Marriages between Muslims and non Muslims is prohibited under Islamic law, except in certain limited circumstances. Malaysian Islamic law is even more limited than some other schools of Islamic law. International human rights norms however suggest that the prohibition and criminalisation of interfaith marriages is an unreasonable restriction on the rights of men and women to marry and found a family.

Islamic law

Under Islamic law, as I understand it, a Muslim woman can only marry a Muslim man. However, a Muslim man can marry a Muslim woman or a Kitabiyyah. See for example section 10 of the Islamic Family Law (Federal Territories) Act 1984:-

Section 10. Persons of other religions.

(1) No man shall marry a non-Muslim except a Kitabiyah.

(2) No woman shall marry a non-Muslim.

A Kitabiyyah is generally regarded as a Person of the Book i.e. a Jew or a Christian. Traditional commentators discourage marriages between Muslims and non Muslims, although there is a divergence of views on when it is allowed and what restrictions are placed on the general rule above. See for example Abdur Rahman I’ Doi.

Most Malaysian State Syariah legislation, following the Shafie school, puts a slight gloss on the above rule. The following is the definition of a Kitabiyyah taken from the FT legislation:-

Kitabiyah means –

(a) a woman whose ancestors were from the Bani Ya’qub; or

(b) a Christian woman whose ancestors were Christians before the prophethood of the Prophet Muhammad; or

(c) a Jewess whose ancestors were Jews before the prophethood of the Prophet ‘Isa;

*Prophet ‘Isa is of course Christ to Christians. As I understand it, Bani Ya’qub are the descendants of the Prophet Ya’qub (Jacob To the Christians?), who had 12 sons who formed the 12 tribes of Israel.

(Incidentally, this means only Malayalee Christians in Malaysia – the Mar Thomites and the Syrian Christians – would probably comply with this requirement).

Some States do not have this provision at all, instead only allowing Muslims to marry Muslims. (I recently learnt that Sarawak only permits a Muslim to marry another Muslim, whether you are a man or a woman.)

An interesting discussion on this, which also shows this Malaysian definition of a Kitabiyyah is perhaps unique to the Shafie school can be seen in the English Court of Appeal decision in U Viswalingam v S Viswalingam [1980] 1 MLJ 10.

Malaysian civil law

The Malaysian Law Reform (Marriage and Divorce) Act 1976 does not apply to Muslims (section 3). Hence, in Malaysia there is no means for a Muslim to marry a non Muslim under the civil law. In fact, the Muslim who goes through a marriage or even cohabits with a non Muslim runs the risk of falling foul of a number of offences under State Syariah criminal law prohibiting fornication (zina) and close proximity (khalwat).

This position is of course contrasted with the position in India and Singapore where by the Special Marriage Act of 1958 and the Woman’s Charter respectively, a Muslim and a non Muslim can lawfully marry. In both countries, if two Muslims are getting married to each other, their marriage is solemnised under Islamic law. It is noteworthy that the famous Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan, a Muslim, and his Hindu wife Gauri have been happily married since 1991.

International human rights norms

In addition to the protections for religious freedom and equality under the law, there are specific protections for the human right, in of itself, to found a family.

For example, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights provides that “Men and women of full age, without any limitation due to race, nationality or religion, have the right to marry and to found a family. They are entitled to equal rights as to marriage, during marriage and at its dissolution.”: Article 16(1)

Article 23(2) of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights provides that “The right of men and women of marriageable age to marry and found a family shall be recognized”. Although the Human Rights Committee of the United Nations in General Comment No. 19 does not explicitly state that this provision requires the State to ensure the right to persons of differing religions to marry, it does state that “the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion implies that the legislation of each State should provide for the possibility of both religious and civil marriages.”

It is also interesting that in the USA, the equality clause of the US Bill of Rights has been held to prohibit the criminalisation of marriages between difference races: see the US Supreme Court decision of Richard Perry Loving et. ux v Virginia (1967) 388 US 1, 18 L Ed 2d 1010 (now dramatised in the Hallmark production “Mr & Mrs Loving”). There does not seem to be any case on interfaith marriages. However, the current dispute in the US on the legality of same gender marriages and how it is ultimately resolved will no doubt be of relevance to this issue.

