A meditation about the difficulty of celebrating the accomplishments or mourning the death of Augustine Paul, the Federal Court Judge, who passed away on 2 January 2010 from pancreatic cancer.

There is no denial that Datuk Seri S. Augustine Paul, was an accomplished man. I have reproduced the write up about him from the Federal Court website below in case they remove his bio-date in due course. But let’s just run by some of the highlights all the same.

Augustine Paul had a wide and varied legal experience with stints as a Federal Counsel and thereafter sitting as a Magistrate, Senior Assistant Registrar, a Sessions Judge before being promoted to Judicial Commissioner. His rise after that from the High Court Judge to the Federal Court was meteoric. He was active in hockey and church. Sacrificed his time to be an external examiner for universities. He was intellectually active and wrote prolifically, writing and editing several books that have become standard references in practice, presented papers whenever he had time and opportunity. All that on top of his job as a judge.

We would and should ordinarily be mourning his death and celebrating his accomplishments and what he stood for in life on his death. This is natural for such accomplishments are deserving of a celebration.

But I, and I suspect others too, have difficulty in either mourning Augustine Paul the Judge or celebrating his achievements. But truth be told, we want to mourn or celebrate him. After all, he is a human being like us when we get down to it. The passing away of one is always occasion for either, more so when that person is a Federal Court Judge, one of the handful of judges who sit in the highest and most powerful court in our country. But why this difficulty?

Sadly, it is due to the man himself. Augustine Paul was a judge. As one, he was tasked with one of the most challenging and difficult job in civilized society – to be a fountain of justice; to ensure that the waters of justice run freely, deeply and clearly into society; to direct its course so that it may cleanse the stained fabric of our nation. It is not a task for everybody. It is a task for only the ablest of men and women in our society – those who not simply possess but exemplify the virtues of honesty, intellect, courage, a strong will, emotional stability, humility, patience, incorruptibility, mercy and always remembering their humanity. Many fail. Few escape with their reputation fully intact. Only a rare handful will have the privilege of walking down the corridor of history.

Augustine Paul will not walk down that corridor. Though he may have believed he was doing right, in the final analysis, his conduct on the bench and his written judgments will show that he had little to do with striving for justice. We will find that his conduct and judgments were very much in favour of the government in power in crucial cases. This was seen most vividly when he was a Judicial Commissioner hearing the Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim trial and reinforced throught his career. And for his abilities and judgments, he was rewarded magnificently – a Judicial Commissioner in 1996; High Court Judge in 1998; Court of Appeal Judge in 2003 and Federal Court in 2005. A Sessions Court Judge to a Federal Court Judge in less than 10 years.

And that is where our difficulty lies: he was a judge; he took an oath to uphold the Federal Constitution and the cause of justice; he may have thought he did it, but that is not enough. We, the public, must feel he did it too. If not that is not justice but merely favouring one over the other. His oath (which can be found in the 6th Schedule of the Federal Constitution) reads as follows:

“I, …………., having been elected (or appointed) to the office of ……………………. do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully discharge the duties of that office to the best of my ability, that I will bear true faith and allegiance to Malaysia, and will preserve, protect and defend its Constitution.”

‘Malaysia’ in that oath does not just mean the Chief Justice, the Prime Minister or Barisan Nasional; it means all of us. That’s whom his faith and allegiance should have been to, each and every one of us – the rakyat. And there lies the difficulty – how do you celebrate or mourn for someone who has betrayed you so irretrievably, so steadfastly, without even a shudder of remorse? How?

You may rightly ask, why should someone like me, who didn’t like him and complained about his judgments most of the time now feel sad about not being able to celebrate his achievements or mourn for him? I confess I was surprised I felt this way at all. I really thought that I would be quite happy to read of his death and even celebrate it with friends. But when I actually read the news report, I felt quite sad but didn’t understand why.

After thinking it over, I can’t claim it is the answer but the following explanation does carry some resonance with me. As I have pointed out earlier, Augustine Paul for all his failings, was a human being. As I am. As we both are. And therein lies our commonality – our bond of humanity. But obstructing our bond, are his accomplishments.

