2007 Bar Resolution on Legal Aid Files

At the 61st AGM of the Malaysian Bar held on March 17, 2007, the following resolution proposed by by Latheefa Koya and Renuka T Balasubramaniam was unanimously passed. Write your hands how many lawyers/legal firms have since followed through on this resolution?



1. The legal fraternity has long been associated with ruthless individualistic materialism.

2. That due to a decline in emphasis on ethical, spiritual and moral elements in the education and development of young lawyers the profession’s glorious reputation of being noble has been in decline.

3. That young lawyers are gravely concerned with this repugnant perception of lawyers in the face of senior members of the Bar ranting about the good ole days.

4. That by using our legal skills in service, we progress towards keeping unrestrained avarice in check.

5. That the Legal Aid Centres of the Bar are mechanisms symbolic of the importance of a work-life balance imperative to a wholesome practice that this generation of advocates and solicitors can be proud of.

6. Legal aid is a human right and not a privilege and a social obligation of the Malaysian Bar in promoting right citizenship.

7. At present a comparative handful of lawyers are voluntarily bearing the burden that rightfully belongs to the entire 12,000 strong Bar. A large number of these volunteers are sole proprietors and young lawyers.


1. That we the Malaysian Bar recognize a collective responsibility for this social obligation toward right citizenship.

2. We call for the equitable distribution of the performance of legal aid.

3. We call for the cooperation of all firms to adopt one legal aid file per lawyer.

4. This resolution marks the first step toward improving the legal aid service of the Malaysian Bar which is long overdue.

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