ISA & UMNOAmazing?! For the 2nd time in a row, UMNO chooses a candidate tainted with corruption. They chose Rohaizat Othman at the recent by-election at Permatang Pasir. Rohaizat was disbarred as a lawyer for misusing clients’ funds.

Now for the Bagan Pinang by-election, they choose Tan Sri Isa Mohd Samad who was suspended by UMNO’s very own disciplinary board for money politics (read: corruption).

And the most amazing thing is that UMNO’s members from that branch wanted only Isa and even threatened to boycott the by-election if UMNO chose another candidate. The fact the Bagan Pinang’s UMNO branch demanded for Isa’s selection only reflects the kind of people who are members there.

But Najib must be so desperate to win a by-election, that he bowed to pressure and chose a tainted man like Isa. This selection of Isa is the consequence of many years of handouts in which UMNO gives out contracts to their members. And Isa is popular not because he is a quality intelligent leader, but a leader who knows how to manipulate the system to pass contracts to the relevant people.

All the noise from Najib that he wants transparency and accountability in his government is mere empty words and promises. By right, UMNO should discipline their members at Bagan Pinang for even threatening to boycott the election, but instead he chose the easy path for short-term gain.

It is very unlikely that Pakatan will win this seat as it is traditionally an UMNO seat. So, I can imagine that Najib craves the right to brag after UMNO wins (assuming they do), to the entire Malaysia. After all, history has shown how UMNO brags that the people support them, and how the opposition is rejected at every by-election they won.

Having tasted so many defeats, I think Najib will do almost anything to win one by-election in Peninsular Malaysia.

UMNO is the cancer of this country, and I hope a miracle happens in Bagan Pinang and that Pakatan upsets UMNO; and more importantly, I pray that Malaysians will open their eyes to see that we cannot go on being governed by people who subscribe to corruption as a normal practice.

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  1. Methinks there's another scheme underfoot: Teach all warlords in future: Don't mess with me!!!

    Najib will allow the sole nomination of Isa to his own detriment. The army polls will be allowed public scrutiny and tacitly encouraged to be "independent". The sins of Isa will be made available to the opposition camp. Makkal Sakthi will be reigned in to make a fool of themselves…. Pakatan Rakyat will win; Najib/Muhyiddin will be vindicated.

  2. malaysians to open their eyes???!!! you think they don't know???

    they only pretend they didn't see all these inhumane issues as they think they are none of their business. and they only care above the gooddies right in front of their eyes… be it malay, chinese or indian.

    that's why we have UMNO/BN maharajarella in malaysia.

  3. Why is it so hard to get Malaysians registered to vote?

    I strongly suggest PR to make it compulsory to vote if given the mandate next GE. Apathy gets one nothing and Malaysians cannot afford to have a tidak apa attitude as she hurls towards African status. Otherwise, Singapore will always have their breakfast, lunch and dinner across the causeway!!

  4. I'm not surprised why UMNO choosed Isa, but SURPRISED that UMNO going for it. I mean, does winning really matters more to UMNO/BN more than choosing the 'clean' candidate? Do UMNO learns from it mistakes. Not once, not twice, this is the 3rd time for by-elections.

  5. Nothing surprising. Umno is a corrupt party helmed by chronically corrupted people. Isa's being chosen to contest is a consequential reaction to this corrupt culture that is ingrained in Umno.

    Malaysians could do this country a great service by endeavouring to wipe Umno from the face of this earth. This is not only a national but a religous duty. To allow corrupted people to lead this country and be our leaders reflect our weaknesses as a Malaysian race. I think as Malaysians we deserve better than these corrupted people, these scoundrels to lead the country,

  6. Najib & Isa – Najib did not bowed to pressure. What is that to compare RM510million submarine corruption oops.. commission vs politik wang +- few million..?

  7. The policy of UMNO if you want to be a DUN or MP you must be corrupted if not they will buy the opposition that are corrupted just like the 2 frogs in Perak. Not a surprise to have ISA as the candidate the very top is the same kind and practices buying ADUN from opposition. WAY TO GO MALAYSIAN MCA GERAKAN AND PAIRIN WHERE ARE YOU? perhaps planning to be in nomination day to show they agreed to supports corruption.