It seems clear, however, based on a simple reading of the provisions of the UDHR and ICCPR that to restrict the right of two consenting adults to live together and to found a family merely because of their differing religions is contrary to the rights of equality under the law, the right of religious freedom and the right to found a family contained within international human rights norms.

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  1. it is okay to scrutinize this Islamic theology, … Scrutinize it, question it and treat it like any other religion or political theory. It’s okay to question this and that’s where change begins,” Hirsi Ali said in the interview. ?

    187000 Turkish women in Polygamous marriages: study

    Al-Arabiya 19 January 2011

    Around 187,000 women in European Union aspirant nation Turkey are living in polygamous marriages even though the practice is illegal, according to a report seen by AFP Tuesday. The practice was found in the poor, Kurdish majority southeast Turkey as well as the industrialized west, said the study carried out by Hacettepe University in Ankara

    Aside from Tunisia and Israel, Turkey is the only country in the Middle East that has abolished polygamy, which was officially criminalized in 1926,

  2. Change 'plutocrat' to 'business owner', plutocrats should not be spoken for because world conditions still have too much poverty to justify any sequestration of massive wealth.

  3. 3 'Wrongs' in the comment below here.

    1) So if they say must convert in order to marry, then just follow them. they have reasons too.

    2) like Christians, you cant see it but i have seen it in kk, they keep on talking to strangers to follow them. some, forcing to go church. but do i care, no.

    3) i dont do give a damm thing because i know that is how they do their way perhaps.

    1) ignores spirit of the law/constitution which the word of the law/constitution must ALWAYS be amended to best democratic form as citizens mature and discover problems with the law

    2) promotes proselytization which is manipulativem offensive and disrespectful to self determination

    3) lazy, unthinking and selfish attitude which allows extremism to flourish

    More about the 3rd 'Wrong'

    When they came for the socialists

    I did not speak out – because I was not a socialist.

    Then they came for the opposition politicians

    and I did not speak out – because I was not a opposition politicians.

    Then they came for the LGBTs

    and I did not speak out – because I was not LGBT.

    Then they came for the activists

    and I did not speak out – because I was not a activist.

    Then they came for the trade unionists

    and I did not speak out – because I was not a trade unionist.

    Then they came for the plutocrats

    and I did not speak out – because I was not a plutocrat.

    Then they came for the labourers

    and I did not speak out – because I was not a labourer.

    Then they came for the slum dwellers

    and I did not speak out – because I was not a slum dwellers.

    Then they came for me –

    and by then there was no one left to speak out for me.

    1) Freedom from Apartheid/Fascism

    2) Freedom from Religious-Persecution/Religious-Supremacy.

    3) Equality for all ethnicities and faiths in all aspects of policy, Law and Constitution.

  4. "For someone who hasn’t even given any reasons to back her “arguments”, you are fucking stupid I must say.."

    ali…. i have my own reason why i'm not give any reason to back my arguments… for me.. i will not plus anything good when i say something bad…. i'm mocking u right…?? then that was so bad.. anyway… saya tak mahu menambahkn sifat bodoh sombong yang sudah ada pada kamu…. if u asking politely before then i also will give the best feedback as i can…

    thank you.

  5. i dont intend to start a fight with you ali. but a country rules is a country rules. you cant just simply do what you want in your own ways. there are reasons why certain countrys is like malaysia, must convert muslim if wanna marry to a muslim. im just trying to tell you why do you wanna bother that much about this religious. cause this is the rules of a certain country. i admit i dont really approve convert to islam if wanna get marry in malaysia. but this is my country and i am living in this country and i am proud of this country in a way. so i respect this damm malaysia rules. you said "doesn’t respect the rights of people to believe in their religion." you are what less? you also dont respect the people in this forum or what ever you call this who believes in their religion.

    but, this is their belief, and i respect that. if you dont respect its ok go do something else rather than disrespecting other people, but if you dont care about islam, why do you care so much until you post this such arrogant about this religious. so if they say must convert in order to marry, then just follow them. they have reasons too. like Christians, you cant see it but i have seen it in kk, they keep on talking to strangers to follow them. some, forcing to go church. but do i care, no. i dont do give a damm thing because i know that is how they do their way perhaps. its not the islam you must say arrogant. is the person who made this kind of rules in the country. because they are the ones who dont care about other religions. so before you point your fingers at the wrong person, try to use your brain before pointing that insults.

