Sex work

Recently, sex work became a topic of discussion in Parliament as reported here. We discussed the issue at length on the BC HRC egroup. Here are my thoughts.

Let these people do what they want. Let them have a Union so that they’ll be well protected. If we can have a Majilis Peguam Islam, I can’t see why we can’t have a Kesatuan Sekerja Seks Malaysia (KSSM – pronounced as ‘Kiss Me’). All are being done to facilitate the interests of a certain group of people.

Besides, if SEX is legal and SELLING is legal, why is SELLING SEX illegal? I don’t quite see the logic in the prostitution argument. We have to put our superstitious religious views aside as well as our irrational and unfounded fear of God and realise that sex is but another natural craving of a human being just as eating and drinking is.

Every person as of puberty thinks about sex. It is a biological drive manufactured by your brain to get you to reproduce and keep the species thriving. Completely natural. Nothing to be ashamed about. It’s only human. The dangers arise when you curtail these drives and try to label them as bad or evil; that’s when you get overly self-righteous and you start discriminating against anyone who disagrees with you.

And why the guilt associated with paying for sex? If you can buy condoms, why can’t you buy sex? You’re going to be doing the same thing anyway at the end of the day. Buying sex is a completely honest purchase that’s helping the economy move. There are electronic items purchased in this country that are made by underpaid workers in a sweat shop in China with goods supplied by poor child labourers in India; that to me is a lot more vile.

I would rather see some guy pay for sex than abduct a 16-year old girl, sodomise her with a badminton racquet before raping her and throwing her off a suspension bridge. Or some sexually repressed grandfather with a religious hat and a beard proceed to drop his sarong and perform sex acts on his 9-year old granddaughter.

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