  8. Corruption? not an issue, as long as he's loyal & not cursing to the party!!!

    “He is different from certain individuals who, when found guilty by the party, they are willing to curse the party that has served them. Tan Sri Isa is different. He is patient and strong, and his loyalty to the party is one matter which was considered by the top leadership,” Hishammudin said.


    You are blind barber. Tak tau yang mana rambut putih dan yang mana rambut berwarna hitam. Mungkin kamu pun sama macam NAJIB dan ISA tau. I will bet your last penny…… man. 1Malaysian konon dari NAJIB ISA SAMAD, kamu tau orang Sarawak kaya dengan Sumber Asli.. apa diaorang dapat tahyul…… bagus kamu mati sama Rosmah altantuya. PR di Putrajaya Sarawak minta 20% royalti minyak. PR dah setuju. Hidup Calon PAS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. naturally a corrupt party would choose a corrupt leader to run a corrupt system.a corrupt leader could only lead under a group of corrupt AJK kawasan and maintain their power,a corrupt leader would only choose a corrupt IGP and a corrupt AG to ensure all the sin funds are well protected and all illegal modus operandis of the corrupt party go smooth flowing.religion is used only when it benefited the corrupt system.hence corrupt religious institutions and corrupt religious individuals are the umno corrupt goons,rakyats are just tools to be played around.corrupt medias (read utusan,berita harian) are daily feeds to be corruptly well funded…for only corrupt journalists can spin stories in favour of their corrupt masters!to save this blessed country of malaysia,umno must go come GE13 or even by-elections.being a muslim,my only advice to all my malaysian friends be chinese,indians,dayaks,kadazan etc etc,changing is coming for heaven is watching!

  11. I was in Malaysia in the earlier part of my like but I did not expect that the trend of moral values and eastern concepts have been relegated as last on the list. Money seems to be King amongst a great part of Mlaysian politicians, very much like the American Democracy which according to Micheal Moore is a big Ponzi Scheme.

    The poor becomes poorer and the rich, richer – not thru honest living but thru greed and corruption.

    That being the case, I see Malaysia become the pariah nation sooner than later.

    Sorry for such strong words, but i am at least excluded from that community of people which value virtue and integrity as a thing of the past. I often hear people say, Cakap tak serupa bikin" Good (Bad) Luck Malaysia to you,to Isa and to the rest of your followers.

  12. I was thinking along the lines of Paul Warren.

    Question for all of you parents –

    ..Your little child walks up to you one day and tells you this…

    " Mummy/Daddy, when I grow up, I want to be a crook".

    Shocked ( will you be? ), you ask why.

    Your child answers…

    " Because I see all around me that crooks, gangsters, cheats, murderers, hooligans, Abang Mat Rempits…they all rise to the top. All the good people all sink to the bottom and get bullied and stepped on. Even on the road yesterday morning , Uncle Bus driver says if you line up in a traffic jam, follow the law, you are stupid, because only stupid people follow the law…Even my teacher bluffing his qualification."

    How will you answer your child?

  13. It is simple actually to understand the situation:

    UMNO/BN could not choose anybody else who is not corrupt to represent them in the by-election. It is all about maintaining their image as the corrupter of Nations and the Country. Then only will they look good! If they put somebody else which is not corrupt and with good clean clear behavior, less controversial, a really good guy, then we know UMNO/BN has started changing (as what they always claimed in their ceramah or media).

    Then, Houston we have problem. PR, please take note on this.

    And if UMNO/BN must win, they'll have to win BIG this time around. They'll have to, there is no other choice. And if UMNO/BN wins, expect a major turbulence and earthquakes gonna hit Negeri Sembilan politics. Cos Tan Sri Isa would want his seat back as the Menteri Besau!!!

    Judgement has been made. Democracy is not for the people.

  14. We would love to see these "innocent" folks fielded in next election : Toyol,Azalina,Taib,Rustam,Isa,Ahmad pendatang,bung,that close one eye guy apa nama,tiong,sami,hasan pas,dr chua,zulkfli pkr,….we voters will welcome them back with open arms!

  15. The results of the Bagan Pinang by-election will mean one of two things:

    If UMNO/BN wins –

    The majority of the people of BP, especially the Malays, wants to continue with UMNO/BN's racist policies and believes in Ketuanan Melayu. They support corruption and croynism and do not want change.