So where does this sadness come from? It burns from my inability to reconcile myself to him because of what he did as a judge. It festers because, for me, he refused to redeem himself as a judge by doing justice in his final act as one. If he had written one powerful dissent despite its futility in one of those crucial cases, that would suffice to celebrate Augustine Paul the judge. If he did one heroic act of justice like lodge a police report revealing the corrupt acts that have gone or are going on in the judiciary before he left us all, we would not simply mourn Augustine Paul the judge, but the man as well. But he did nothing.

I must make it very clear that in the above, I only consider him as a judge. Not in other capacities. This is because I, like much of society, only know him as a judge, nothing else. He was not my father, friend or family. He may have been great in those other roles. But I don’t know and it is none of my business.

And this brings me to the part I cannot understand. Why do people blessed with such power, influence and such abilities to do great and good things to further the cause of justice do otherwise? Why do men so possessed of such wealth of intellect, eloquence and learning soil their entire familial heritage in the pursuit of mere money and superficial privilege?

Do they not see that they soil their own name when they do so? Do they not see that they disgrace the name of their fathers and mothers and their children’s as well (because their names are contained there)? Do they not see that all that money, title and things will eventually dissipate and the only good thing we can leave our name and the good we brought to others?

Have they lost knowing the pleasure and wholesome pride it stirs in someone when they are told their father/mother was good and honest, dependable, someone who can be counted to act in the cause of justice, not just her name?

I can only feel for Augustine Paul with what he has left us.

And that is an irreconcilable sadness of what could have been.


The Honourable Mr. Justice Dato’ Sri Augustine Paul was born on October 12, 1944 in Batu Gajah, Perak. He had his early education at Sultan Yusof School, Batu Gajah and Anderson School, Ipoh. His Lordship was called to the Bar of the Honourable Society of Inner Temple, London in 1971 and obtained his Bachelor of Laws Degree from the University of London as an external student in 1979.

Upon graduation, his Lordship started his career in the Judicial and Legal Service as a Federal Counsel in the Attorney General’s Chambers from December 1971 to 1973. He was appointed as a Magistrate in Ipoh in April 1973 and as President of the Sessions Court in Temerloh in December 1973. He was appointed as the Senior Assistant Registrar of the High Court in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan in 1975 and in 1976, as President of the Sessions Court in Melaka. He was then appointed as President of the Sessions Court in Ipoh in 1984 and in Penang from 1987 to 1994. In February 1994, he was appointed as the Head of the Research Unit in the Attorney-General’s Chambers and in May 1994 as Chairman of the Income Tax Appeals Commission.

In August 1996 his Lordship was appointed as a Judicial Commissioner of the High Court of Malaya and was elevated as a Judge of the High Court in 1998; as a Judge of the Court of Appeal on 1 August 2003;and as a Judge of the Federal Court on 17 June 2005.

His Lordship was active in extra-curricular activities and had served as President of the Ipoh Hockey Association, Vice President of the Perak Hockey Association, President of the Parent – Teacher Association of the Light St Convent, Penang and Light St Xavier’s Institution, Penang.

His Lordship has been a Director of the Tun Abdul Hamid Foundation; is a member of the Curricular Development Committee of the Faculty of Human Resource Management and Development in University of Technology Malaysia; is an External Examiner for LL.B (Law of Evidence) in the International Islamic University of Malaysia and an External Examiner for LL.M (Law of Evidence) in the University Malaya.

His Lordship is a prolific legal writer and has written several books, namely, Cautioned Statements (1990) (dual language) 157 pages (CLJ Publishers), Impeachment Proceedings (1990) (dual language) 184 pages (CLJ Publishers), Trial within a Trial (1994) 202 pages (Old Bailey Publishers, London) and Evidence-Practice and Procedure (1994) 796 pages (Pelandok Publications)(Reprint 1995)(2nd Edition 2000)(3rd Edition 2003). The book on evidence is currently the leading textbook on the subject in Malaysia. His Lordship is also a Contributing Editor to Mallal’s Criminal Procedure Code 5th Edition.

