FFF Shoot Day 1 “No Silver Lining: The Perak Crisis”

3 frogs

The S-ploited started filming yesterday.

Saha Froggie Syah

Many thanx to Saha and Syah for agreeing to be interviewed for the documentary.


Many thanx to Messrs Richard Wee Lopez for agreeing to the use of their office premises.


Updates as we continue our journey.

Froggie scares...

More here. Thank you Wong Kok Seng for the excellent photos.

Kar Mern

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3 Responses to FFF Shoot Day 1 “No Silver Lining: The Perak Crisis”

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  3. Leong Yook Kong

    I am wondering whether the courted appointed MB had signed the RM9 billion Vale agreement last week? Can anyone throw some lights on the signing of the RM9 billion investment agreement ceremony?