Siapakah pilihan ANDA sebagai Perdana Menteri Malaysia? telah memulakan satu tinjauan pendapat awam (poll) baru-baru ini untuk pilihan ANDA sebagai Perdana Menteri Malaysia – lihat sebelah kanan di sini.

Nampaknya DSAI sedang mendahului. Betulkah ini? Adakah DSAI benar-benar pilihan anda?

(Jacob Zuma (ANC) di Afrika Selatan telah berjaya, dan perlu diingati beliau telah juga menghadapi pendakwaan rasuah yang dikatakan bersifat politik tetapi akhirnya digugurkan.)

Dengan Pakatan Rakyat sedang menubuhkan Kabinet Bayang-Bayang (Shadow Cabinet), kita perlu mengundi, selepas tinjauan Perdana Menteri ini, siapakah lagi seharusnya dalam Kabinet ANDA!

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9 Responses to Siapakah pilihan ANDA sebagai Perdana Menteri Malaysia?

  1. I would choose MR.LIM GUAN ENG….just look at penang for further clarification… he is the only best, brightest, and the bravest political mind in malaysia tday.. Reformation is not about talking loud and transformation is not abt chnaging others… "A good leader is the one who practice what he preach".. plsss not ever n ever the one who breach it… emmmmmm but most had already breached it…..

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  3. mei1

    aiyo, be patient & let's see what are the changes they can bring us. Do welcome the good changes, after all those are what rakyat deserve to it. But when it comes to election, just make sure you vote for conscience so that a stronger 2 partisan system can be moult. Bear in mind that absolute power corrupt absolutely.

  4. vie

    nobody will change

    we rakyat have 2 change them

  5. Tuan Guru Haji Hadi ler jadi PM …..

  6. Everybody keep saying UMNO 'must' change..!!!

    If they want to change it should have been done after the March 2008 election.

    Not wait for new PM to tell or the rakyat to tell them…!

    They should have realize the "Rakyat's" feelings.

    But Noooo……!

    They blame the rakyat for being "UNGRATEFUL" after all….. these years what BN has done for us..!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Actually "WHAT" has BN done for us…????

    Whatever they want to do they always "have" to us the rakyat's money for their agenda.

    When has BN & their goons "ever" had any money of their own to give it to the rakyat…??????????????????????

    They HAVE forgotten it is their "DUTY" to serve the rakyat.

    "Not the other way around lah…!"

    The rakyat are the ones that choose them in to run Malaysia. Not "ruin" Malaysia…!!!

    Now they are ""All That..!!""

    When comes next GE…, they will be sooo….. nice & promising "heaven" & "hell" & dishing out money for this & that…..

    Rakyat's money that is….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It's just "basic" commonsense…!!!!

    They are "NOT" willing to change coz they are extremely comfortable with "how' they are getting "things" done..!!!

    They are also afraid of loosing their so-called "privileges"…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How many more times must we keep on telling these stubborn goons……… "UMNO" must change !!! "UMNO" must change…??????????????????????????????????

    Aren't you guys sick & tired of repeating it…??????????

    They WON'T change…!!!

    Most of them think they "deserve" what they "think" belongs to them….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    "You can't force a bull to drink water if it doesn't want to…….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

  7. rahman,ahchong,munia

    UMNO must change totally its "rusty image". Even its logo must change.Get rid of the useless "rusty keris" and replace with a symbol that reflects a real ONE MELAYU !! Our cultural, social, educational and political environment have changed drastically and UMNO must "overhaul" its vision and mission to face new challenges. Our needs and aspirations are now totally different from 50 years ago. We are now living in a very complex and sophisticated world and we must adjust accordingly. Our hopes and expectations are very high and we expect UMNO leaders to be more focus and transparent in carrying out their responsibilities. They must be seen at all times to have the highest integrity of the first order or else UMNO will failed miserably to get the respect due from the Malays.

  8. nur muhd nizam

    dato seri nizar jamaluddin,zaid ibrahim, khalid samad, azmin ali, lim kit siang, lim eng guan,tony pua,sivarasa,husam musa,kamaruudin jaffar, teressa kwek, elizabeth wong,dr lo lo ghazali,tengku razaleigh,govind singh

  9. I agree with nur muhd nizam if he is sincire and not joking.We dont want a ichi cock PM and Gold underwear Dottie.