Greetings thou fair and gentle readers,

Alas! My absence from thy dimension in the service of her Ladyship Justice hath allowed great mischief to befallen. It would appear the forces of Kanakth Porai Insold have taken root and spread through this dimension.

It is thus timely that I have now returneth to heal, to restoreth, to ensureth that my minions LoyarBurok carry out their noble passion unhindered. As a token of my commitment, I have rejuvenateth the blawg. When the tide of evil abates from time to time, improvements would continue to be made. Thy kind thoughts on this would be appreciated.

For those who have kept the faith, those who writeth and those who returneth here loyally, knoweth that thou doth have our sincerest and most grateful thanks.

Liberavi Animam Meam

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