    "If tomorrow Parliament enacts a laws that says all Christians, Hindus and Sikhs must convert to Islam within 24 hours or face 5 years imprisonment, are you telling me you are going to respect such a law?" For your info, they will never do such thing because its not the parliaments choice. they only give ideas but not such stupid idea like what you've given.

    so, stop pointing your fingers at muslims people, they are not the ones who made this rules. point at the one who have made this rules. and another thing, this is about Muslim / non Muslim marriages in Malaysia not about who to say arrogant or what ever. respect other people man. and thanks, i know you only wanna give your thoughts. but try thinking how to give your thoughts in a right way. not in a wrong way that might make some people here to be angry or upset. im just helping them because i know this is the right thing to do. jangan jadi orang yang menilai buku tanpa tau isi kandung sesuatu buku itu.

    thanks again.

  6. LE.,

    I don't intend to respect discrimination. And it's very silly of you to compare stealing or killing with a requirement to convert.

    200 years ago there were laws that said that if a person was Black and from Africa, he was the property of another. Are you telling me "laws" permitting slavery ought to be respected?!

    There are always unjust laws, and laws like this do not and must not be given respect!

    If tomorrow Parliament enacts a laws that says all Christians, Hindus and Sikhs must convert to Islam within 24 hours or face 5 years imprisonment, are you telling me you are going to respect such a law?


    I have no idea what you're saying. But what I'm saying is, why can't a Buddhist marry a Muslim and be allowed to remain a Buddhist. Simple idea that will keep both people happy.

    rizz gyn,

    For someone who hasn't even given any reasons to back her "arguments", you are fucking stupid I must say.

    1. Dear Ali, respect each other faith. Nobody is forcing anyone to marry a Muslim. If they really want to stay true to their faith, then just don't even think about marrying a Muslim. As a Malaysian country, we have syariah law that protects the right of muslims in marriage, amongst other. Imagine if one partner in Muslim and the other is non-Muslims, how you can solve issue that may arise in the marriage such as divorce, neglect, financial support, etc. Even civil divorce is not valid for our faith. Plus, if the marriage is not valid according to your own faith, then why bother getting married at all?

  7. The issue isn't actually about the requirement to convert to Islam before marriage. The issue is actually about how Muslims in Malaysia are strapped to a pole and shackled to their religion since birth. They are not allowed to believe in anything else nor are they allowed to renounce their religion.

    Islam is a beautiful religion and if I were staying overseas, I would not rule out the idea of conversion since I can learn about the religion at a pace I am comfortable with. In Malaysia however, you get idiots telling you what you CAN and CANNOT do on the basis that they are messengers from a higher authority. How presumptuous is that?

  8. ali davidson : "To need someone to convert before they can marry a Muslim is arrogant and it doesn’t respect the rights of people to believe in their religion " ur words just like cat poop… better u study more…. talking something without knowledge is some bullshit.. u really stupid plus arrogant when say something like this…

  9. "To need someone to convert before they can marry a Muslim is arrogant and it doesn’t respect the rights of people to believe in their religion."

    So, you are telling to islamic people to broke their rules, hmmm??? teaching islam people how to tolerate with thier own rules? it just bullshit to me.

  10. ali, no need to convert actually. but since malaysian law of islam put it that way, we still have to follow country rules. example, you cant just kill people or steal in mid day just like that because it is against a county law. so, law of islam in malaysia is also like that. you need to respect the muslims cause this is their country.

  11. I think Muslims need to stop shoving their religion down other people's throats and just let others lead their life peacefully. To allow others to marry whoever they want, worship whatever they want and live at peace with themselves.

    To need someone to convert before they can marry a Muslim is arrogant and it doesn't respect the rights of people to believe in their religion.

  12. hi..

    marriage between muslim and kitabiyah is allowed in islam but not in malaysia… there is many characteristic of kitabiyah u must know if u really want to know either u are kitabiyah or not….. only women kitabiyah is allowed to get marry with muslim man….. but male kitabiyah is prohibited to marry muslim women…

    the most basic concept of kitabiyah is have same faith with muslim that is believe one god and only one that is allah…. not trinity.. not worship to statue.. and not animisms.. if u have this then u pass the most basic concept of kitabiyah…. also can consider u as kitabiyah…

  13. The answers to your questions are in the article, and in my earlier comments. Basically, your Muslim partner can be charged with a Syariah offence if he comes back to Malaysia.

