On March 17, 2010 the OA community took over Putrajaya for a walk and what seemed to be the biggest gathering of OA ever. This peaceful protest and show of unison by the community was in response to yet another Government move that ignores their rights.

The OA protest recently in Malaysia’s administrative capital was an amazing and historic event. The 2,000 strong congregation from 8 states took to the streets reminiscent of the Walk For Justice (see video here).

They gathered to assert their rights, and to voice their concerns and opposition over the proposed policy to amend the Aboriginal Peoples Act that will see much of their rights to their ancestral lands stripped away. The amendments are being moved without their full and informed consent. Shocking stories have also been circulating that the authorities are not giving the OA the full picture when explaining the amendments to them.

Two memoranda endorsed by about 12,000 OA were submitted to the Prime Minister through the Minister of Rural and Regional Development, Shafie Apdal.

The pictures below are from the Centre For Orang Asli Concerns (COAC). It really pains me to see the way the OA are being treated – both here in Peninsula Malaysia and in East Malaysia.

The Malaysian Bar stands in solidarity with the OA. Our resolution on the OA is here (Item 7.2).

Can’t we treat the indigenous with the respect that they deserve?

Wonder how the 700-odd OA community in Hulu Selangor would vote?

Editorial Note: Photographs reproduced with permission, courtesy of Colin Nicholas, Jenita Engi, and Wak Ela of COAC (Centre For Orang Asli Concerns) Read more at www.coac.org.my.

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OA placards


Police Stop

Cultural pride
Would you like to known as "the also rans"?
Would you like to be known as "the also-rans"?
"I'm ready for my close-up, Mr.DeMille"
"All right Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up." En. Shafie was reported to have brushed off the concerns voiced by the OA.

They marched with fear and anger, now raise their arms up with hope.
They marched with fear and anger, now they raise their arms in hope.

Source: COAC Composite:LoyarBurok

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7 replies on “OA Angers!”

  1. yeah.yeah..bal..bla…tell that to apek cina tauke balak.. think they care? you bastards taukee2 only tao kaot untung.

  2. The Aborigines of Malaysia need to forcefully re-assert their rights which has been blatantly hijacked and denied by the so-called Malays. They should take a close look at how the American and Aussie aborigines fight their government to recover their rights. The legal fraternity should provide the legal assistance and guidance for them to do so.

    Lets hope the recent protest walk to Putrajaya is just the beginning of many, by the Aborigines, to wake up the Malaysian government that they cannot continue to abuse and persecute the aborigines any longer; as they have done since the existence of Malaya/Malaysia.

  3. Orang Asli are the true sons of the soil and not pirates from Indonesia !

    A Ketunan recently said the non Malays should consider the taxes they are

    paying as guest fees and by the same token the pirates too must pay the

    Orang Asli back dated guest fees. May be because the Ketunan Melayu is

    so kind and generous and come up with a special name for these Orang Asli

    that they are another kind of Malay. But the true sons of the soil have just

    recently rejected that openly and now what are the Ketunan Melayu going to

    justify that ? The tail is out of the bag ! Half breeds and the Umno made

    'Malays' not Allah made stop calling yourself Malay and shame on you pirates

    from Indonesia really !!!

  4. ORANG ASLI the TRUE BUMIS of the Land .

    Their welfare and rights must be respected and honored.

    Legislations and newcomers have stolen their ancestral land.

    Hidup ORANG ASLI !

    Hopefully oneday an Orang Asli could be the Prime Minister of Malaysia !

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