At the 9th meeting on November 7, 2009, the Bar Council, and after much discussion on the problems faced by lawyers with the current state of affairs, will be calling an EGM on December 12. The EGM will, among others, discuss issues on how cases are being handled by the Judiciary.

BC has done its best to engage the Judiciary on the issues but complaints have still been forthcoming. We are left with really no choice but to call this EGM.

The position of the Bar is clear – the speedy disposal of cases is encouraged and welcomed. No problems with that. It is a good change from the past. Cases are moving like never before.

But it has now gone “overboard”, and is a burden especially on sole proprietors. Lawyers are complaining. It seems judges are complaining too! Fettering judicial discretion, refusing reasonable requests for adjournments, setting short timelines for submission, and forcing lawyers to run a few cases in a day or having them “farm out” their cases to others, are some general laments.

Please attend and bring with you constructive suggestions to find a way out of this impasse. More information on the EGM will be on the Bar website. MARK your diaries now.

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2 replies on “Bar calls EGM on KPI/Court issues on 12.12.09”

  1. May I enquire as to what will be the follow up to this proposed EGM?

    Will there be the usual passing of a resolution that will be ignored as soon as it is passed?

    I am of the opinion that any resolution passed without the input of the judiciary would be fruitless and a general waste of time.

    The Council would better serve its members by arranging further dialogues with the judiciary.

    1. Azman, understand your concerns. BC has tried its best – compiling feedback from members, presenting the same to the Judiciary, speaking at different levels with judicial officers at different States, making recommendations etc – and we have not taken unreasonable positions on the issue. Yet, members across the Peninsular are still affected, and to their detriment.

      We have had numerous AGMs/EGMs in the past and one benefit of these meetings is to be able to get our heads round difficult issues collectively, and together find ways to solve the problems. Once the mandate of the House is given and obtained, we will bring it back to the Judiciary for further discussions, surely.

      Do attend the EGM and voice your views. You are of course entitled to say to the House that this EGM is also a waste of time!

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