Majlis Peguam akan menganjurkan satu forum berkenaan krisis berPerlembagaan Perak pada 25 April 2009 pukul 12.00 – 2.00 petang di Auditorium Majlis Peguam.

Tajuknya Perak Crisis: Constitutional, Legal or Political?

Ahli-ahli panel forum ini yang telah dijemput adalah saudara-saudara Dr Subramaniam Pillai, Tommy Thomas dan Dato’ Shafee Abdullah.

Semua dijemput hadir. Sila daftarkan diri di sini.


5 replies on “Forum: “Krisis BerPerlembagaan Perak”, 25 April 2009”

  1. Sultans are serious burden of the rakyat. How can they Sultans lives from the poor people's hard labor.

  2. Sultan Azlan should explain his actions. He cannot run away from responsibility by proclaiming that he is above politics

  3. Bar Councl should extend their invitation to Raja Azlan, Perak Sultan to be a forum member. Perakians are interested as to whence he derives his powers to ask a sitting MB to resign and to declare the post of MB vacant.

    Since he has descended into the political arena, he should explain where he derive those powers from. The office of the Sultan is a creature of the Perak Constitution. If tomorrow, by a public referendum, the people voted for the redrafting of the Perak constitution, they would want to make sure that Rulers only play a symbolic and ceremonial role and not to interfere in the affairs of the Government.

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