A reflection about what the theft of the Malaysian Royal Military Air Force (RMAF) symbolizes of our present political establishment.

A lot of us expressed disbelief that a RMAF jet fighter engines worth RM 50 million each were stolen along with other parts from the aircraft. The total cost is well over RM 100 million in terms of loss. Our government has not explained to us the opportunity cost of those aircrafts.

But our disbelief is not that there is crime in our country. It is not even that the theft is very likely an inside job. We know that most thefts in Malaysia on a grand national project scale are inside jobs. Our disbelief is that the present government is so completely corrupt and incompetent as to cause a breach of national security and endanger all of us.

How am I supposed to believe that we are secure as a nation when the security of our army, our camps, our military equipment are vulnerable to common theft? (The security of our military camps are not renowned: see PP v Mohd Amin Mohd Ramli & Ors [2002] 5 CLJ 281) If our armies are porous, corrupt and incompetent, what about our other security agencies like the Royal Malaysian Police Force and the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission, which has its fair share of completely deserving bad press? If the theft happened in 2007 but the news only broke in 2009, what does that say of our government’s attitude of accountability and transparency? After all, the Armed Forces chief Gen Tan Sri Azizan Ariffin was reported to have flippantly remarked, “The missing jet engine does not affect RMAF operations because we have more than 16 F-5E jets and only seven are used for tactical missions.” If it was not important, why not report it earlier? And if only 7 are used for tactical missions, what are the other 9 for? Making the hangar look good?

So when our Prime Minister promised there will be no cover up, without any reasonable explanation why this was not reported to the public, I do not believe him. I even think his comments were shallow bordering on stupid. In explaining his initiative, he was reported by Malaysiakini to have said, “In fact we went forward to the police. At that time I was the minister in charge. I decided we should report it to the police.” What was there to decide? Reporting to the police should be a standard operating procedure and not subject to ministerial discretion. Then in explaining what measures could be taken against the perpetrators he says quite lamely without a hint of outrage, “It depends on what the personnel had done wrong, It is up to the air force and armed force’s council to decide on that.” Of course it does. What did they do wrong again?

But if so then why were a brigadier-general and 20 officers reportedly sacked over the loss instead of being summarily detained without trial under the Internal Security Act? If this was a case that demanded draconian measures this was it. How can the theft which amounts to a breach of national security be punished with a mere sacking?

Those jet fighter engines are symbolic of our dynamism, growth and discipline. It is therefore fitting that this Barisan National led government watched over its theft, if not virtually participated in it as a result of its policies and morality. They weakened our national dynamism with their mind numbing, fool elevating constant flip-flopping of our educational and national policies. They drive out our best and brightest or make them suffer under the weight of fools. They killed our national growth with their wanton greed which the theft symbolizes. Those in the power elite have taken what is not theirs. They have twisted policies to serve them and their insatiable greed. And we have no sense of governmental and national discipline, in terms of far-reaching policies for the betterment of our country and the good of our people. The government we have enthroned now are completely and utterly self-serving, more so when they claim they are serving our interests.

The void where those engines are supposed to be reflects the void of political will, courage and honesty in our nation. There is little almost to be untraceable.

There is still much work to be done from the current speculative reports. Though Tan Sri Musa Hassan, the Inspector General of Police, is reported to have said that the engines were traced to Argentina, I am inclined to think we should not waste our efforts looking for it. Recovering the engines will not solve anything because the thieves are still at large. Those are the ones that must be caught. All their possessions, property and assets must be forfeited to pay for their crime. What was really stolen was not the engine but our security, our peace of mind and our pride. Our vitality.

It is good to see though that the IGP’s encouraging and surprisingly accurate taken on the likely culprits when he said, “We need to question all of them as it is not easy to just cart away the engines without authorisation and proper documents.”

But oh Tan Sri, they have shown us all just how easy it is.

And we know how things are really done around here – without authorisation and proper documents.

Fahri Azzat practices the dark arts of the law. Although he enjoys writing and reading, he doesn't enjoy writing his own little biographies of himself. Like this one. He wished somebody else would do it...

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  1. Saudara Fahri,

    What is all this complains about !!.You should instead compliment our Armed Forces for this is a very useful skill that they have acquired and honed over the years. Just imagine in times of war we can use such hi tec skills to remove our enemy's air craft engines from their bases without being detected and deny them air superiority . Please lah give credit when it is due.Doing this kind of job is not easy you know!!!!!!!

  2. Well said Loyar burok. I can bet you to my last $ that some wise guy in the govt will come out and say that now that the engine have been found let spend effort into recovering what is left of the stolen goods – make some news about bring back the engine and quietly they will leave those involved in the theft go scott free. This is Malaysia boleh for you. The whole regime is so corrupt that each and everyone in the govt is in one way or another involved in some form of corruption. If one is brought down the entire chain will fall – like a domino effect.

