The new webportal for the Malaysian Judiciary is a vast improvement on its predecessor. Equipped with the latest Judgments from the higher appellate courts, and links to State Court websites (some of which are still in development), the new website offers a fresh new look to the content that was already there before. But there’s something new, and boy its a good one…

No more will lawyers and litigants have to worry about not recognising the learned Judges of the High Court in the elevator. Finally, we have photos (not very good ones, but its a start) of all the appellate and High Court Judges in Malaysia.

No pics for the Probationary Judges Judicial Commissioners though .. I suppose they have to wait to be confirmed. But then Article 122AB of the Federal Constitution says they can perform the functions of actual High Court Judges, and have the same powers and same immunities as them? Judicial Commissioners just don’t have the security of tenure that High Court Judges do.. but then, they can still send a man to the gallows, and can still hear cases against the Government whose Prime Minister ultimately “advises” the Agong on whether to appoint him or her as an actual Judge? (So he or she can get his photo on the website?)

And why are the pics of the Court of Appeal Judges so much clearer than the pics of the Federal Court Judges? And how come the High Court Judges are all passport photo type pics, whilst the appellate judges get snazzy little pics taken whilst they are hard at work in their chambers?

Anyway, I digress.

The whole point of this post is to tell you:-

1) The Judiciary website has had a revamp

2) There are photos of the Judges there now.

3) Oh .. and there are judgments, legislation and some information about the Courts and court system as well.

That’s done, and here’s the link:, so go check it out.

12 replies on “Malaysian Judiciary website – looking good”

  1. Dear Bobo, are you the Lord Bobo? If yes, why did you say that it’s too early to comment?? What about others? What do they think? Why the silence?

  2. "Fearing of having nightmare"?? Really so BAD meh, Art?

    Sorry to digress from the main topic but interested to hear from the owners of LB what do they think about the suggestions given?? Are they ready for CHANGE??

  3. Thanks for alerting us of the new website, Lord Bobo.

    Not to feel superior to a monkey or anything, but I feel compelled to point out that the website DOES feature the portrait of Judicial Commissioners.

    Maybe the people behind the website were inspired to do so by this posting?

  4. Good idea, Yvonne, since they're in the process of revamping the look of LB. And to add in those suggestions given by Art too.

    So, when can we see this happen??

  5. Your Arrogancy,

    May your humble fan suggest that YA post the photographs of the 6 owners of this website. Let YA's fans/followers decide whether the simians are better looking than the judges.

    Much obliged.

  6. Is there a section to notify all litigants/Lawyers on the websites that is to say, BC website and Court website on the various changes to their cases about 7 working days earlier from scheduled MENTION DATES or HEARING DATES?

    For straight forward applications – to notify next MENTION DATES in the website instead of having to find out at the relevant court notice board.

    Thank you.

  7. Great. Love it.

    To further improve, perhaps they should also have the "profile" of all the Judges ala Facebook. You know, fav movies, fav books, fav music etc. And then put an "approval" button beside their name respectively for the public and/or lawyers to rate them. Perhaps put a star rating beginning with one and maxed out at 5. They should also have a profile stat ala facebook and also a mood stat. Like we would the know whether so and so is in a gloomy mood or whatever today.

    Oh man, I could go on and on. But it's the fasting month.

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