I am outraged!!!

I was having a meeting at Bangsar when I received a text message at about 5pm yesterday about the death of Teoh Beng Hock. He was found dead, apparently “on the roof of an adjoining building next to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission’s building.”

Teoh Beng Hock

To say that MACC has been independent all these while is like saying Pam Anderson has not done a silicon job. It has been known and seen to move with lightning speed in cases involving opposition leaders as well as UMNO leaders who are not in the right camp. At a whiff of anything resembling an iota of wrongdoing, they would raid, arrest and interrogate all and sundry. But if, and only if, the people involved are from the “other side” of the fence.

But when the luminaries involved are from the government side, they would just sit still, like an elephant on tranquilisers. Look at the palatial mansion issue. Not a word from MACC. Contrast that to the “Hari Raya Korban” cows issue. They did not only investigate. They passed judgment in full public view even before the AG had the chance to look at the Investigation Papers!

And what about the Lingam Tape findings made by the Royal Commission? No statement. No hurry. No nothing. NFA, said the Minister. Who was interviewed? Who was arrested to take statements? Were there interrogations until 3.45 am? None of course.

Teoh was not a suspect. And yet he was interrogated mercilessly from 5pm to 3.45am. Why the need to do so? Can’t witnesses be treated with dignity, if not with respect? Was he going to run away? Can’t he be asked respectfully to come to the office during office hours and interviewed in a civil manner? After all, if he was a witness, his testimony would be helpful and of assistance to MACC.

There are more questions than answers in this whole debacle. Life is cheap in Malaysia. That is quite obvious.

My questions are:

  • why would a young man who was to be married in a day’s time commit suicide?
  • why must he, who was not a suspect, be interrogated mercilessly from 5pm to 3.45am?
  • why was he allowed to remain in MACC’s office after he was released?
  • are members of the public ordinarily allowed to be in MACC’s office in the wee hours of the morning without supervision? Wouldn’t this run contrary to the security of MACC, its officers and all data in MACC’s office and custody?
  • are members of the public, especially those who have been interrogated, ordinarily allowed to sleep on a settee in MACC’s office unsupervised in the wee hours of the morning or any hours for that matter?
  • are members of the public, especially those who have been interrogated, ordinarily allowed to wander around aimlessly in MACC’s office unsupervised?
  • why was Teoh allowed to do all of the above?
  • why wasn’t Teoh told to go home and not remain in MACC’s office as it is a security area?
  • what happened to CCTV cameras in MACC’s office (I presume there will be a hell of a lot of them)
  • how come nobody noticed where Teoh, a total stranger to MACC and its officers, was? Where was the security guard?

And look at the picture. Teoh’s pants are torn. Why?

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  1. What I find amusing (or rather annoying) is, when I read news on our national newspapers. It goes on and on in circle, like a benggali setting up a turban, like a recorded cassette from yesteryear stuck on replay mode. It will mention all the already familiar names, the victim Teoh Beng Hock, and as usual the past coroners, Dr. Pornothip and Dr Venenzis, the mourning girlfriend and sister of Teoh Beng Hock and the hopeless coroner Azmil Mustapha Abas. I read about our famous advocator, Karpal Singh. And as always like a template of previous report used again and again, it mention Teoh’s boss, the Seri Kembangan assemblymen and state exco, Ean Yong Hian Wah. I don’t know where is Seri Kembangan (I suspect it is next to the Zoo Negara) and I don’t know how this piece of information relate to this case at this point of time. What did Ean Yong do that The Star and NST has to mention him every time they cover this story? Is there a cloud of suspicion around Ean Yong for causing the death of his own staff? The same goes with the coverage of the high profile foreign coroners. Is this a new tv series, CSI:Sri Kembangan? If it is, the rating must be suffering big time, because the story is just too unbelievable.

