Your Say: Who will win Hulu Selangor (P.94)?

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For a month since January 4, 2010, YOU voted to this question as follows:

Do you think the High Court was right to allow the use of the term “Allah” by the Herald?

  • Yes – 81%
  • Issue should not have been litigated – 14%
  • No – 4%
  • Not sure – 1%

We changed the poll on February 4, 2010 and YOU voted to this question as follows:

Do you believe Saiful’s allegation that he was sodomised by DSAI?

  • No. This is a politically motivated prosecution – 82%
  • No – 8%
  • Yes, but it should not be an offence if it was consensual – 5%
  • Yes – 3%
  • Not sure – 2%

NOW, have YOUR say on the hottest topic in town: P.94 – take the LB poll (on the right side bar)!

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Mind-controlled by His Supreme Eminenceness Lord Bobo to seek out YOUR views on the topics that matter. No undi rosak, phantom voters, or missing ballot boxes. Postal votes are welcome via postcards to Pusat Rakyat LB. Marilah mari, kita mengundi!

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12 Responses to Your Say: Who will win Hulu Selangor (P.94)?

  1. Ahila

    To Boot out BN………..Zaid MUST WIN !

    May God Be With The Righteous PR .

    I am all out for NEW PR government-cant wait to see that day !

  2. Alfred Charles

    Zaid is a charismatic leader and has the intellectual capacity one day to be the PM of Malaysia. He has the edge over the phony 'Kamal' and will win the HS seat by a landslide victory. UMNO's dirty tactics and PERKASA'S racism will not get the support of the Malaysians. Go out and cast your vote for Zaid of PR.

  3. Suri

    I belong to no party (politic)(neither racist) but I would say this – Just ask yrself (about the candidates) – Who you want to be in Parliament? What type of person you prefer? Sorry HS, I cant vote for you…

  4. munirah

    i'm not going to be happy with the outcome i can predict based on grassroots info. Hu hu.. but I desperately want to be proven wrong! Hulu Selangor is not PJ or KL, folks!

  5. The only way UMNO-BN can win this contest, is for UMNO to fully utilize their talents…playing dirty. The signs are already there of their motives…stage 1, character assassination of PR leaders and stage 2, "opening the cash gate"

    The onus now is with the electorate, either resist their evil temptations or fall like beggars to this EVIL UMNO-BN REGIME!

    This will be a good test on the maturity of our Malaysian electorate.

  6. for sure zaid will win….~!!!

  7. G.Anbalagan

    I am Indian! If I am a Hulu Selangor voter my whole family will vote Zaid Ibrahim ( unfortunately I am registered in Johor) . He is a full blooded Malaysian that’s what matters most. A new Malaysia will no longer look at the race but the intergrity , transparency and honesty of the person and the principle’s his party and candidate stand for.

  8. maryjane

    converted. all of us.

  9. Your poll is only among ENGLISH readers. You should also conduct a poll in Malay,Mandarin & Tamil(get someone to help you if you don't know the language).

    So far 94 % choose DATUK ZAID but I believe the above very high percentage is too good to be true. Thus the poll using the above language will be more representative.

  10. Deva

    Zaid is anytime a better canditate. BN Sayonara.

  11. Devan

    BN is digging their own grave by hitting below the belt and dirty tactics.
    Zaid has shown coolness on his part. BN’s sorry …UMNO’s candidate has blundered by endorsing the RACIST Perkasa !!!! Is this the stand of MIC ???? If it is forget about the Indian votes.
    MIC will no longer play a role in the lives of the Malaysian Indians anymore.
    Justice will prevail…….PR rules….

  12. chandra

    Justice will prevail, by god will Zaid will win.