Life and Death are interests of mine.

1. I do not think we can assert any kind of right to be born or not. You are here today living and breathing not because you chose to be here but simply because you happen to have out-swam a couple of thousand other sperms i.e. you were the fittest among the rest. Each sperm would give way to a completely different individual (think un-identical twins).

Hell, had I known what’s in store for me on Earth, I would’ve swam back!

2. Now having established that each and every sperm contains the essence or seed of life, we need to ask the question as to how much we value this ‘life’. Guys usually tend to get a tad bit worried when I forward arguments like this because at the rate in which the general sexually repressed adult male ejaculates every day, he’s probably responsible for more deaths in a week than the Nazis were during the entire Holocaust.

3. But of course, the next line of argument comes from doctors who say that life begins when the fetus develops a pulse. Well, that can be argued. It still continues to remain on the support of its mother, by no means is that ‘life’ able to sustain itself. It can be aborted, it is not an independent entity.

4. These arguments can go on for ages… to keep things simple – guys, get yourself some bloody condoms or if you’re cheap, have some decency to pull out!

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  1. Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex* (*But Were Afraid to Ask) [1972] by Woody Allen, would be a great movie for you to enjoy, aston. wiki it first so you know wht ur getting into (pun intended).

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