Anti-SL Rally 1

The historical perspective is here written by A. Kanesalingam.

Anti-SL Rally 2The question as to the use of force in the Tamils’ legitimate fight for their self-determination is again raised.

Freedom fighters or “terrorists”?

What now for the defeated Tamils in Sri Lanka?

Has history been re-written by the might of the gun?

5 replies on “Next for the Tamils?”

  1. Vastu Raman,

    Why not compare it to Malaysia? You think 8 March 2008 is all? Still a long way to go. BN is not lost yet!!

    People in Malaysia are changing, those educated Malays are changing. All realize that this type of racial profiling and racial activism will not move us forward.

    Every country had their history of discrimination – see the blacks in US. But we should move forward, educate the people of civil society and human rights.

    By supporting these Eelam, neither Sinhalese or Tamils are going to move forward. When you bring bring up language issues (especially when you utter the word "MOTHER TONGUE"), people around the world will get emotional. These are the same people who will refuse to embrace an Asian language like Bahasa Melayu or Sinhala but then keep English next to god.

    Temenggong – support them, provide them weapons, it's not you who are dying. War is not such a nice thing for anyone. Breaking a country into two is never easy and more blood will be spilled.

    Let Tamil Nadu take care the progress of Tamil language (there are 40 million tamils there). We have more important things to do for our respective countries. The Ceylonese tamils also have more than 40yrs to catch up with the rest of the world.

    Only stability and education will change the perspective of Sinhala's and Tamils to each other and who knows they can be a great united nation one day. Let us not add fuel to the burning flame there.

  2. The historical account by the writer is brief but accurate to those who have studied Sri Lanka history.

    As per Geneva Convention the LTTE is 'an armed combatant group' – separatist insurgents. According to Prof Francis Boyle Eelam meets all the requirements for a separate state. Former US attorney general Bruce Fein has filed charges for genocide and war crimes against Sri Lanka.

    The LTTE is still alive with approximately 3,500 fighters dispersed in various locations. From the pronouncements of the Sri Lanka govt there is little likelihood of any meaningful devolution of powers to Eelam. Hence war will restart again soon enough.

  3. To regard Mr Kanesalingam's document as "the historical perspective" is to dignify it beyond what it deserves.

    This is the LTTE, the body which revolutionised suicide bombing as a means of terrorist attack. Mr Kanesalingam writes off the LTTE attacks on innocent civilians by merely saying "This has been denied by the LTTE."

    What complete and utter b*llocks.

  4. The fact by A.Kanesalingam was true. The rise of second generation of Tamilians in europe and other countries shows the diaspora are very much keen on Eelam state. Whether the war is over or not all depends on Singhalese government to implement political devolution to Tamil people. Any denial of their rights will embarked another war eventhough I dont see any possibility in near time. The struggle for Eelam started far before Prabahakaran arm struggle and impossible for the people to give up even after his demise. The struggle will continue until the rise of Eelam.

    It's illogical to put comparison Eelam issue with Malaysia. Malaysian irrespective of race or religion still believe on democratic struggle and GE2008 shows the change still can be made in political process but Tamilians lost hope in political and peace process in Sri Lanka. Singhalese extremist force Tamilians to take arms to defend their self. Tamilians have fought for their rights since 1948 and decided to go for arm struggle after 1976 almost after 30 years.

    The struggle will continue but it much depends on government of the day. Only time will answer whether the struggle will back to peace or arm struggle.

  5. Historical perspective by A.Kanesalingam seems to be truly one sided. Undeniably there was a discrimination, but is it so bad that it warrants a 26 years of civil war?

    The author is walking a dangerous path by pointing that the land which historically belong to Tamils to be given back to them. Millions of Ceylonese Tamil may have have migrated to earlier but bear in mind their children are not ceylonese anymore. They belong to the land of their birth, and thats all.

    If we take the path of the author, the Malays in Malaysia may ask us back for whatever land that we own as this was their ancestrial land.

    Please mind that we are not responsible for our parents or grandparents decisions. Sinhala's born in Tamil are have as much right even if it is a planned settlement, as much as ethnic Indians or Chinese are in Malaysia. Neither can we give Sabah to Philipines, Sarawak for self governing or Kedah, Perlis, Kelantan and Terengganu to Siamese king as it were ancestrially their land.

    Who ever the children of Malaysia are here due to part of the history which we ourselves have no control of and there is no where else for us to go. Taking Bahasa Melayu as our first language is the fundamental of the nation.

    It's good that the armed struggle finally coming to an end. Now it's the job of Tamil diaspora and the world to ensure the equality and fundamental human rights are kept in Ceylon. The world should not compromise on this.

    Sinhala's are not heartless animals as this paper trying to potray i am sure.

    Dont start a war for language please. If the whole world fight for language, civilization will not move foward.

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