  14. hi.

    i would like to seek advice here.

    im a chinese malaysian christian. have been dating wif a muslim man for 3 years. we r currently talking about marriage. but since the malaysian law only allows marrying wif muslim or kitabiyah..i am not sure whether im a kitabiyah. my religion believes in Jesus. im not willing to convert to islam. n we r discussing to have marriage overseas after getting permament residence there.since it will b an interfaith it violating the law in malaysia? we r just respecting our diff religion views.


  15. ooo.. ok.. now i understand ur situation…. u must be brave to make this decision…. be honest is to risky but if u need to do it.. just do it… from ur story.. i can see ur future husband is a good man.. he willing to cover ur disgrace, very rare to find a good man like this anymore..

    let me tell u… u baby cannot get ur husband name after u give birth follow the law of islam since u pregnant before get married… but u still can change it because u get a good husband… but this is illegal.. police matter just put away.. there is no problem at all..

    i cant help much.. but u can e-mail me… so i can explain more..

    [email protected]

  16. dont worry, no abortion will happen to my baby. my bf loves the baby so much. i ever wanted to convert to muslim. but i said lets just time handle it for me. i know i cant just convert to islam just because i want to get married. i sincerely want to convert to islam. but the problem is, i am pregnant without marry. my bf wants to get married with me so bad. the problem is, my family doesnt know, only my sister. if my dad find out about this baby, he will tell me to abort it. Im a sabahan. i dont even know what to do if i dont get married and deliver my baby without a husband. dont the police will investigate? what if they investigate? they might take my baby away from me which i really dont want to give away my baby. what should i do? i want to convert to islam because i sincerely want to convert into islam. but i am pregnant and i have to marry so that my baby will get the father's name. so what can or should i do?

  17. that baby is innocent.. so i hope, no abortion will happen…

    about covert into muslim.? whatever ur reason is.. learn more.. never convert if u just want to get marry, u will regret later so i hope u will learn more about islam before u get marry… and lastly about medical checkup… just be honest with ur future husband.. honest just the best solution in this situation….

  18. im a christian, malaysian, pregnant dont know who's child because i was raped and i was too frighten to go to the police, so i asked my muslim bf to make sex with me. he wants to get married with me. i know it was wrong but i dont know what else to do because i was too scared that time. i want to convert to islam and want to get maried with my bf, but i do know that i can't just convert into muslim just to get married. if i tell my father about the baby, he will tell me to abort the baby. I dont want to abort my baby. i dont even wanna give away my baby. i want to convert, but if i get married, i know they will test my blood and urine to check if got aids or so on so on. how if they found out im pregnant? what can i do? can some one help?


    Broken Wings.

  19. I am a non Muslim Malaysian woman who wants to marry a Muslim pakistani. Is it possible not to convert and to register the marriage in a civil court since he is not a Malaysian. And if I have to convert, is it possible not to change my name in IC? Please advise. Thanks.

    1. Don't revert to Islam unless you are willing to. If you do, you can retain your own name in IC, unless your name carry bad or negative meaning, it will be wise for you to change it (advisable).

  20. Sorry. I did not realise that there were so many comments posted. A lot of the question are asking for rather specific legal advice, and you should see a lawyer and actually get proper advice.

    The basic rules are as set out in the main article. In practice, no marriage between a Muslim and a non Muslim can be registered in Malaysia.

    There are some questions also on how to revert back to a person's former religion. That's also very difficult (next to impossible, in fact) in Malaysia but there are several legal battles being fought seeking to change this, since the difficulty in renouncing Islam is arguably a violation of Malaysia's Federal Constitution.

  21. for ur situation that married not registered.. then u are consider as single… become muslim or not.. it's depend who will take care the baby… and for citizenship… ofcoz ur baby will be malaysian if he/she are born inside malaysia..