    These so called national newspapers failed to mention what matters the most in a case of an unnatural death (now that it is neither suicidal nor homicidal). The very basic question, who is the suspicious culprit(s)? Who is the person responsible of detaining the victim? MACC is not a person, it is an organization, it cannot kill Teoh. There are real people in that MACC office. Who is the person in charge of that 14th floor of Selangor MACC office on the day of his death? Lets forget about politics for a moment and concentrate on justice (and humour). Lets not be too ambitious as to bring down the whole MACC let alone the government. Lets start small. Who sits in the 14th floors? If there is an office, there must be office staff, office manager, office boy, cleaner and the most important of all, the toilet lady. Lets start by interviewing and reporting the story of the toilet lady. Did she hear or see anything unusual on that day or was it just another usual beating up session in that office? Did she clean up the toilet after Teoh had a pee? How many times Teoh had toilet break during his beat up session? Has the ghost of Teoh come back and haunt that toilet since? Who knows what evidence might surface from there, it could be an accident after all; the toilet lady forgot to close the window the night before 16th July 2009, and the cleaner left a block of soap on the floor, the rest I leave it to your imagination. In that case we don’t need expert CSI forensic, all we need is for Mr. Columbo to take a look at 14th floor of Selangor MACC office.

    I could have been made to believe Teoh cekik himself and then throwed himself down the Petronas Twin Tower if the media had not been so cautious and shy in reporting this news. The fact that these government own newspaper has been so timid has raised suspicion of cover up on its own. So, Mr Editor of ‘you know which newspaper’, if you read this, shame on you. Hold on tight to your job while it last. When the new government come marching in next GE, you might find yourself cleaning the toilet on the 14th floor of Selangor MACC office.

  2. Dear Fedup,

    You are quite a twisted little puppy.

    Art doesn't publish photos of the dead for kicks. In case you missed it – that is what could happen to you if you go for a witness interview session with the MACC. That is what he wants to show you from the picture.

    And the police and MACC couldn't give a damn about that poor boy and look as if they are attempting a cover up. That's what this picture is about.

    Art has also asked some pertinent questions relating to Teoh's death which the police or MACC feel no urgency to address.

    And there is no gutter reporting here. Art was making a comment.

    If there's anything from the gutter in this piece, it's you and your comments.

    Oh yeah, and thanks for stopping by to read. I certainly wWould like to see some more substantive comments in the future, if you can manage it and dare stick your name to it.

  3. My dear mei1,

    You are right….

    you said " ..Again, it indicates that more public awareness & education is needed."


  4. Janet, my answer to your question: NO.

    Tell me, how many laypersons know about Rule 20 of the Lockup Rules 1953? I just learned it after reading the news from MI & MBar press release.

    Again, it indicates that more public awareness & education is needed.

  5. My dear Art,

    What happened to Article 5 of the Federal Constitution?

    Repeated herein from Wikipedia link —

    Article 5

    Clause 1 provides that no person may be deprived of life or personal liberty save in accordance with law.

    Clause 3 guarantees the rights of an arrested person to be informed of the reasons of his arrest and to be legally represented by a practitioner of his choice.

    It is a guaranteed right for all Malaysians.

    Why was this right compromised?

    I thought all Malaysians hold true to the spirit of the Constitution?


    If you had the chance to turn back the clock, what would you advise Teoh to do in these circumstances?

    This question also applies to anyone wanting to reply on here.

    Next question —

    Do you all know your guaranteed rights under the Malaysian Federal Constitution?



  6. To fedup,

    What do you have to say about the contents of the article by the way?

    Oh I know. You do not have any opinion on that matter. Your ability is obviously restricted to throwing baseless accusations against the writer.

    I don't think the photo was published just for the sake of publishing it. It is there for a purpose. What is the purpose? Well, a person with your ability would miss it. I understand.

    SHAME ON U2.

  7. Gee Mr Blogger Art Harun,

    So you're another low life who likes to publish photos of the dead?

    You join the ranks of Msiakini and MsianInsider then.

    Gutter reporting.

    If this is the mentality of the Malaysian to seek sensationalism – then the country has gone backwards and down the hill rapidly.


  8. I've grumbled a lot at Art's blog & on my facebook, so I'll only ask this: how RELIABLE & CREDIBLE is the police investigation? It's promised that there'll be no cover-up, but the precedent like Kugan case tells us that there will be no prompt action taken after that. So, what can we expect??

  9. And why no blood after such a high drop eh? And does not look like its the kind of position he would have come to after that long drop! Was he killed elsewhere and set down there? And why torn trousers?

    And look at the wrist…you can see like as if got bruises.

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