Joint statement by Professor Dr. Abdul Aziz Bari and Edmund Bon Tai Soon:

The resolution by PAS calling for SIS to be investigated, and if necessary banned, will maintain a disturbing trend. Considering the matter from the fresh perspective of association rights under Article 10 of the Federal Constitution sheds light on the issue.

The right to association is a fundamental liberty, and it is essential to our maturing democracy. Any proposed curtailment of the right must be actively discouraged. Civil society should empower and liberalise, not restrict and narrow our liberties in the Constitution.

Engagement and open dialogue on matters of controversy is the most constructive way to resolve conflict, and to move forward; not by the banning or detaining of persons with dissenting voices.

Whatever one’s view of certain groups in our country, we should not deny our citizens’ basic right to association. This is something both State and non-State actors would do well to take cognisance of.

Dated this 14th day of June 2009

3 replies on “Statement on PAS’ resolution on SIS by Prof Dr Aziz Bari and Edmund Bon”

  1. Hey queen latifah, we live in the modern world ok! Not in some primitive barbaric Arabic land – look at the disgusting veiling ideology! That's primitive Arabic culture, nothing to do with Islam, because a just God wouldn't treat women & men so unequal & unfree, would you think? Such as how come men are not forced to wear the veil, cover themselves in hot sun from head to toe in black EVIL burkha or any veil for that matter, where all women & girls are homogenized primitively to look the same as in primitive Arabic culture! Sick, when I think about it! Malaysian, Indonesian & south-East Asian Muslims need to free themselves from this misguided form of false Islam, that is actually uncivilized Arabic culture. God, I miss our sexy kebayas!

    Katharina Sri (former: Noor Aza Othman)


    (future hope: to bring revolution against the primitive Arab veil!)

  2. Article 10 of the Federal Constitution does NOT give free for all in matters of ISLAM.

    The Agong and the Sultans have every right to ban, disband or even to bring to prosecution all those who misuse the word Islam.

    They, the Sultasn are the proetctors of Islam as far as they are practised in Malaysia.

    I beleieve the Khalifahs did wage wars against those who misuse or cause confusion in the use and practice of Islam, including false prophets and groups of followers.

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