  22. I'm a Sabahan Christian,and now pregnant my Iranian boyfriend baby.we haven't register since I do not want to convert to Islam.the problem is,when I deliver the baby,and include my boyfriend name who's non-Malaysian,will my baby become Muslim? And what will my baby citizenship? Please help me :(

  23. hihi… thanks for ur advice…. for long time i never use my english, thats y i think it's poor… anyways, what u talk about is what i mean.. thanks again for explanation….

  24. Rizz, I know ur trying to help n most of what u say is true, but u really need to brush up on ur English because it's a bit difficult to decipher what ur saying. But ur right, if ur sure u never want to revert to Islam then don't start dating a Muslim girl or guy. If u r in d early stages of falling in love with ur Muslim boyfriend or girlfriend, start thinking about learning Islam n see I u have d balls to accept it. I u don't, leave d relationship, don't let emotions cloud d reality and ur logic. I have been in a situation as such-I was with an Indian hindu man for 15 months. We knew from mth 4 that we r in love n wanted to get married. Then the difficult part happened when we realised that he has to rever to Islam to marry me. He was not willing to open his min n thought to learn Islam, n I have never force him or emotionally blackmailed him to become a Muslim. We just know that if he doesn't revert then we can't marry. In d end he decide that he can't convert so we broke up. It's better to break off n not convert than to convert just for sake if marriage n end up regrettin n wanting to murtad later. Love takes alot of work and sacrifices, n sometimes it's too much for one man. Lesson learnt here is-don't start something u can't finish n then try to bend God's rules after to suit ur needs!

    1. I know this Hindu woman who is so much in love with this Muslim guy from Pakistan, and she might convert to Islam.

  25. who said…??? when u register married in singapore… then u came back to malaysia… u not only get saman… u also forbid to stay together.. and under supervision (maybe)… u will accuse do an adultery if u married with difference religion… an adultery is ok for u…???but if both of u a muslim.. then that is OK..

  26. rizz..i oso know my bf will faced many thing ,seriously..Got ppl advise for me ,if going singapore registered.Then going back malaysia will get a saman from goverment only not need faced t many religion matter?isnt true?

    1. Dearest Suki,
      Yes. you can register your marriage in JPN after registering in Singapore.
      the point is, the Court of Syariah will ask you in which religion are you. Meaning, you can register in Singapore but you might need to convert in Islam once you registering your marriage with JPN.
      if you don't like it, you can migrate to any foreign country as you want.
      Hope this advice can help you..

  27. suki : ya… thats true if u wanna married ur bf u should convert to muslim first or he convert to other religion. but for ur bf situation is not possible bcoz he will faced many thing and i also wanna give a "warning" for this…

    for ur name after convert to muslim is not the big matter.. u still can use ur name real just like now… converting name are just to make people recognize u as muslim… thats all…. the big matter for ur situation is are u really willing to convert ur religion…??? if no… just forget ur bf… but if yes… learn more about islamic religion..

  28. Hi,Rizz…i heard some ppl say if i married v my muslim bf ,i oso want to change my religion.and important is my I/C oso want to change to melay name isnt?may i have another method i oso can marry with him,i no need to change my I/C name oso.

    2nd thing if my muslim bf convert back to religion isnt possible?Becoz he b4 is christian. They say is choose ROM for marriage not choose ROMM is no need convertion.What is ROM and ROMM?

    Thanks a lot ..

    1. hi suki.. your situation is much easier.. because islamic treat the male different from female. you are non muslim, no islamic law can be imposed on you if you stay with your bf.. just you both wont have marry certificate, if that is al right. then you both have to decide, is it ok if the children only register you as a mother but no father. if that is ok, you can proceed.
      your bf is always safe. situation will be different given that you are muslim and your bf is non muslim. because the islamic authority always more trigger happy to pound on the female. one last important question, does your bf believe in islam? if so, its not about legal matter anymore, you both are not meant together because of different faith. FYI, you dun have to change name in your mykad, but there will be a label 'islam' on your mykad if you convert. hope that helps.

  29. suki : y need change name..?? actually.. there is no need to change ur name if u convert to islam.. how can u change ur race as Chinese to be malay..?? u convert ur religion not ur race…

  30. Helps,

    My bf is muslim chinese..i dont want convert my name after our married.if we going singapore register for marry ,isnt no need follow malaysia law?

    1. A lot of converts don't discard their names, they just add "Abdullah" at the back. Like Maria China Abdullah, very famous women's rights activist.