His Lordship has also written articles on legal issues which have been published in the Current Law Journal and in the Malayan Law Journal. He had also presented papers at international forums; on Separation of Powers and Law Making Process at the National Institute of Public Administration in Hanoi in 1991; and on the Malaysian Judicial System at the Bond University, Australia in 2000. His Lordship also presents papers at local agencies regularly, namely, University of Science Malaysia, Anti Corruption Agency, National Institute of Public Administration (INTAN), Inland Revenue Board, Bank Negara, Judicial and Legal Training Institute (ILKAP), Malaysian Medical Association, Malaysian Pharmacists Association, Malaysian Accountants Institute and Police Training College.

His Lordship is married to Datin Sri Dr Mary and is blessed with two children, Dr Juliana Sharmini and Alan John.

Fahri Azzat practices the dark arts of the law. Although he enjoys writing and reading, he doesn't enjoy writing his own little biographies of himself. Like this one. He wished somebody else would do it...

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  1. If his son did what was written above, he should pay the price for his action. Not pass the buck to his dad who in turn make a mockery out of the judicial and in one way or another contribute to the state of affairs in Malaysia today. I am so sad. His son would be consider as a 'pai ka chai' (useless son). Saw his pics in Star the other day. Please remember his face. Next time if you see him on the street, please call him 'pai ka chai'

  2. Dear Bloggers,

    Being human he has his weaknesses. We cannot judge him but God. So let his soul rest in peace. Let us not make it difficult for those he has left behind to continue with their lives.


    YOU MUST follow up what RAYSHAUN and Jungleboy said on this site above- that Augustine Paul was blackkmailled by Mahathir or his son Allan to hang for drug offence and that Mahathir closed up Allan's rape case in Singapore.

    If there is any truth in this, Anwar's case will be pretty explosive worldwide. And Mahathir will have to be jailed.


  4. And this brings me to the part I cannot understand. Why do people blessed with such power, influence and such abilities to do great and good things to further the cause of justice do otherwise? Why do men so possessed of such wealth of intellect, eloquence and learning soil their entire familial heritage in the pursuit of mere money and superficial privilege?"

    Dear Sir,

    That phrase was spot-on! Why do these people in such an exalted position stoop to be a sosial mendicant! I have just finished reading the book on Sdr Anwar's trial by Mr Pawanchik Merican and I could not believe the extent to which this man volated our laws so blatantly and tore asunder legal principles that were erstwhile entrenched in our lagal system. Like you Sir, I too could feel no sorrow ( in fact I shouted some profanities when I first read the good or bad news )only contempt although I do not know him personally having appeared before him only a couple of times. I think the hatred took root from the manner in which he treated Sdr Anwar ( I do not know him either except that he is a fellow human being ) with utter contempt and the manner in which he treated Sdr Zainur… that is simply no way for a Judge to act in a civilsed society… that is simply no way to treat a Senior lawyer as if he were a common criminal.

    But I took a lot of solace from reading your article Sir. My only prayer is: other Judges who are in a position to act with a sense of justice and fair play, will rise to the occasion and redeem the name of the Malaysian Judiciary.


  5. As a christian I believe in forgiving others. So in death I forgive him for any lapses he may have committed during his time on earth.

    Infact we should be more angry with the man who forced him to commit sin. I wonder whether he will go for his funeral, after all AP helped him so much by removing his challenger so that he can continue to rule with an iron fist for a few more years.

