Like most, I have been following the whole debacle in the state of Perak and when I first learned that you’ll be hearing the case, I quickly asked around whether you were a “goodie” or a “baddie”. Those were my specific words. No one could tell me anything, so I made the conclusion that you were probably the latter.

There were days that i tried to be optimistic, but it was and still is hard to believe that there’s still a just, impartial and competent judge left in this country.

In fact, when the case went on for a whole week, I made a remark that it’s probably just for “show”. I assumed the worst.

But you proved me wrong and I thank you for that. Finally there is a glimmer of hope. Despite the pressure, you did not bend.

You are perhaps the only credible judge remaining in the eyes of the people.

I won’t go so far to call you my hero (not yet) but I pray that you will one day be the Chief Justice.

I also pray that all of us (especially the other judges) find the courage to be fearless and to stand by what’s right as you did with this case.

Lastly, I love the fact that your detailed judgment has set the precedent for the 3 judges at the Court of Appeal. I wonder how they’re going to cook up this one :)

Thank you again and God bless.

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  1. The Almighty one day asked Nigif, "Is there any good judges left in your judiciary?"

    C4 replied, yes my Lord, "Only one, justice Abdul Aziz"

  2. Yeah, Abdul Aziz is no hero… but in the dark and black days , even a person who do his/her job properly can be seen as a hero. I mean, nowadays people in the government are busy politicking instead of governing, police chase after lawful citizen than criminal, judges sending criminals home, and whatnot… When everything is wrong, a right is precious… :)

  3. Please follow the TV show on BBC (Astro channel 731) Judge John Deed. Here is someone the Hon High Court Judge Abdul Aziz is equal to. A man who does what is right and opposed what is not……

  4. Judges are ordained by God (Allah to Muslim)to see that justice is done. Corrupted judges will face the wrath of God worst than that of murderers, rapists and thieves.

  5. Most Judges are advanced in age and in their final years of their earthly lives. Why can't they die as honourable men and women? Why sully their souls just for the perks of office which will end the day their souls leave their bodies?

    Remember, not only the litigants but the entire population is cursing them.

    I urge these judges to repent or better still resign as judges. Better to die a 'commoner' than as a disgraced, despised and cursed judge.

  6. Sam, I opine with your remarks. May those scum judges be cursed for 7 generations.

    May ALLAH give Justice Aziz the strenghts and endurance in the midst of thorn judges.

  7. Integrity runs in the family. I am sure Abdul Aziz comes from a God loving/fearing family and his parents must have taught him the meaning of justice and integrity. Likewise he must have passed on these value to his children. Surely, he is a man of God. I do not know him, never seen nor heard of him but he must be a great man. May he be blessed.

    As for the scums in the Federal Courts and the Appeals Court – they must have been cursed the day they were born. They must be from families that lack a modicum of integrity, morality or decency. Yes, Yes. I condemn their whole families and progeny as well.

    Why am I so angry? Because the judge is an honourable position. They have taken an oath to uphold justice. They represent the values of Heaven.

    For a judge to go against his very conscience and oath just for the sake of preserving his/her temporal position is, I would consider the lowest form of human being. May they be cursed even in death. May their children and their childen's children be cursed.

    I will be ashamed if one of them is from my family. I would renounce them the very day they made judgments to please UMNO.

    Imagine, in a country that holds "Believe in God" as the first tenet of the Rukun Negara, we have so many scums, who deserve to be called kafirs or pagans.

  8. Abdul Aziz is no hero. He is just a Judge who performed his judicial duty as what most renowned Judges in the Commonwealth do or like most good judges do. In trying and determining the Perak case, he merely decides the facts based on the evidences adduced and then just apply the law, whether written or case precedents, based on the facts decided by him. In doing this, Abdul Aziz is true to his oath of office, namely to " faithfully discharge his judicial duties as a High Crt Judge to the best of his ability…and to preserve, protect and defend its Constitution".

    Granted that in our superior courts, not many Judges are like him, and unlike him had forsaken their judicial oath of office, we should nevertheless never heap praise on Abdul Aziz for merely performing his judicial duty. Instead we should pour scorn on those Superior 'rogue' judges and endeavor to cleanse the judiciary of those who had deviated or had failed their oath of office.

    The ultimate aim of malaysians is to create a Judiciary who is truly independent of the Executive in the performance of their judicial functions. We should have Judges who truly subscribe to the time honored principles of parliamentary democracy where there are in place three organs of governmemt, which provides check and balance to one another. Most Judges had abandoned this concept and had allowed the Executives to run all over them making them subservient to the Executives and not as equal partners in the governance of the country.

  9. Dear Michaela Tung,

    And I thought I was the only one to make reference of such person as a hero… or soon to be..

    Yeh yeh yeh…


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