This is it. I can’t take this simpleton bullshit by BN’s meddling, total apathy and/or stupidity anymore.

Hi. I’m a Malaysian and a Muslim (i feel like i’m already at an AA meeting), and I thoroughly endorse Jacqueline Ann Surin’s article, “What possessed the protestors?” at the Nut Graph. So if Zulkifli Nordin-types, or tea-bagged brained politicians in UMNO or their dick wad NGO pallies disagree with this, please let it be known that you don’t fucking speak on my behalf, you bunch of sicko-psychos.

If you’re reading this, a Malaysian and a Muslim in particular, please take a stand in support of her article on your blog and or social networking page or take up a front page ad in Utusan (just to rile those fuckers up).

Her article is a damning indictment of the BN government’s lack of will power and/or belligerent attitude towards its citizens and the protection of minorities in this country. Please take this as a step to reclaim your faith as a Muslim to say NO! to this irresponsible behaviour towards our non-Muslim brethren.

I think Najib better start explaining to the RAKYAT, what the fuck he means by 1MALAYSIA.

Because it is starting to look like the rise of Hitler’s Germany. One Race One Nation…. and it goes on and on and on… so which is it? 1Malaysia where all differences are embraced and celebrated or 1Malaysia where everybody who is a non-Malay Muslim has to fall in line with the majority’s whims and deficiencies?

You already have the following dimbulbs….

  • a DPM who’s an idiot – yeah calling Rohaizat’s disbarment a mere parking ticket, shows what a retard he is… brother, i never knew of a parking ticket that could deprive a person of his livelihood.
  • a Home Minister who thinks he’s fucking Oprah… who the fuck is he to mediate with the cow head protesters, and step on the AG’s or the Police feet? As it is, damage has been done by the cow head protesters and he does no favours for himself when he tarnishes his daddy’s legacy. Please get his head checked… people who feel victimised can hold peaceful assemblies… but when you see a cows head being thrown around and spat upon…. every fibre of your being should tell you that this is soo wrong and walk away, BUT they didn’t… it is blood lust and the protesters should be punished for it in accordance with the law. By the way, i read that the following day he backtracked on his lame-o endorsement.
  • a Culture Minister, who is forced to back track on everything he has said in recent days… 1st, the green dam implementation fiasco, then the Black Eyed Peas Arthur’s Day gig, is he senile? has he got Alzheimers? i want to know. A minister who says one thing and then backtracks, clearly has a fair weather brain and has no spine. so why is he still a minister?

Is this the quality that we’re getting from a 1Malaysia type cabinet?

Fuck, even UMNO’s allies, the MCA and the MIC can’t do anything… they’re too busy with their internal shit to even give a fuck about current affairs affecting their electorate… oh i’m sorry… I forgot MIC and MCA were wiped out last 2008 elections. so, what electorate are we talking about?

So there you go…. BN doesn’t give a shit. All talk and same old bullshit.

But let’s not forget our PR folks who are committed to bungling at every opportunity they get… even the CarryOn bunch would have finished the caper in double quick time. The PR’s biggest downfall is that they are not able to get the message out effectively. And with all the bitching in public… hey, i’m all for an open relationship where people talk things out… but can you take your lover’s quarrel and shove it behind closed doors, please?

Here’s an option, put your money where your mouth is. Throw out the Zulkifli Nordin and Hassan Mohd Ali types on disciplinary grounds and let them try to be the fucking turncoats that they may be… if they do jump ship to BN or become the latest thing in vogue, an independent, and the PR governments fall…. then so be it. Integrity is a severely underestimated quality. If you can’t keep your fellas in line how are you going to forge policy? it’s still going to be paper that i can wipe my ass with (not literally… i prefer triple ply).

What you politicians have to say arises from a responsibility to this country and ALL its citizens. don’t Fuck with it.

If the UMNO led BN Goverment (what a mouthful that was) doesn’t want to go after their own trouble makers and ne’er do wells, what credibility and respect can this UMNO led BN Government (i’m already huffing) expect to get? Oh… i guess that’s why BN has always subscribed to rule by law because it’s likely they don’t have the brains to understand how to govern by rule of law.

so i raise my glass of (pick your poison), and congratulate Ms Jaqueline Ann Surin for sticking it to the man.

… until next time… kill the lights and pray you don’t see daylight….. or you could just fight to get it back again.