  6. It was a great opportunity for him to become a judge in an important case but when that opportunity is missed or misused it is a CURSE upon him, not only the CURSE of Men but the whole of the UNIVERSE

  7. Aygustine Paul will go down in history as the judge that sold his soul to the devil. If he did if for his son, he did not do his son a favour. Spare the cane…(u know how it goes)

  8. I was there during the proceedings. It wasn't just the way he treated Anwar, but also his lawyers – icons such as Raja Aziz Addruse, Christopher Fernando. And don't forget how he treated Zainur as well. This man did not even look guilty or remorseful (unlike Ajaib Singh who was so ill-at-ease and clearly feeling guilty when he gave the judgement against Salleh Abas) when he denied Zainur an opportunity to inform his family that he was sent to prison for contempt of court. I don't have any difficulty mourning him because I am not mourning him at all. To the person who commented his funeral being held in an Anglican church – he went to the PJ church which had a fiery priest (I forgot his name) and this priest was so vocal against the way Anwar was treated. I believe even the congregation snubbed Paul. Someone told me during the proceedings that he sleeps with a Bible under his pillow. To which I retorted "It must have been in Esperanto because he obviously does not know the lessons contained in it".

    I nearly spat out my coffee when I read "He is a man of principle". Thank God I did not. I did not want to waste good coffee.

  9. if indeed the scumbag's son was at stake, then this scumbag will still have to reap what he sowed.

    no mitigation in this case. may he still rot in hell.


  10. The judiciary is the last bastion for the protection of our freedom. Freedom matters because it is at the core of our creativity.And this together with the right to own property is what seperates the First World from the Third World. We do not have to go far. Just ask ourselves why is that people are rushing to put their money legally gotten or illgotten in the developed world.These countries because of their strong institutions of government are having a disproportionate influence in the affairs of the world and provide safe- heaven for our property rights.

    In today's Malaysia the word fear has been removed from our language. No one is afraid of the law. From the man who parks his car behind a legally parked car to the ones that a responsible for all that government horese that are bolting from state control into the hands of the private sector are all celeberating their freedom to do as they please. I have done nothing wrong is the battle cry because the Judiciary in rendered incapable of saying who is wrong and who is right.Althoug to muy mind it is very simple to seperate right from wrong. When you have done something that is right you want to tell the whole world, but when you do something wrong you do not want even your family to know.

    We have reached a point where we have to leave it to GOD to decide who is right and who is wrong.In the meantime we must all work to shed more light on this nation and not just curse the darkness.


  11. AP's son Alan was and still is a 'mabuk kaki'averaging around rm30k per month spending on whiskey surrounded by leeches at pubs around bangsar area. AP will settle all his bills by sending someone to pay in cash (never using cheque). Alan drive around in a mercs 280 (being unemployed).Never heard about his drug habit but Alan's head is off-centered. Rumours were that mahathir helped to close Alan's rape case in singapore.

  12. People,

    I heard the same story (as Rayshaun) about AP's son's drug related problems, in 2001 from a close family friend of AP.

    He said that if AP had not complied with his instructions, his son would be the victim, and that "Sword of Damocles" has been hanging over his head ever since.

    He was hated and despised while alive….and since Death is the final arbiter, it will be not for us to continue to heap abuse on his family….It is NOT for us to JUDGE, but the Creator will do what is necessary for this man.


  13. He is on the wrong side of the history, on his death, I can only thanks him for playing a part in formation of alternative political alignment in our country, at least he contributed toward perception of injustice, stirring up critical mind of Malaysian. Giving Malaysian a glimpse of alternative governance. In Penang, I have seen and feel the difference, my fellow Malaysian, it is up to you in else where.

    Again, thanks Paul


    I hope you are correct in saying that Augustine Paul was blackmailed by Mahathir into FIXING UP Anwar or his son was to hang for drug offence. I somehow think it was much more to that. Now that he is dead, his wife and children will open their mouths and tell the truth. Maybe they will shut their mouths forever because of the huge amounts of money and business given to them by Mahathir.

    Or someone who is close to the wife and children can tape record what they say in secret about Anwar's court case and expose it on Facebook or MT.

    I hope someday, some truths will come out.

    Augustine Paul is a dog-shit of a man for drowning Anwar.

