I envy your youth, your commitment to your cause…PR for Putrajaya!

  5. “Even if we win this by-election, the fight for change never ends. What is worth the fight is the knowledge that when you have reached your goal – you know you have made a difference.”…..Eunice Ong.

    How true indeed. The journey is the reward and the destination is but a milestone. Let’s us not lose sight of the fight for change for a better and fair government.

  6. Dear Eunice

    Keep up the great work. Get a good sleep and start all over again ok. Hope to bump into you in KKB

    “Don’t be afraid to give your best to what seemingly are small jobs. Every time you conquer one it makes you that much stronger. If you do the little jobs well, the big ones will tend to take care of themselves” ~ Dale Carnegie

  7. Thanks, Eunice for the report card @ Hulu Selangor.

    It gives me an idea of what is happening there….very nice…

    Keep it coming.

    It would be nice if you could pop into one of the BN ceramahs and write about what they preach. It would be intriguing.


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