I am going to write this based on what I see, heard and concluded. So at the end of this article, please tell me if I am wrong or correct.

About 2 years ago, a friend e-mailed a video link of a man on the phone mentioning names of people in the Judiciary. I instantly recognised the man as VK Lingam. (Much later, there was a second video link of the second half of the conversation.) But I am not a 1Video Forensic Expert, so I could be wrong.

In the conversation, I can hear discussion about getting a Tan Sri-ship to the receiver of that call. The man who looked and sounded like VK Lingam had insisted that the receiver of that tele-conversation should get his Tan Sri ship as soon as possible. But I am not a 1Video Forensic Expert, I could have heard wrongly.

Then as I walked out of my office room, I informed my other partners to watch the Video. We laughed at the amount of time this person who sounded and looked like VK Lingam, said the word ‘Correct, Correct, Correct’. But we were also very upset as the Video looked and sounded like a recording of a man fixing up Judicial Appointments of Judges in Malaysia. But then again, I am not a 1 Video Forensic Expert, I may have heard wrongly.

Later, I found out many members of the Malaysian Bar watched this Video, and the lawyers were so upset, that over 2,000 of us handed a memorandum to the Prime Minister demanding a Royal Commission to get to the bottom of this. I was part of that peaceful march and my friend Lee Shih and I were right at the back of that group that morning.

I also recall when a few of us were planning the walk, Lim Chee Wee, George Varghuse and I visited Putrajaya on the Sunday before the Walk, where the 2 gentleman walked from the Palace of Justice to the PM’s Office at Putrajaya, to gauge the distance so that to prepare the walk that week. I was lucky, I did not have to walk that Sunday – Chee Wee asked me to drive his car and wait for him and George at the end of their walk.

But the thought that lingered in my mind as we did our simulated Walk that Sunday was “Is it wrong for us to Walk?”

We then had the Royal Commission where I was asked by Lawasia, an International organisation of Lawyers based in Australia, to attend the Hearing on a watching brief. I watched and heard the testimonies of many people. Some were defensive, some clearly had something to hide, and some were just cocky and dismissive. But my feelings as I listen to the Hearing, was that something was definitely wrong, and that it was likely that the man in the video was in fact VK Lingam. But I am just 1 small Malaysian, I may be wrong.

I thought I was correct at that time. But obviously, I must have been wrong. Despite 2,000 of us who marched that day at Putrajaya, the thousands of comments and articles condemning the content of that Video and more importantly the damning hearing and eventual Report by the Royal Commission; our 1Government – through the 1 and only Public Prosecutor – have today announced that the VK Lingam case is closed and no prosecutions will be carried out.

So, now you can see what I said earlier, I made 1 too many wrong conclusions above. I must be wrong, wrong, wrong as I was clearly not correct, correct, correct.

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  1. For a start… since the bloody mamak kutty started this, I am of the opinion that we boycott all mamak business ( restaurants,magazine stalls, money changers to teach them lesson.

    Hey anybody noticed that 100% of the money changing business is run by mamaks… How is this possible. Why are there no Chinese, Indian or Malay money changers??????

  2. we need to show them the real 1 malaysia power!!!

    all these judges, prosecutors, dr, pathalogists semua tidak boleh pakai!!! totally a real shame!!! send them all to holland!!!

    let do a nation wide match against those profession!!!

  3. Mamak Mahaaaatir is now the nobel price actor. Najib dancing to his tune. What else…..mampus negeri.

  4. If he is Anwar Ibrahim, Khalid Ibrahim or Lim Guan Eng habislah. He is lucky to be VK Lingam. From the beginning VK Lingam knows he will not be charged.

  5. Correct x3, this is 1 Bolehland, the real culprits will always get scotfree…

    Looking for 1 Justice? 1 Truth? By having the same old 1 AG, 1 "excellently" performed IGP, 1 same ruling gov over the 52 years, it's obviously 1 mission impossible & as difficult as getting 1 "Noble Peace Prize" (oops, not necessary now, as long as you've 1 grand wish / ideal to change / resolve, whether or it materialise is another story)

    Ah, what a 1 cruel reality….

  6. its so easy to commit a crime in malaysia,then get lingam and all will be taken care of.hey m/f don't spoil the younger generation. in time to come say in 50 years the law students are going to be thoroughly confused regarding the merits in court cases.is it the reason that mahathir was against badawi so that his name could be cleared from this lingam's case.liars of the highest orders are fucking this beautifull country upside down, they simply don't care.dhai lingam you have to repent before god to pay your sin's in manipulating cases.weecho keong was one such victim and he lost his seat and MPship.mca problem has been very conviently settled cos more and more dirt was coming out and the umnoputras were worried that similiar allegations may surface regarding them.oh my god please don't let the politicians sodomise malaysia and now mamak mahathir is going to say that he has got no influence on the courts.eusoff chin balls has to be castrated and i hope he suffers from constipation for the rest of his life and he remains a shetland pony

  7. For one thing, VK Lingam is no Anwar Ibrahim. If he is Anwar Ibrahim, they would stretch the law and charge him for some 'false charges'.

    Prosecution wise, let us consider the evidences disclosed at the RCE into Lingamgate. Assuming for one moment that Lingam did fix up the appointment of those mentioned judges in the video, for what offence or offences could the prosecutor charge him? Corruption offences? There is no evidences that he was paid from the Judges and Ahmad Fairuz. Under the Penal Code? What section? The better choice is to refer his acts to the BAR DISCILINARY COMM.

    The only evidences which the prosecutorS could nail Lingam and Eusoffe Chin is the NZ trip. There are sufficient and enough evidences to charge both either under sect.165 Penal Code or the old sect.15 ACA 97. But knowing Gani Patail, would he dare to charge Eufoffe Chin given that both he and Eusoffe were deeply involved in the Anwar's 'incarcerations'. Get real folks. This is Malaysia.

  8. Of course you must be wrong lah, so are your partners & the 2,000 lawyers. I was wrong too. The man in the video looked and sounded like VK Lingam but "no evidence" to "prove abuse of power". "Correct, correct, correct" is funny but not illegal.

    All of us need to see the ENT specialists asap.

  9. With this and yesterday's OTHER shocking opinion by Dr Death on the TBH case, I predict Najib will dish out a HUGE dose of budget sweeteners tomorrow to distract the rakyat from all the bitter reality of living under Najib's 1GREATCOVERUP rule.

  10. Fairdinkum ,

    I hope the numbskulls who voted in isa in Bagan Pinang would very much anticipate this piece of great news : viva bn ?????????

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