  15. Dear Friends,

    I read many, many comments on this man – especially those in Malaysia Today and feel a sense of loss in our collective psyche in the hate we spew out at this man. I do NOT agree with what this man did and the route he took for his professional advancement. In fact I despised such a character. Sometimes when I observed such things when I was living and working in Malaysia, I felt a sense of anger and rage against the person. However, this man has already passed on. He cannot hear you anymore. I believe he must have suffered enough in his final days. His family must also have suffered during his last days here on earth. So let us NOT dwell in this matter anymore whatever our hatred (?) for this poor man. He is all the poorer for doing what he did. The injustice he caused and the pain he inflicted on another human being cannot be willed away even if he so wished. His God given conscience must have haunted him. He must have reflected on all his misdeeds in his final days and must have suffered more severely mentally and emotionally for the pain he inflicted on another person. Let us all be the BIGGER person and let him be in peace where he now is. If you cannot find it in your heart to forgive him for the wrongs he had done, do yourself a favor and trust God will do the right thing. If there is to be any retribution against him, only God can exact that on him for God truly told us in his Holy Bible that "vengence is mine, I will repay". For all we know, in his final days, he may have woken up to his wrong doings and asked Jesus Christ for forgiveness and repented for his sins. So let us NOT continue to harbour unforgiveness in our hearts and continue to hurt ourselves.

    One final word. I believe Anwar Inbrahim had not said anything againgst this man who caused him so much harm and injustice. Perhaps, Anwar had already forgiven him and choose to moved on. So let us all move on and be happy and forget about this poor man.

  16. In passing, it is as if Augustine Paul the man is irrelevant to Malaysian society given what he has inflicted upon us as a judge. I feel sorry for his family.

  17. As we speak, the hounds of hell may be baying for his soul. I would feel greatly ashamed if i were his son. Another great news : Vincent Tan has cancer too. Karma has strange ways of payback. Let's wait for Lingam & co's turn.

  18. I was chatting with a Catholic lawyer once and he kept on insisting that Augustine Paul was blackmailed by the police and the AG and whatnot on behalf of TDM to act against DSAI. The Catholic lawyer said that Augustine Paul had a son who was a drug addict, and AP was threatened that if he did not do TDM's bidding, his son would surely go to the gallows. Augustine Paul used to go to St John's Cathedral and St Francis Xavier for Mass, and as a Catholic, he would most probably be a member of the Catholic Lawyers Society. Now his funeral is held in St Peter's Church in Bangsar which is an Anglican church. Maybe the Catholics have ostracized him and made him feel like a leper in church that his family felt compelled to have his funeral in an Anglican church. Is the story of his drug addict son true, as vehemently insisted by my Catholic lawyer friend? Was it his love for his son that made him betray his principles? Perhaps some Catholic lawyers who knew him personally can come forward to shed more light here.

  19. he was not just pro-BN. he perverted the course of justice and that coming from a supposedly religious man.

    he can have all the full page obituaries that he wants. but in the minds of fair people, he is tainted and his lack of remorse only reinforce the suspicion that he is an immoral judge without integrity.

    For he gained eminence in position as a Federal Court judge, he lost his soul. How sad? No worries, UMNO will find a suitable replacment for they are plenty waiting at the wings to replace him.

  20. I am disappointed that he has passed away so soon. I had hoped that he will live long enough so that one day he will tell the truth of his decision to betray justice or we could extract the truth if PR comes to power. None is possible now unless he has written it to be made public at some time in the future.

  21. Good riddance to a bloody unrepentant judge. Even in his last days still giving judgements favouring the corrupt umno/bn regime especially the nizar vs zambri case.

  22. If you guys will allow me to have my say….Augustine Paul was a “joke” to the entire judiciary of Malaysia! As a consolation to the departed soul, may his soul rest in peace, if it is given a chance….if you know what I mean!!!!!! Do I need to go any further?!


  23. "gam zeh ya'avor" which means 'this too shall pass'.

    All human beings are temporaray residence in this earth and have to return to mothership to answer to the almighty. He may be able to LIE to his fellow Malaysians but not HIM.

  24. To be ridden with pancreatic cancer may indicate some form of curse or punishment perhaps if indeed he has committed those acts described above. Cancer is a terrible disease and to die of it is almost a horrible death. I hope other judges will perhaps reflect on this if they are still religious. God is watching everything we do here on earth. The lesson is not to be enticed by the materialistic world as is mentioned in the scriptures, store not ye treasures here on earth but in heaven.