    If Pakatan Rakyat wins –

    The majority of the people of BP, especially the Malays, rejects UMNO/BN's racist policies and believes in Ketuanan Rakyat. They are anti-corruption and anti-croynism. They can see that UMNO/BN is going in the wrong direction and wants change.

    We'll only know when we go to the polls.

  16. Let see how ..

    Nothing is impossible .. Kuala terenganu is umno strong hold yet lost by 2000 votes ..

    Selangor and Kedah UMNO strhong hold .. lost to PR …

    So if PR able to win this with UMNO(+5K postal votes) that is the direction of rakyat ..

  17. below is lyric of malay song :-

    Mungkin ada rahmatnya

    Kita tidak bersama

    Andainya diteruskan

    Apakah kesudahan

    Itulah ucapanmu

    Dihujung pertemuan ….. di mana ya…? Port Dickson ? tahun 80an ?

    Pada zahir tidak terlihat

    Ada garis yang terbentang

    Tapi batinku sering berkata

    Biar ada batasannya ….. he he nasib ada ISA. dengar kata org majlis ugama itu kena tukar malam itu juga !

    Walau tidak di sini

    Cinta kita bersemi (ubah lirik cinta kita tidak bersemi)

    Berkat keyakinanku

    Dan doaku pohonkan

    Moga diperkenankan (ubah lirik moga tidak bertemu lagi)

    Suatu masa nanti

    Suatu masa nanti..oh..oh

    what really happened now in Bagan Pinang is just debt of gratitude…in malay translation is terhutang budi …and then that fellow has to pay back… ISA jadi pencalunan.

    korek…korek..korek… it looks like me , sounds like me but it wasnt me…politicians love to memorise these phrase ! melayu mudah lupa kata madey…siapa cakap ? org senile ya mudah lupa kerana dah berumur…..late 70's and 80's.

  18. It should not be any surprise to anybody that UmmmNo nominates corrupt candidates in any election or buy(sic) election when the top man in UmmmmNO! is widely known as corrupt and possibly involved in the murder of a Mongolian mama.

    If Malaysians (besides the diehard UmmmmNO! fuckfaces) still keep voting these bastards, then we deserve what we get – a developing failed state!

  19. Whatever criticism PAKATAN RAKYAT may throw at ISA SAMAD………

    ISA SAMAD will win BAGAN PINANG without even the need for any campaigning or whatsoever. PAKATAN RAKYAT should save their time, money & effort to even field any candidate against ISA SAMAD. PAKATAN RAKYAT knew about their chances & that's why they are criticising & find excuses for their upcoming defeat rather than working on any election machinery of which is deemed USELESS.

    Mark my word….you can bet your LAST PENNY!!!

  20. Since almost every Malaysians knew ISA SAMAD is a corrupted guy & had been suspended from UMNO due to money politics……….

    Then, shouldn't it be MUCH EASIER for PAKATAN RAKYAT to win BAGAN PINANG???

    Why make such a BIG FUSS when it's actually a "Blessing in Disguise"???? Or is that PAKATAN RAKYAT knew they are indeed WORSE-OFF than ISA SAMAD & thus, they are now trying to find EXCUSES for themselves should they lose in BAGAN PINANG.

    Only a SORE LOSING wanker will make excuses for himself before even going to the BATTLEFIELD. However, it's even a BIGGER SORE LOSER for anyone to condemn/criticize their opponent & losing in the end.

  21. What Najib has shown is that in UMNO, even now, the War Lords rule!

    One would expect that in any civilised country a candidate put out for nomination in a political contest by the party will be someone not tainted by corruption or otherwise.

    Both Rohizat's as well as Isa's nomination show conclusively that for UMNO having been found corrupt, criminal or otherwise does not factor in determining UMNO's understanding of a "good man" worthy of representing the people.

    That being the case it has to be said that it makes nonsensical my mother's instilling in me never to associate with bad and naughty boys and girls growing up, and of course with criminals and criminally minded as a grown up. All UMNO and BN members should realise that it would be acceptable culture for them to be associates of crooks and thieves, the corrupt and the sexually deviant as well.

    And now Bagan Pinang constituents are asked to vote for a known corrupt person. How are they going to answer that to their maker? That they knowingly voted for a corrupt person? How are they going to tell their children not to associate with bad and naughty boys and girls when they themselves vote for a corrupt person?

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