MyConsti Face (3)These past few months have been immensely hectic. The Malaysian Bar is extremely fortunate to have a pool of incredibly talented, young and energetic group of lawyers, pupils-in-chambers, and students working night and day on this Campaign. From the words “let’s move”, the action has been continuous, non-stop, and it has been difficult to keep up with even the emails!

Draft after draft of the logos (and thank you finally, Fir, Joe Kidd and Khairul for the artwork), nitty-gritty details of the launch, version upon version of the 1st instalment of the “Rakyat Guides” [RG] (and thank you again, Joe and Khairul for the artwork), excellent debate and arguments on the direction of the Campaign, hours-on-end of meetings (which have burnt large holes in our pockets and now, some of us have even gone berserabut), the ConstiLC has only just begun to move this enormous Campaign.

Our launch of the 1st RG: What is the Federal Constitution?, launch of the 1st “Rakyat Service Advertisement” [RSA]: Apa itu Perlembagaan Persekutuan? followed by the soon-to-be serial “Conversations…” (with eminent conversationalists) will be held on November 13, 2009 (3pm) at the Bar Council Auditorium. Mark your diaries, because you wouldn’t want to miss this! Exclusive, limited copies of the 1st RG will be distributed. More information on how to register for the launch will be released soon.

In the meantime, follow the Campaign trail with the ConstiLC’s tweets and sign up for daily updates on Facebook as a “fan” of the Campaign. Use our logos and the “purportedly” cute faces (you have a choice of 7!) on your blogs and sites. Or watch our videos on YouTube. A website regarding the Campaign will also go live very soon.

Catch up soon!

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