  25. It is a terrible act for a human being to cause such great harm to another by false testimony and slander. He was given such great authority but he may have stumbled by threats to his family, that being so, it is still an inexcuseable act. God will judge him for his transgressions, let’s not be burdened for what he has done during his life here on earth. Let’s learn to be better human beings and vote this dictatorial, corrupt and repulsive government from any further tenure as long as this land exists.

  26. Augustine Paul : 2hb Januari 2010, Augustine Paul menjadi 'not relevant', apabila mengidap penyakit misteri tak ketahui, kemungkinan di sumpah laknat, kemungkinan terkena sumpah pecah perut, forensic tempatan dan pakar perubatan enggan mengulas, apabila beliau meninggal dunia, komen komen di website amat menghinakan rohnya. Memakinya hingga masuk neraka, beliau telah dapat penilaian yang amat menjijikkan, boleh dikatakan lebih teruk dari anjing., Jadi apa gunanya jadi penyokong UMNO?hingga mati pun mayat diludahi. http://margeemar.blogspot.com

  27. At last justice is served for what he has done to innocent people. He reaped what he sowed. I dont like to judge people but I cant help but felt relieved that evil people though they may be catholics who have no integrity will hav days numbered. Imagine if he is alive he will continue to say irrelevant to DSAI.We as human cannot revenge but Almighty God will vindicate for the oppressed. Frankly, I have no respect at all even he claim to be learned, wrote books,and know tons of legal knowledges. Integrity, conscience and fear of God is more valuable than all the legal experties. However, my condolences to his family. I pray that judges who have no conscience will wake up and fear God and not men,otherwise they will follow the path of AP. Remember the Ultimate Judge is looking down at you, so beware my learned judges.

  28. With all the begotten wealth he earned, he couldn't bring out anything when he left to meet his creator. But he left one remembrance: he is remembered as Mr Hacks, a sweet to stop coughing and become irrelevant or as a hatchet man to please his master Mahathiu.

  29. Robert, you must be kidding! The next judge presiding over DSAI's case will be another hanging judge, mark my words. They have long bared their fangs on Anwar from the onset. Stop kidding ourselves regarding the judiciary when it comes to dealing with opposition members of parliament/state assemblymen. They suck!

  30. The profanity against him is unnecessary as God is the final judge of our affairs.

    Suffice to say that perhaps his passing away may serve as a reminder to the next judge who will preside in Anwar's second sodomy trial, to act in the highest level of fairness and in the fear of God.

  31. That E-diot Augustine was from Anderson, Ipoh? I was from Anderson too and now felt so ashame of my Anderson legacy.

    This Basterd Augustine shamed all Andersonians. Good riddance of a scum of the society.

  32. "The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones." – Shakespeare, as ever, so succinct, so relevent.

  33. If Augustine Paul (AP) had been a dumb-ass lawyer who could not make a comfortable living outside of being a BN judge, his deeds would have been at least understandable, though not forgivable. But from this article AP was not a dumb-ass lawyer. He was an accomplished man and lawyer. He does not need the job as a BN judge who was required to pervert justice in order to gain his overdrive speed promotions.

    Normally people do not like to speak ill of the dead, but in the case of AP, the curses and profanities on him shall no doubt continue for a while.


    Augustine Paul would not have crucified Anwar for nothing.

    He was either forced by Mahathir to do so under the threat of blackmail or promised some millions, quick promotions,a Tan Sri title and big contract jobs for his family.

    I believe there was a lot of money involved. And for that he sold his body to Mahathir, the swindler wrecker by getting rid of the Deputy PM and brought down Malaysia to the knees in absolute shame.

    Barisan,Umno mafia would be present in numbers for his funeral.


  35. Well written and eloquently put, Fahri. I share your innermost feelings about AP. My dislike for him turned into disgust and despair as he scourged DSAI at the bench. Now he stands judged himself before the eternal Judge who will mete out the appropriate sentence for him.

