All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. All fierce opinions and no fun ones makes LoyarBurok too serious a blawg. We are therefore please to present a timely and relevant allegorical tale in two parts.

Once upon the time, in a land called Media, there were a group of farmers living peacefully and tending their own fields. The angels assisted the farmers by singing praises to and calling upon the name of Allah. Sunshine and rain would pour from heaven at the right season. The farmers’ harvests were abundant and the farmers prospered.

The king of Media was Alba V. He owned five thousand sheep and has shepherds looking after the flock. One day, the king was taking a stroll on the roof of the palace while his army went off to war. He did not see Bathsheba bathing but he saw his shepherds asleep in the fields neglecting the flock. Enraged, the king summoned the shepherds.

Trembling before the king, the shepherds knew they have to come up with a brilliant excuse to preserve their lives. The smartest one among the shepherds, Cerdik, thought of a brilliant plan. He fell prostrate before the king and said, “Your majesty, please hold your wrath. We are not to be blamed. The angels are calling upon the name of Allah for the farmers. This has caused confusion to the weather. We failed to follow the time of the day therefore we fell asleep when we should be attending to your majesty’s flock.”

Upon hearing this, the king was furious. He issued a decree to stop the angels from calling upon the name of Allah from that day onwards. The farmers were devastated; they knew the harvests would never be the same without the angels’ songs.

The angels took pity on the farmers and went to see a wise man, Norman F, for advice. The wise man told the angels, in the language of the wise:

Kita tidak perlu bersengketa
kamu dan saya
tentang empunya namaNYA.
bila kamu dan saya
sampai di syurga
kita tanya pada pemilik nama
siapa antara kita
layak menggunakan namaNYA
kerana hanya empunya nama
boleh menjawab
boleh menentukan.

The angels knew that Allah is slow to anger but abounding in love. The judgment on the king and the shepherds would have to wait.

The angels searched the four corners of the earth for the laws and decrees regarding the king’s decree. They tried to reason with the king but the king would not listen. Out of desperation, Andrew, the chief of the angels said, “When all else have failed, we need to do the unthinkable. It’s time for us to humble ourselves and seek the help of those we have in the past kept a distance from.”

The angels journeyed through a jungle lurking with wild beasts, endured the scorching desert and arrived at a formidable fortress. The fortress was surrounded by a moat filled with sharks that would devour preys to the bones. Vultures with razor sharp claws were circling the sky above the fortress, preying on the few that managed to escape from the sharks. The angels have reached the fortress of The Lawyers.

Tired and frustrated, the angels exclaimed, “Where is justice?” Suddenly the great gates of the fortress flung open. Bright lights appeared. Then the angels saw many knights in white shinning amours riding on white stallions marching out of the gates. The leader among them called the Advocate, rode to the front and said to the angels, “Did you cry out for justice? We vow to fight to our last breath for the cause of justice.” At this, the angels cheered as they found hope.

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  1. Dear Yvonne,

    I just thought you should know:…

    "The Holy See also opposes all forms of violence and unjust discrimination against homosexual persons, including discriminatory penal legislation which undermines the inherent dignity of the human person."

    It's looks like Church approved Sodomy is the way to go…..

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