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  1. Go Farez Go! I m on your side. Truth hurts, that's why some people feel the pain, OUCH! (I don't have to pen the name, you know who I am referring to). Who care if you are Malay, Indian, Chinese, Iban, Kadazan. As long as you are good people, that matters. The rotten bunch should not be tolerated regardless of their race. After all we are all human being with 2 eyes, 1 nose and 1 mouth. It's time to wake up, if some idiots still think they are superior than other they are going to be wiped out in the process of globalisation. Want to be a developed nation?? I think it's still a long long way to go as long as they are still sucked into their own BOLEHLAND!

    I really have to salute you for your courage and I like your style. Malaysian should rise up, be bold when dealing with injustice. Our 'dear' minister also says it's our right to speak up or protest as we are living in a democratic country (the cow head issue, what about protest by opposition parties.. ha ha), so let's take his words seriously, he better walks the talk!

    I hope those who make use of the name of religion get back their conscious and reflect deeply about their action and behaviour. After all what comes around goes around, no matter how unfair the secular law is, the natural law will take its place when time is right and NO ONE WOULD BE SPARED! So be prepared on the path one have chosen should one chooses to go against the natural law, BE PREPARED TO RECEIVE THE RETRIBUTION!


  2. Farez,

    You make very valid points. Currently it looks like the PM is in a quandary – should he support the ultra right elements of UMNO to gain back his Malay base or should he appear more moderate to appeal to the moderate Malays and non-Malays? Ideally the politicians should just do what is right for the people instead of just walking the "safe" line.


  3. There is a bigger picture here. Do remember that BN needs to call the next GE by 2013. They are obviously playing with fire to see how and when they can create another May 13. It is likely to depend on whether they can win a simple majority on the next GE. If the information is NO, then they are in all likelihood going to create racial riots and impose Emergency Rule. Don't be surprised. Hence it is imp that whilst all these racial events take place, one has to keep a cool mind. These people are being used and it is the moderates among us that must speak and act in a manner that does not allow BN to escalate the trouble to suit its needs. Same time PR has to be careful not to add fuel to the fire. Likely that you will see more of these protest in the near future. Depends how desperate BN gets. Cheers.

  4. No explanations needed, I only saw a honest, compassionate and loving soul.

    You are on track…..Stay focus… !!

  5. there will be similar incidents every week courtesy of UMNO's creation.

    and this is part of the strategies of 1Malaysia fella to takeover Selangor, the backdoor way.

    remember he said he will do anything to take back Selangor.

    whats the cow shit compared to the allegations against him. Forgotten the submarines alredi?

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  7. hi all…

    i love this country as much as all of you do. when i wrote this piece i was really fed up and broken up with all the bullying and lack of compassion and magnanimity shown by the majority and/or the people in power. i see what i see and i hear what i hear and i understand what i understand.

    i just wrote what i felt and it was brutally honest. i did not set out to mask my words in finer language or well thought out sentences. i realised that what i wrote was ugly but it was the truth. the truth has a nasty habit of making one feel uneasy because it brooks no nonsense. it is, a hard task master.

    maybe some of you feel that the message could have been refined. but at what cost? it is what it is and i'm telling it like it is. the thing about germany in the day's of hitler's shenanigans was the notion of the "good german"… where there any? we know now there were. but at the point in time and/or immediately after the 2nd world war, the idea of a good german was thought to be illusory, i.e. if they were good why did they allow the atrocities to happen.

    evil festers when good men do nothing.

    as a parallel, as a malaysian and a muslim, i had implored and if i have to i'd go down on my knees and beg each and every malaysian muslim, to write about the protection of minorities, be it of ethnicity or creed and it's importance to the diversity and dynamism of this country we all call malaysia.

    i feel powerless most of the time but i feel the strongest when i tap on my keyboard and with each keystroke, i feel like i reclaim my humanity and separate myselfand my being from those who would do harm to others. i know i am different and i intend to show people that i am not bound by the constant drumming and programming of communal politics that have dulled this county's economic and social competitiveness.

    i want to excel and i do not see why malaysian muslims have to cower in fear of these acts of belligerence and intolerance just because they live in a society primarily fueled by prejudices and presumptions.

    i am a muslim, and religiously that makes me PART OF THE MAJORITY. knowing what my faith expects of me emboldens me to understand that we have to protect the rights of minorities. what is faith if it merely exists in a vacuum, devoid of diversity and differences. it is diversity and difference that celebrate God's divinity… but who are we to dictate what is and what shall not come to pass, unless we have no qualms in usurping His divinity.

