Someone asked, on an e-group, for an explanation of the recent court decisions in the Perak cases. I replied as follows, and thought I should share it with you (with minor editions), considering also the statements made yesterday by certain leaders of the “ruling” class about the state of our country:

All the on-going developments are easy to understand if you have a paradigm shift which is this:

(1) Laws are for people not in power

(2) Laws are to be obeyed when convenient, and when ignored, the actions in ignorance of the laws are declared legal by those in power and their cohorts

(3) All developments by the government are with the purpose of keeping the political and business elite in power

(4) The political and business elite don’t give a damn about people not in power unless it’s in their interest to do so

(5) The political and business elite know exactly what they are doing so don’t bother asking questions like ‘Why are they doing this?’ ‘Dontch they know its wrong/contravenes the law/ethics/etc.’ because one tends to sound terrribly naive and give them even more reason to oppress us

Once you internalise all this, you will cease to be baffled and understand, albeit sadly, for the most part what is going on in this country.

A person not in power,


Fahri Azzat practices the dark arts of the law. Although he enjoys writing and reading, he doesn't enjoy writing his own little biographies of himself. Like this one. He wished somebody else would do it...

9 replies on “What is going on in this country?”

  1. Slyderrose, going by perception, may I venture to say that things are already hopelessly bad enough in Malaysia that at least without BN-UMNO in power, we have a chance of change, change for the better for sure because it can't be any worse than now!

  2. Slyderrose, let's put it this way – Malaysia is a corrupted country whereby, Malaysia is only known among the foreigners as The Corrupted Country; of course the country will remain "peaceful" under their scrupulous ruling. Where did you get that kinda perception from? If you live your daily life with only this perception, i am sure, you wont survive long enough in this world to see a better future for your children. I truly agree with Fahri, this sounds like a perception of one who is strongly affiliated with the current regime.

  3. Slyderrose, I sorely wished you explained yourself because I cannot disagree enough with your statement. A crooked BN/UMNO is leading this country into shame and ruin. Why should they go on leading? Because they have experience? BM/UMNO are so corrupt they cannot be salvaged. The only cleansing that will do them any good is extinction.

    As for chaos – just like you would need to get worse before we get better and continue taking your medication, our country has no medication and only gets worse as we pretend things get better.

    You say that is the perception but whose perception is it? Certainly not mine nor the others who posted here. If at all it sounds like the perception of one who is affiliated with the current regime. That's a sorry thing.

  4. By hook or crook BN/ umno must lead the country. The status quo must remain. No other political party can rules Malaysia otherwise it will be chaotic. Malaysia will remains peaceful if BN/ umno rules the country. Sorry to say this is the perception.

  5. sadly, there are a lot of malaysians don't care about all these; the truth, justice & democracy.

    and they said under BN ruling, malaysia is peaceful and they don't want something like thai incident to happen. they further said that we might be colonised again if we fight between each other.

    and they don't bother at all the corruption. they said every politicians sure corrupted one either from BN or PR.

  6. The sad part is there are those not in power who will not be able to understand what you are trying to say here.

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