Eunice’s Hulu Selangor Diary (Day 1): Armour, Shield, & Sword

A lawyer chronicles her adventures as a political campaigner for Keadilan in the upcoming Hulu-Selangor by-election.


I have only recently found the path through which to reach my goal. This led to my involvement in AMK (Angkatan Muda Keadilan). I had joined AMK in August 2009 and this will be my first time participating in an election campaign. Despite being comparatively new in the party, unfamiliar with the procedures and the style of how the old-timers work, and also always being the odd one out, I feel exactly how a five year old girl feels when she looks forward to her birthday party.


Nomination day is a day away and I have been to Hulu Selangor (HS) for about four times now. With travelling, I usually get just about 5 hours of sleep and then get on with my day job – lawyering.

The pressure is mounting as tasks are delegated. Each division is given an area to prepare the election machinery. Organising ceramahs, distributing leaflets, setting up the machinery rooms, putting up flags and posters – the mood has definitely set in. Imagine getting ready for Chinese New Year, Christmas or Eid and you’ll get the picture. The momentum increases as candidates for Pakatan Rakyat and Barisan Nasional are named. Also not forgetting the two independent candidates, Jonah Mohd Dinah and former HS MIC division deputy head, VS Chandran who have decided to contest in this coming by-election. I checked my phone every two minutes hoping for an update from Malaysiakini text message.

Nonetheless, we all know that the fight is really between the two major parties.

Leaders from Barison Nasional and also from Pakatan Rakyat will always say the same thing, that they are confident in winning any by-election. Their statements will be all over the media, whether mainstream or non-mainstream. Sometimes, I wished politicians would be sincere and truthful. Seriously, you cannot expect to win all the time. Credibility does not seem to be existent in politics, something which if I had my way would be different. Maybe it’s my naivety speaking.

Looking at how the last general election, the people of HS had decided (not too firmly) to give Dr. Zainal Abidin a chance to represent them for the Parliamentary Seat. And gave the respective state seats of Hulu Bernam, Kuala Kubu Bahru, and Batang Kali to Dato’ Hj Mohd Idris b Hj Abu Bakar (UMNO), Wong Koon Mun (MCA), and Mohd Isa b Abu Kasim (UMNO).

This means that Dato’ Zaid Ibrahim not only has to win the hearts of the 198 people (majority win of the parliament seat from last election), but also convince more than the 6000 people from the majority the state seats that he will be able to strive and make a change. Have Pakatan Rakyat been steadfast enough to have shown their sincerity to make a change?

I will not argue blindly, and as much I’d like to bitch about the ruling party, I believe that they more than 50% chance of winning the by-election.

But then again, you may have the strongest of cases in court but lose. And on the other hand, you may have the weakest of cases and yet win. I am sure many of you advocates out there can agree to an extent my statement. That’s what a fight is all about, isn’t it? You fight against the odds. Only that way, the win becomes priceless.

In any event, many people fail to see this; the goal should never be forgotten or cluttered with the short term goals. Malaysia has a long way to go, and one by-election, whether we win or lose, should not be a reason to give up or be lazily contented. I have faith that Malaysia will be exactly like the naive and idealistic picture that I have envisioned in my head.

I call them my battle gear which I am equipped with, my AMK uniform, “Selamatkan Malaysia” t-shirt and a “P094” t-shirt.

I shall let you in on my adventure of campaigning. But as of now, I am putting on my armour, shield, and sword – not lose hope – and fight on!

Editorial Note: Read more at Eunice’s blog.

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