    2. its very simple…i converted to get married here in malaysia legally….its just like changing shoes…use to wear nike now bata..thats all…u cant change the leg right….and my wife understand….we are married for 11 yrs with 2 kids with no problem…i dont practice islam as i dont believe in any man made religion….i believe in humanism and that's what im teaching my kids as well…i give freedom to my kids to learn islam as they are born islam….that would be my wife's job to teach them that…my job humanism…..and i dont stop my wife practicing her belief as muslim…..

  31. wanna listen my advice…? if u think Hindus religion is part of ur life… then, don't change ur religion and never choose a muslim girl as ur bribe.. u just make the worse mistake on ur life bcoz playing with religion/god.. are u not feel shame with urself..??

    p/s: try understand other so that other will try to understand u.

  32. hye guyz cn u ol help me cn a muslim gal change her religion to hindu.. coz i of my cousin bro married a muslim gal and he convert to muslim and nw tey are divorce so hw should my cousin bro convert back to hindu.. malaysia laws are not allowed to change so itz tat other way 4 it?? cn any of u tell z and what should he have to do nw??

  33. hi all… wanna say something here…. when we talk about married actually we talk about religion….

    how can we marry someone that have difference religion with us…?? how can we face the god later…?? if we believe in god… but if not.. is up to you…

    in law of Islam… to get married, both must be a muslim.. or the girl was kitabiyah and the man was muslim.. other than that is cannot…. actually this situation is allowed in old era because of same "akidah" in belief…

    how the wedding is look like is not important.. prerequisites married in islam religion is both side muslim and already had "akad nikah".. if you never do any "akad nikah"… actually you do an adultery that is wrong in law of morality…

    1. You must be living in a cave, dearest rizz gyn..
      i'm going to ask you 1 thing..
      in which Middle East (which known as a Islamic country) country allows a muslim man/women to marry a non-muslim man/women?
      If you can answer this, then you have your answer.
      If not, expand your mind and your so call blissful mind talking about "IN LAW OF ISLAM".

    2. Who said husband and wife cannot have difference religion. Many Malaysian non muslim husband is a Christian and his wife is a buddist.This kind of "cannot" idea is is against the United Nation Human Rights. If Malaysia wants to be a member of the United Nation, then We must accept the human right. If not, get out from the United Nation for good.__One cannot say we have our own law. No doubt you can have your own law provided you are not belong to us and your law did not affect another person's liberty. If our law said "no one shall rape a girl". Anyone can said my family have my family rule, father can rape his own daughter

    3. It is not your life or your marriage and I do not understand why you post such a comment. People should be allowed tolive their lives as they please and interfering people like you are practically insane.

  34. Jason,

    Just marry her in Canada. She can visit on a work or short holiday/work visa. You can get married to her then. Besides, if you get in trouble, the Canadian legal support will be there for you. Why in God's name would you bother going through the legal sh*t that is Malaysian law? Are you freakin insane?!

    And pls don't say cause her parents want to come for the wedding. Heck, you're getting married to her, not her parents!

    Hope that helps.

    1. I agree with Jason, just register and marry in Canada since you guys are settling down there. There is no any difference if you do it in Singapore but costing you even more. If her parents have brain they will know both of you are getting married because of love not religion which is one beliefs.

    2. I'm chinese muslim I have same issued like jason but my fiancé is British.we plan apply marriage visa and married on August in uk but unfortunately now I'm in Malaysia and pregnant about 6 weeks.can I deliver baby in Malaysia without letting my baby to become muslim? Can advise.appreciate that

  35. I'm engaged to be married to my malay muslim girlfriend. She is legaly muslim and I am a canadian catholic. My girlfriend does not believe in islam and she wishes to convert once she can live in canada. She doesn't want me to convert to islam. Is there a way for us to get married in singapore? If I marry her in singapore, will the immigration officers in Malaysia allow her to leave if I try to sponsor her as my spouse to live with me in canada?

    1. Your first words say everythig what this slut Muslim wants from you … her living in Canada ! " once she can live in Canada " she will convert ??? Hahahaa, how idiot you can be to believe this ????? After she will living in Canada, she and her family will start the show ! until you move on by yourself and hardly cheated ! ! ! Poor peoples who don't know anything about Asians ! You will alwyas be cheated hard bu this bastards !

