When powers are abused there is no tyranny like them. The abuse of powers by police is a consequence of the bad example set by judges when they refuse to apply the law as it stands or when they apply double standards in their judgments.

The Rise of Tyranny book cover - source:Sentinel Press
The Rise of Tyranny book cover. Source: Sentinel Press

I read with disgust, on 29 March 2010 in LoyarBurok about the manhandling and arrest of lawyer Amer Hamzah Arshad by the Gestapo type police.

When powers are abused, there is no tyranny like them.

We all know from the experience of recent events that those who have abused their powers have been the judges for not applying the law as it stands; not even the Federal Constitution, and, in Perak by the pretensions of a constitutional monarch for exercising a non-existent power to appoint a Menteri Besar when the incumbent is still in office.

When the highest echelon of those who wield power have themselves abused their powers it sets off a chain reaction down the line from the civil servants down to the lowest rank policemen.

And what we see today in the manhandling of Amer Hamzah Arshad, an advocate and solicitor, is an abuse of power by the police. Such is the consequence or outcome from the bad example set by the judges when they refuse to apply the law as it stands or when they apply double standard in their judgments. Look at the cases which involved Anwar Ibrahim and those which concern the power grab in Perak.

We are reminded by the prophetic words of Lord Denning in The Family Story, page 179:

But powers may be abused, and, if those powers are abused, there is no tyranny like them. It leads to a state of affairs when the police may arrest any man and throw him into prison without cause assigned. It leads to the search of his home and belongings on the slightest pretext – or on none. It leads to the hated Gestapo and the police state. It leads to extorted confessions and to trials which are a mockery of justice.

Now you know why we must all work together to see that scums are not allowed to govern this country. They are such if they allow their judges to ignore the Federal and State Constitutions and to refuse to apply the law as it stands. Concentrate all your efforts for the next general elections.

If we allow scums to rule then as prophesied by Lord Denning, “there is no tyranny like them. It leads to a state of affairs when the police may arrest any man and throw him into prison without cause assigned. It leads to the hated Gestapo and the police state. It leads to extorted confessions and to trials which are a mockery of justice.”

NH Chan, a much respected former Court of Appeal Judge, is a gavel of justice that has no hesitation in pounding on Federal Court judges with wooden desks for heads. Retired from the Judiciary to become...

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  1. The arrogance and indifference to civility in PDRM reached its peak with the coming of Musa as the IGP. Crimes soared but statistics certainly must have been manipulated to present a peaceful nation with old folks walking hand in hand in pitch darkness carrying hundreds of Ringgit without any fear of being shacked.

    Motor cyclists lord over the thoroughfaress and road junctions like Masters of the Race. They have no back lights in nearly all cases. They jump Traffic lights as if though their lives depend on their doing so. PDRM personnel stand and watch without an iota of sense in their brains that such things must be stopped. They just seem not to be bothered as if though they are robots programmed to behave that way. The Public can watch them only with dismay.

    All we hear is that there is a shortage of Personnel. Is it not time that – like someone else wrote on anothe Web site – to get the services of foreign Senior Police Officers on contract to handle our disgraced and unlamented Force.

    After all most Cities and countries have carried out this experiment with great success. If you employ scums – whether uniformed or not – you can only get scum behaviour and scum standards which of course would 'appear' to be very high professional standard to our scum over lords.

  2. Talking about tyranny, what I witnessed last night (31st March 2010) at Ritz Carlton in Kuala Lumpur, was clear testimony of such tyranny and "bodoh sombong" of UMNO/BN politicians.

    Displayed on the Events podium, was a notice of the Meeting of the Executive Committee of Pahang State Government, graced by none other than the Menteri Besar. Of course, who could forget his infamous lewd gesture! And parked in the foyer of Ritz Carlton was a behemoth of a black Mercedes with registration number CAA 1.

    Why would the State ExCo of Pahang choose to hold its meeting in a five-star hotel in Kuala Lumpur when it should have been held in the State Secretariat or some other suitable venue in Kuantan is not a 64-million ringgit question. It is simply an unabashed and shameful display of power, or more correctly, abuse of power by the powers-that-be. And for this to come from the home State of the Prime Minister, certainly does not speak well of his watch after one year.

    In all probability, the attendees were staying in Ritz Carlton as well. I did notice some UMNO/BN types in the lounge sipping over-priced tea or coffee, whilst smoking away. They did not sit well with the ambience, but who cares anyway, as State funds were at their disposal. Apart from the hangers-on, what about and the security and other staff who had to be on duty. What a colossal waste of State funds. Then again, who cares!

    I now call on the newly-minted MACC to investigate the holding of the meeting of the State ExCo of Pahang at Level 1, Room 5, of Ritz Carlton on 31st March 2010. The booking was made through the Office of the Honourable State Secretary of Pahang.

    MACC would do well to investigate this "extra-ordinary meeting" of the State ExCo of Pahang instead of wasting taxpayers' money vigorously investigating abuse of party funds to the tune of the princely sum of RM2,400 to purchase flags. And which resulted in the death of a political aide, who supposedly committed suicide, apparently because his fiance was pregnant, and he had only about RM2,000 in his bank account.

    MACC had just celebrated its first anniversary, although there was really nothing to celebrate over the past year! Or does MACC want to live up (or rather down) to its new acronym, "Malaysian Association of Cattle and Cows" (and may I add Wild Boars), as alluded to by YB Sivarasa.

    This is only symptomatic of the excesses of tyranny in 1Failed Malaysia, where "bodoh sombong" rules. I rue the day that Malaysians subscribe to and endure such display of bare-faced tyranny. As it had often been said, for evil to triumph, good

    men only have to remain silent.

    March 8, 2008 was a rude awakening for UMNO/BN and Malaysians have to rise to the occasion in GE 13 by doing the right thing.

    1Failed Malaysia

    Cheng Poh Heng

  3. ALL lawyers have to come together. There is no Muslim lawyers, Buddhist Lawyers, Hindu Lawyers…all lawyers must fight to save our country.

  4. The most practical solution to the dilemma that this nation is faced with is to remove the cancer of it.UMNO/BN. All right thinking Malaysians must work together to excise this cancer from our political and economic life.NH Chan is right.

  5. Well expressed NH. But as long as the sums are concerned these sdvices or comments would be just like water off a duck's back. When integrity is compromised the consequences will be devastating and infective. JB

  6. When Lord Denning wrote that, His Lordship must have been looking into a crystal ball and was seeing contemporary Malaysia.

    How scary.

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