I read with absolute disbelief what the Bandar Baru Kulim MP, Zulkifli Noordin had proposed in his private member bills at the Parliament. I am even more astounded – not to mention bitterly angry – that PKR has not seen it fit to read the riot act in full DTS 6.1 mode to Zul Noordin.

The antics of Zul Noordin are well documented. During one Federal Court hearing, in one of those conversion cases) , this guy actually stood up in open court and questioned the Muslim-ness of Malik Imtiaz just because he disagreed with what Imtiaz was saying. Later, he and some thugs were involved in stopping a discourse on conversion to Islam which was going on at the Bar Council auditorium.

This guy fashioned himself as the defender of Islam. I do not have any qualm if anybody wants to defend his marbles and his pussies. It is none of my business. But if by defending Islam it means that he could impose his personal values and beliefs on me, and others, well, I bleeding well have a problem with that!

I believe Zul Noordin was given a show cause letter by PKR over the Bar Council fracas. What has happened to that show cause letter? Was there a disciplinary proceeding brought against Zul Noordin? If so, what was the recommendation? Why, may I ask, has there been no action taken by PKR against this guy for having blatantly gone against the principles of the party time and time again? Is PKR condoning him? Or tacitly approving what he has been doing? Or is PKR only good at talking and frothing at the mouth with nice little speeches about freedom and Constitutionalism?

This is what Zul Noordin is proposing in the Parliament. He is proposing that the Federal Constitution be amended as follows:

  • Article 3 be amended to include the following words, namely, “Islam is the religion for the Federation, including in terms of the law and syariah.”
  • Article 4 of the Federal Constitution must be amended to add in the words “the Constitution is the primary law of the Federation and except for the Islamic law and syariah, any other law that is passed and that contradicts it must be void for as long as it is contradictory.”
  • Article 11 (1) of the Federal Constitution on the question of changing the religion for Muslims be amended to include the words “including changing his/her religion except for Muslims which must comply with the Islamic law and syariah. For the followers of Islam, the question of converting into or abandoning Islam must be determined by the Syariah Court which has absolute power over it.”

Malaysia Today – quoting a Bernama report – quoted Zul as saying that Article 3 must be amended “to ensure that the facts on the position of Islam were not manipulated and misinterpreted by certain groups to give the impression that Malaysia was a secular state.” He also was quoted as saying:

The fact is that Malaysia is not a secular state, but a nation that puts Islam as the religion for the federation, thus the amendments to Article 3 of the Federal Constitution, as suggested, will clarify the position with regard to the status of the country without any doubt.

It doesn’t take a law professor to tell us the far reaching consequences of the proposed amendments, if passed. It will practically put Syariah law above the Federal Constitution itself! This is because the proposed Article 4 would only render void any law, OTHER THAN SYARIAH LAW, if such law contradicts the Federal Constitution. What will that make Malaysia? I shall leave it to your imagination.

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7 replies on “Zul Noordin and PKR – the lame and the lamer”

  1. this is what we call as fanatic Malay who doesn't really understand the principle of Islamic law. Ask him to read the entire Al Quran and see whehter Allah will approve his doings. As far as i remember studying Islamic law.

    With this kind of fanatics thinking around there goes our peace and harmony and there goes Christianity in Malaysia. Well we all know that fanatics Muslim hates Christians like hell.

    If the proposed amended FC is approved 2 words THE DAY

  2. Loyar Bagus, do you mean article 10 of FC?… i think he might be insulting Tuanku's (TAR) intelligence here… as Article 10 must be read in totality with all the other articles of the FC to live in peace and harmony with one another?

  3. But do remember, when someone in PR says something stupid, he is normally praised for showing the true "diversity of opinion" that exists within the PR, because the PR is a "party of freedom and democracy."

    So I think you are all being a little harsh on Zul here. Let him speak his mind so that we can continue celebrating PR's "diversity of opinion".

  4. So this Zul Noordin is the grave digger for PKR. If he is not stop, this mighty Zul may create a second 'Afghanistan' here. Then we have no UMNO, no BN, no PKR, no DAP, no PAS even, but TALIBANS!

  5. Well, that would certainly make Malaysia a Taliban state!

    We'll soon be seeing boat people fleeing from Malaysia, including many Malays who don't subscribe to the backward stance taken by these over zealous lot!

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