  36. Well, the highest integrity of a judge is to carry out the justice without any tarnish to the fabric of our consititution & nation. But another highest responsilbity of him as Christian is to uphold the truth & justice. I am not sure about it either but leave to God to make His own judgement. One thing for sure, he did not show us the full capability he have as a Christian or a Judge. But he have shown good example as a citizen of Malaysia.


  37. It's appalling he claimed himself as Christian, how convenient, one hand holding a bible and the other with a dagger. I'd be ashamed if I were his church member. Reminds me to spit on his grave for what he had done

  38. I believe all of you above have told to a great length what everyone of us Malaysian who do not belong to the SHIT empire of who this deceased AP fellow is. I myself will not forget the very popular words of 'irrelevent, irrelevent, and so on'. For me, I am really not relevent to mourn over his death because he is totally, very, very irrelevent to me. Having said that, I think he will really, really understand what the word irrelevent means to him if it is a payback moment. He will bring that to hell together with all the SHIT people who have gone earlier than him. Together they will recite until the ground of hell is shaking to a near 8.0 richter scale earthquake explosion, the words of 'irrelevent, irrelevent, and so on for 24 hours, twice a week.

  39. My prayers will go like this:



    This would have been my speech and prayers, if I attended his funeral but I am not attending his funeral bcoz it is equal to attending a devil or a satan's.

    If anybody have contact pls pass this posting to the beloved devil family of his.

    1. I don't know why and how somebody can spout such venom and hatred towards another . Wish it was not published and hope it can be taken out now, even after these years.
      God help you Chris.

  40. "What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and suffer the loss of his soul" Mat 16:26

    In death he was judged. Just look at the hatred, venom, and vitriol in the comments even in death, by people who had probably never seen or met him in person.

    No other person, I know, has come across such comments in death.

    AP was a Devils Advocate and irrelevant even in death.

    My wish is, other judges (there are many out there like him) will realize their follies and stand up for truth and justice. Ultimately they too will face their Maker and be similarly vilified in death.

  41. As a Christian the bible command that when you are a judge you are to judge righteously,he had gone against what the word of God commanded. What you sow so shall you reap.

    I have doubts weather he was a true christian, who practices the preaching of the bible.

    In his judgement against our Dato Anwar

    Ibrahim he has tarnish the Malaysian judiciary with his biased, and pro Mahatir and the barisan, Judgement.

    He will go down in the annal of our Malaysian history and the world as the most biased and pro barisan judge inspite of his other achievements.

    Who judge not according to law but the whims and fancy of the Tun Mahatir"s.

    regime. He was a disgrace to our Malaysian judiciary.

    I Hope the sins of the father will not

    be upon his children.

    May God have mercy on his soul.

  42. My dear Fahri

    The Parable of the Sower forcibly invades my mind.

    Did the promising seed of legal intellect fall on the wayside, only to be picked up by the wicked fowls? Or did it fall on stony ground, grew enthusiastically but was scorched by the sun of inequity? Or did it fall among the thorns of tribulation that life often brings?

    Whatever it is, good seed, even the P60 of Malaysian rubber fame, must have congenial soil to grow into the robust tree before it can produce the rubber for us to tap.

    Intellect must come with the ballast of honesty and must find the right audience to bloom …

    But alas, all this is not to be. It proved to be a promise devoid of fulfilment in that passing hour of life.

  43. I felt exactly the way you did, FAHRI. I could not mourn or grieve his loss as rude as it may sound.

    Another person I wouldnt moan or grieve his death would be the

    current top man in the Judiciary. If only he would do justice and step down and leave the messing to the politicians.

    "Here lies Just Ice."

  44. ‘Sual, Saul, Sual, Why you betray Us’ This is what Malaysians will be asking Augustine Paul who have to answer to his Lord Jesus Christ who will judge him as he is a Christian(It is not for us to judge).

    ‘To those who is still LIVING (who is still doing evil for power greed) please repent now. It is not too late to do so. ALMIGHTY GOD etc. will forgive you. Do not pass your sins to your next generations.


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