    I am also a malaysian, born of a chinese mother and an indian father, and that makes me PART OF THE MINORITY, but would it amaze you to know that i also apparently have the benefit of the bumiputera status? it is an albatross around my neck and i curse the day such a privilege was granted not on needs but on racial motivation. there may have been a time in our nation dark past that such an equaliser was needed for this young nation.

    but this nation is now 52 years old and with the benefit of experience and contemplation of greater nations in our midst, we appear to choose not to rise above our own petty presumptions and narrow mindedness.

    we are all rich and poor. we are all dark skinned and fair skinned. we are all different and the same. we are all brave and we are all weak. we are all of these things and we are malaysians. whether we are of one ethnicity or another we are all bound by similar and core values that we seek from our faith and our brethren whoever they may be.

    maybe the intolerances and bigotry happening with such frequency these days, show our tendency to be weak willed and cowardly. I know of no such person who is strong of heart and will, who would commit such acts of vile hatred and cowardice. it is through the literature of ages that such acts have been strongly condemned as being the acts of the weak.

    so why does this BN government allow for such acts by the the majority to go unpunished or unchecked? is the BN government weak willed or cowardly? i stand embarrassed that such apathy exists.

    can it be so difficult to do the right thing?

  8. Dear Mart Garbera,

    I beg to differ. Why can't we the human beings act in a civil manner, mutual respect & learn to tolerate the differences among us?? Why can't we grow up?? Why can't we learn to discard the bad & proceed with the good ones??

  9. Its personal agendas vs real ministerial responsibility to society and the yen to achieve or mintain the power. Bloody hell bro, which do you think will win? Furthermore, we do not know what kinda shit each has on the other…so Malaysia will continue to be fucked to high heaven till a real change comes about…

  10. Correction, MART GARERA! The writer is not an idiot but you are I think He/She is right, POLITICIANS HAS BEEN SCREWING US FOR YEARS!It takes a very smart person (unlike some IDIOTS) to write this. Just my thoughts.HAVE A NICE DAY!!!

  11. Definition of Politics: Social relations involving intrigue to gain authority or power. What is intrigue? Plot, deception, trick, plane etc2! The Opposition is also using intrigue to "educate and influence" the Rakyat to gain authority and power! Authority and power for who? For Rakyat or for their race? Why isn't Malays in DAP? DAP is anti-Malay and they are racists!

    By the way, race is genetic. You cant be a non-race. It is just stupid to ask people NOT to be a racist! Everyone is!

    In the land of the free,America, people are going to the streets every day on thousands of issues! Everyone is protesting! Why? Because democracy is a failed, man-made system and you, the idiot writer, is looking for a perfect solution from democracy?

  12. i am addressing this comment to this idiot who wote the above article. i have a few suggestions and questions:

    1-who are the real racists in malaysia? in case this idiot writer is blind, let me remind him! racists needs town and place of their own because they are NOT tolerant and can't give (they just want to take!). what's the place near kota raya called and what's the place near brickfields called?

    2-this idiot writer must learn what tun vt sambathan and tun tan siew sin has to say about how "bad' their own race is and how good the malays are!

    one last advice – grow up boy!

  13. I hope those useless fucker politicians from both camps, especially from UMNO/BN read your article. Some of these so called Politicians who we addressed as YB is a disgrace to the people of Malaysia. I am ashamed because of their low IQ and mentality. They think the position they hold dear to is GOD given. They speak not for the well being of the country but mainly for their self interest.

    UMNO knows that their days are numbered and they are prepared to do anything to achieve their means. They have lost directions since since after 513, when Tunku Abdul Rahman was forced to step down as the PM.

    We are so proud of to be liberated from the British rule but sad that we now being colonised by our own fellow Malaysians. After 52 years of Merdeka we still bicker over race and religion. Our Leaders always trumpet, singing to the whole world how we Malaysian of different race and religion can co-exit as one and claimed to be a role model.

    Shame on us.

    There is nothing good and positive in our country since 0308 after BN lost the two third majority. I shudder to think what would it be when there is change of government.

    The slogan of 1MALAYSIA is nothing but power grabbing. BN still can't accept PR who is elected by the people to rule the states. They can't stomach it because they think they are all mighty and are the righfully people to take charge. They will not stay still and will use all dirty means to ruin PR State Government.

    Bravo to you En. Farez for the good article and we are just very proud of you.

  14. Very well written Farez, a vee bit of profanity is fine as

    your Govt of the day needs that to listen up.

    These Politicians need to be wacked on the Head and sent

    packing off to the wilderness. I wish you all right thing Malaysians good luck and success in turning things around

    in your country, go for it mate. !!