  3. RPK is considered a security threat but the theft of the jet engines are not considered a threat to the country. IGP spends so much time trying to locate and arrest IGP, the BG and 20 officers were merely sacked with pensions, whatever happened to the cases of the "too hard basket file" on the Kugan, Bala, TBH and the not to mention Mongolian victim's name? Malaysia is an international joke. I could hear the sniggers across the causeway. It was a blessing that they broke off from Malaysia in 1963!!!!!!

    Ha! Ha! Ha! Malaysia. Carry on bolehland and we'll buy you out like a bankrupt company.

  4. this is truly the “Malaysia Boleh” spirit.

    we the rakyat have to watch and hear all these fools make comments about what they have done or intend to do but in the end, nothing is actually done.

  5. I would agree if there was ever a case requiring draconian law, THIS IS IT.

    Steal 100M of equipment. sacking.

    Exercising the freedom of expression. Infernal detainment.

    Alas my fellow Malaysians, this is the country we're living in.

    Where the modus operandi is to cover shit that's already happened up.

    That's what the statement "I decided we should report it to the police." indicates.

    Where covering is beyond their means, they whitewash.

    Alleges that justice is done, WITHOUT following the recommendations of the royal commissions.

    Honestly, you'd think they feel we're all retards.

  6. Dear all,

    Till the day we have in us the moral & patriotism as malaysians, nothing will change. What I dont understand is the present day govt is not doing anything when the 27odd million malaysians are pleading with their hearts for some action….. nothing being done. Just as in the case of millions of ringgit remitted illegally overseas, there is sufficient proof but who gets nailed…. moneychangers!!!! Dont know when the present govt will start to change for the better. We dont have to ape the west as our TDM once said to us but we do have to learn certain cultures from them especially morality, honesty & what more but clean of corruption!!!!!

    Just ask ourselves, how did this country end up with so many illegals!!! We can safely pride ourselves of being the number uno in SE Asia on this but than again, if, a very big IF only our IMMIGRATION officials at our frontiers/borders did their job having in mind our countries security, than I doubt we will be facing what we are facing now…. But than an expatriate who was 'blown apart' had her entry into this country expunged.. we should all ask howcome. Swept under the carpet I suppose.

    All I can say here is to all fellow malaysians is this, an old proverb "EVERYTHING IS MONEY BUT MONEY IS NOT EVERYTHING" Please do think patriotically for our beloved country.

  7. Dear Sir,

    If they can remove 2 unit of jet fighter Engine from high Security Area for the sake of money and greed, they can also sell thier mothers and wifes for the sake of money.

    I don't think Security Personnel from poor countries like Laos,Cambodia or Bangladesh will do such things.

  8. It is amazing to see scandal after scandal in this country being swept under the carpet. In more developed countries, the top people responsible will have to face the music, especially concerning national security.

    This recent event shows the sad if not despicable state of affairs

    in this country. Simply put the rot starts from the top.The problem is not about race, religion or power struggle but that of economic mismanagement through unabated corruption.

    It is obvious from past scandals that the government of the day is not interested in setting the highest standards for corrupt free governance but is more interested to protect those VVIP's they consider 'too important to fall'.

  9. A lady newspaper reporter is considered a national security risk when she reports on racial remarks made by a racist UMNO MP. Hindraf is considered a national security risk when it holds peaceful candlelight vigis…and many more such examples. Loss of a RM50 million jet engine from the country's air force ?…only sacking of officers with full pension…and after two years of incident…this is Malaysia ruled by UMNO for you…truly a failed state and a laughing stock to the whole world !!!

  10. We are talking about National Security here, the SOP should have been an immediate report to the Parliament and court marshall for all those involved plus the resignation of the Minister of Defence in-charge for gross imcompetence! Instead it was all covered-up and the imcompetent minister was elevated to prime minister! For sure all the KPIs are for show only, as his modus operandi is curi, curi, curi (remember C4 also can curi???). How can the then defence minister get away with it all?? My confidance level for the police is already very low, and I certainly have none for the army. Our security?? Almost none, we have to pay out of our pocket to secure our private dwellings, be it condo or terrace houses. We already paid an income tax to the govt, why are we still paying for the guards? We know why, there's no security in Malaysia. This is gross mismanagement of the country is every way and at every level of the public service. Like they say, the fish rots from the head! So the Head must roll. Fellow Malaysians must have to courage to make their stand at the polls. Otherwise, we'll see more mati, mati, mati (by C4 – remember she-who-cannot-be-named?, by MACC – remember Teoh Beng Hock??, by PDRM – remember Kugan???).

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