If we are going to screw this country up, why not start at school?

On 22nd October 2009, many were absorbed in reading the news about MCA’s attempt to resolve its internal fights. At the same time, 2 major items of news were overshadowed by that MCA story. First, the decision of our 1Public Prosecutor, the Attorney General, to close VK Lingam’s case despite the proposal of the Royal Commission held after that infamous video came into the open.

But there is another case now going on in Court. Remember those 2 persons from Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) in Perak who left that Party and became independent State Assemblymen (ADUN) in February 2009? Well, they were charged for corruption before they left Pakatan Rakyat, and there was always suspicion that they were enticed to move out of PKR due to that case. Rumours were around for many months that they would be spared at their criminal trial in return for ‘supporting’ BN. Before, I did not give that rumour much credence.

But today, reports are out where it is obvious that the MACC prosecutor seems to have created reasonable doubt in their own case. Just read this NST article “Prosecution Star Witness Does an About-turn”, reproduced at Malaysia Today.

When I read this, as a lawyer, it seems as if the Prosecutor himself is trying to create reasonable doubt in the Prosecutor’s own case. It is that blatant.

“You leave Pakatan, we’ll help go easy on you in the MACC case”.

I can imagine those kinds of words uttered to these 2 former Pakatan ADUN to entice them to leave Pakatan. How else do you explain the shoddy prosecution?

Now, let me come to the title of this article.

I feel sad, sad that our country is engulfed by immoral people, selfish people and greedy-for-power people. This system continues to be manipulated and twisted for the benefit of the selected few.

I have some suggestions.

Let’s just scrap subjects like “tata-rakyat” or “moral” in school.

Stop all those religious classes in school.

Do away with history too.

Just teach all our children how to cheat, manipulate and lie, in school itself.

Just teach our kids that the Law is nothing more than the tool of the powerful and the rich, the immoral and the evil ones in Malaysia.

We can call this new subject; “Tata-BN”.

Just teach our kids that there is no need to get degrees and score so many A’s. After school, just join UMNO or MCA or MIC depending on the colour of your skin, and quickly learn how to abuse the system and waste all public funds.

Just teach the students that in Malaysia under BN, BN can do whatever they want.

Just teach the kids that the Government of this Country is not bothered about the sanctity and soul of this Country.

Just teach them that in Malaysia; being immoral is Cool!

I mean, if we are going to screw this country up, why not start at school?

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11 Responses to If we are going to screw this country up, why not start at school?

  1. Ho Ho Ho

    Ho :lol: Ho :lol: Ho :lol:

    :lol: This 2011 Bunny year we can see many evil + sick leaders will falls + all those Frogs man!!!!! hehehehehehe :lol:

    Ho :lol: Ho :lol: Ho :lol:

  2. If the Law of man fails him, then let the Law of The Father takes its course in due time. Judgement Day is coming soon. Be patient.

    Nothing escape the eyes of the Lord!

  3. Money is the root of all evil. In the name of development and advance, our beloved planet suffer from global warming. Earth is turning upside down. Human being very soon will be wipe up by natural disastrous, diseases, sickness and illnesses. No one seem to be able to do anything about it. Human being has forgotten the spiritual aspect of life. So sad, sick and damn.

  4. Loyar Bagus


    One question, ah – do we teach it in BM or English?

  5. Money's king

    Most who did not go to U but join politics are now far more richer than we who work like dogs, so be smart next time just get your kids into politics and fame/riches in 10 years.Also embrace corruption,

  6. I.Hanafi

    For us to overturn all these injustice, manupilation and cheat from umno/bn, isn't it right to vote PR into power next.

    But even before PR is in power (federal), we can already see a lot of umno (style or type) work being practised already, especially from Keadilan. Look at Sabah for example.Maybe the umno sickness has spread to others or maybe once you are umno, its forever umno- their needs and wants are still the same.

  7. clearwater

    It has started many many years ago. Even in the 60's, students from a certain ethnic group were treated more equal than others, but of course since the 70's it has been continuously refined to an unabashedly discriminative official government policy. From school, we already know what the score would be. The clued in guys learn to work the system for their own benefit. If you are smart and don't worry too much about morals, you can be quite successful if you keep focused on looking after #1.

  8. Quek

    being a chambering student we are suppose to take an ethics exam course where we study about being "nobel lawyers" where justice is to be upheld where no one is above the law this kind of utopian society. But as we can see this is not the case anymore. Attorney General has a law degree going through all this ethics course no doubt but what we see is the ethics doesn't exist as unlike in the ethics course where the law is above everything even the government. Well we can see its the other way round THE GOVERNMENT IS ABOVE THE LAW. Sad to say but the utopians society does not exist at all.

    anyway my opinion here can be take as not existent as i am only a small small Malaysian who doenst know anyone that can be above the law yet.


    Children often learn by examples

    So be careful what we show as samples

    Don't let social justice and human rights be trampled

    Lest they all grow up with the wrong kinds of temper

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 261009
    Mon. 26th Oct. 2009.

  10. esse

    Learning moral values by rote and then spewing them out word for word to pass or score the exam, which is what our schools are making our kids do, actually makes hypocrites and cynics of them all. There is no in-depth understanding of what makes a person good, but the kids grow up with the understanding that as long as you can give the correct book answer, no matter what you may think or do in real life, you pass: ergo, as long as you appear good, and no one catches you in your wrongdoing, you're okay.

  11. Berceloteh

    One of my kids just flunked moral … does that mean he’s suitable material as a future BN candidate? interesting, didnt realize he was politically inclined! ;-)