The Malaysian Chief Justice, Tun Zaki, is well known for his love of using Key Performance Index (KPI) to measure his achievement of justice.

Loyarburok was kindly forwarded a copy of the Singaporean Judiciary’s Estimated Budget for 2009 and its KPIs, and cannot help but share the same Malaysian citizens so they can make their own comparisons between the transparency and accountability between both the Judiciaries.

We have not published the Malaysian Judiciary’s estimated budget because it is not made available for public consideration. The Singaporean Estimated Budget can be found here.

5 replies on “An example of Singaporean Judiciary’s KPI and Budget”

  1. Budget? No need to budget one, just wait for their political master to allocate Money to them, esp the big $um going to their personal account!

  2. Fully agree with Shanmuga here. Quite apart from the farcical defamation trials that LKY, GCT, LHL and company use to stifle and bankrupt the opposition, there is a definite view among lawyers there that judges have pre-judged high-profile matters and the trial is merely "going through the motions" because the Gahmen wants to make an example of the accused for the alleged misdeed.

    Justice should never be measured in dollars and cents. The only exception is when you have sleeping judges or judges who take 32 months to deliver a written judgment like Vince Bruce J in New South Wales. But as Malaysian judges deem it fit to determine a matter without reasoning anyway, this shouldn't be a problem.

  3. Dear Shanmuga,

    May I suggest that at least the Singaporeans have a mechanism. In the event of a change of government (highly unlikely) or increase in freedom (quite possible), singaporeans would have access to a mechanism.

    Here in Malayia we do not even have a mechanism

  4. Haha. The Singaporean Judiciary's KPIs seem to include an opinion poll on public perception of independence and impartiality. They should do a poll of independent media organisations (not gomen controlled singaporean ones) and opposition politicians, and see how many believe the Singaporean judiciary is impartial and independent.

  5. Budget? Bajet? What bajet? I don't think our CJ has the ability to even count up to 11. I mean, he did not even bloody know that he was getting married when he was in fact being married off! And you expect him to be able to "read" the account and prepare a bajet?

    The truth is, he simply taruk!

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