  15. u r bloody fucking rite my bro. all of u, and me of coz. btw, your polls on the right is fucking hilarious man. that the true way to conduct polls, is'nt it? haha. forgive my impoliteness, mr fucking civic teacher – densemy

  16. the country is under siege by power and money……

    justice is also under siege by power and money…..

    where do we go from here?……..we need concrete solution..any suggestion…

    we need power and money to gain control ….think about this!

  17. Good piece, if only it were written in BM, circulated to all the people who counts (namely, the majority voters in Malaysia). At the end of the day, it is still every person for themselves. The politicians sure as hell aren't thinking about us ordinary folks who are struggling to survive in today's economic crisis and H1N1 pandemic, as they are too damn busy saving their own skin.

  18. The problem why we have these problems plaguing us is because we have taken things for granted. We allowed BeeN too much power. Lop sided and no Check & Balance! It's about time ALL RESPONSIBLE CITIZEN to "VOTE FOR CHANGE"!!! The people deserved the best not second best. Our Nation is going down beacause of Nepotism, Corruption, Lies, Murderers, Racist, Rapist and etc…. The list will go on. Put A Stop To the Rot! Spread the News. We have been Screwed by BeeN, We have be "RAPED" by BeeN, We have been CONNED by BeeN, We have been Robbed by BeeN,and the list goes on…… Stop Racial descrimination! Stop Police Brutality, Stop Killing!!! Spread LOVE, CARING and Be One and Only True Malaysian. Saya Anak Malaysia which is Colour Blind.


  19. Hi Farez, are you ever so right! I think more than enough has been said, or rather cursed at, of the government's mentality and the amount of bullshit that flows from their filthy mouths and small gray matters.They are beyond redemption, and even their god cannot help them.

    Other than putting them against the wall, we just MUST get rid of them at the nearest opportunity.Whenever that is.

    Cheers to you, and Selamat Hari Raya.

  20. You see, in UMNO/BN, stupidity, idiocy, senility and most important of all -contempt for the people- are their Rukunegara.

    All other negative things will automatically fall in place.

    They don't give a @#$% what happens to this country so long as their own pockets are full.

  21. Dear Farez Jinnah. Allow me to make some clarification. Are you really a muslim? Or a Malay Muslim? I really wish you are a Malay Muslim. If you are, then I would congratulate you for that message you brought to the umno regime. If you are, then I will say I hope for more of such Malay Muslim to awaken the snoozing umno politicians who are still like "Alice in the Wonderland". If you are, then I will encouraged you to rise up and gather more of your Malay Muslim brothers/sisters to tell the umnoputra "enough is enough" of their racial politic.

    But alas, if you are not, then what you have beautifully written will only land on the deaf ears and blind eyes of the senile regime.

    Any way, albeit the "fucking language", I am all in tuned and in lined with your sentiments. May I wish you all the best in your blog. May I be friend. Thank you

  22. densemy is right about the use of vulgarities….i thought of forwarding this good read to my mailing list but i have to stop short of doing it bcos of this reason.

  23. Thanks to GOD for having people like Farez, Jaqueline Sirun, Ym RPK and many others who stick their heads out to keep us readers well informed.

    May GOD bless and protect you all.

  24. All PR leaders and senior politicians should head the very words,,,that idiots like Zulkifli Nordin and Hassan Ali should be kicked out ASAP.

    "Cow Head" issue was deliberately started, by the morons using "BEER SALES" pretext.

    Who was the idiot non other than Hasan Ali, this guys is doing his cunning undercutting through his silent messages..

  25. Refreshing to finally hear someone in this repressed country calling a spade a spade. But you do realise, dont you, that you will NEVER get anyone to listen to you if you use vulgarities in the way you have

    The use of vulgarities means you are impolite and as everyone knows impoliteness is one of the most important of the Asian Values that EVERYONE practices… Well they talk about them a lot and they want everyone else to practice them… but??

    In reality politeness is just another asian con… Its just another way to keep asians repressed and fearful of saying what they actually think

  26. Right on Sir. And what the fuck this bloody fucker najis meant by 1malaysia? malaysia belong to him olone? and this bloody fucker dpm. talking stupidity at its lowest. malaysia are being governed by 1 damned bloody fucking idiot,goons.

    come on.. make my day.

  27. You are so damn right. From day one I am still trying to figure out what Najib meant by 1 Malaysia. Every stooge in UMNO including his deputy are surely anti 1Malaysia if my interpretation is right.

    As for PR, not only the dickhead Zulkifli Nordin, but Hassan Ali and Wee Chee Keong should be disciplined or sacked from the parties for dragging PR through mud, with their uncalled for press releases, and idiotic stand on sensitive matters.

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