OTK’s MCA: Game of Credibility

It seems to me, Malaysian leaders don’t care about their credibility, once they reach the level of leadership. It seems to me, Malaysian leaders are thick and will go against their very own words, just to stay in power.

The credibility of a leader may not be the most essential characteristic of a leader, but it is definitely a crucial factor in deciding whether to vote for the person. A person who is more credible will more likely get the nod.

We now see Ong Tee Keat going against his own words that he will resign if he lost the Vote of No Confidence at the EGM on October 10, 2009. Tee Keat lost. Whether by one vote or by 1000 votes, a loss is a loss. Had he won by one vote, it is also the same, a victory is a victory irrespective of the margin.

Tee Keat’s decision to stay on as President of MCA despite his clear and unequivocal words that he will resign if he lost the motion of No Confidence has made him less credible. How are we to trust a man who can’t even keep his own words?

But this is a trait common among Barisan Nasional leaders. People who have lost credibility still have the “thick skin” to demand to stay on.

I recall Najib explaining that Isa’s suspension from UMNO for money politics is merely a technical matter and asked that Isa be given a second chance.

But I must say this, Mr. Prime Minister – if a man is convicted of a crime, society should consider giving the man a second chance, but when a politician holding posts which involve public accountability, public funds and public utilities, the person must be as credible as possible. Former involvement in corrupt practices will taint his credibility.

The same applies for Ong Tee Keat. He lost the motion of No Confidence, and he has said it himself that he will go if he loses. So, as far as I am concerned, Tee Keat has lost his credibility by choosing this course of action.

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