  36. It's not the matter of law and human right~~

    It's writen in Quran..

    Where's all the muslim members in loyarbusuk?

    Sipply letting the non muslim talking about islam?

    "orang2 islam di loyar buruk ini telah dianjingkan oleh non muslim"

    1. Is your GOD allows you to say "DIANJINGKAN"?
      I wonder which part of Quran allows you to say that..
      Be a nice Muslim and watch you language.. We didn't humiliates ISLAM in this blog..
      People talks and discuss things..

      1. The word "Dianjingkan" is refer to which God ?. This is a Malay word. The Hebrew God Allah don't know Malay, the Muslim God Allah also don't know Malay. The only God knows Malay is the Christian God Allah, because the Christian Bible is having few hundreds languages, including Malay Bible.

    2. didn't you read the Islam history? Muhammad is Muslims prophet and even during Muhammad's time if the non-muslim married to a muslim, neither party need to convert. Did anyone teach that during the time Muhammad and his followers were fleeing from Mecca and saved by Christians? Definitely not a chance. This converting law only imposed as compulsary later by ulamas or scholars after Muhammad base on their own idealogy of religion conquering missions.

    3. Im a female muslim malay. Yang you terasa dianjingkan kenapa bro?
      This person who wrote this are giving his opinion with evidence of proof. he's not hurting our faith pun. he's just providing an argument. and his argument is not baseless. Sedangkan dalam islam ajar kita untuk always seek the truth. Kita dilarang untuk follow agama membuta tuli. Ignorance is a sin. Tahu ke idok ni. Dia, non-muslim, bercakap perihal muslim. Kalau dah tahu what he's providing us contradicts with what we muslims believe in, then tell us all what it is. Truly, im seeking for the truth.

      But yes, it is written in the Quran that followers of Islam only marry followers of Islam. And muslims are to uphold what's written in the Quran. But I understand the plight some people have. Love is natural. Love is fitrah. A gift from Allah. But it is also a responsibility.

  37. Well written preach and answers from International Human Right Priest.

    For all you lover, do refer and ask Muslim Council of Britain, or Jakim.

  38. I am British women converting to Islam to marry my boyfriend who is Malaysian.

    He hasnt asked for any documentation from me, I am thinking now that the ceremony is being done with local Imam….without regestering?? or maybe because I am foriegn he hasnt thought I might need documentation.

    What papers will I need in a Muslim marrage as a Foriegn convert?

    Will that be legal in UK?

    Can we still have a Civil Ceremony aswell later in UK as my parents want to see me get married.

    Thank you

    1. You will need to discuss this with your boyfriend because both of you will need to make a request for nikah at Islamic Affairs Department (go to the Islamic Affairs Department at your resident area). For your marriage request (Malaysian + Foreigner) case you will need:

      – copy of passport or Identity Card (man and woman)
      – letter of authorization from the Embassy/consultant of your country
      – Passport confirmation letter from the Malaysian Immigration Department (certification)
      – Certificate of Divorce or Death Certificate letter (if married or widowed before)
      – Polygamy Permission Letter from the Syariah Court in Malaysia (if polygamy)
      – Letter wakalah guardian for women (if the guardian is unable to attend)
      – Copy of Marriage Certificate Course

      1. – Polygamy Permission Letter from the Syariah Court in Malaysia (if polygamy) – Dear God… this is the most horrible thing and I could never accept it ! How stupid can be Muslim women to accept this rules ???? I just hate this peoples ! Simple !

    2. That means he is already married once with documents in Malaysia ! ! ! He only wants you as his second wife ! And he is not ready to commit now with documents with you because he was commiting with a woman with whom he alreasy has kids too ! Be well informed about him and go see his family and everyhting proofs from goverment ! You was cheated seriously ! Please cancel this decision to marry him ! If you like Malaysia, find a Chinese buddhist or atheist. but avoid Muslims !!!! They only want mary you ( british) TO CAN BRING HIS FAMILY IN YOUR COUNTRY LATER !

  39. Imagine there's no heaven, no hell below us. Imagine all the people, living their lives in p-e-a-c-e . . . . . . Yoo-hoo-oo-ooo

    Fair dinkum!

  40. I am a Malaysian Chinese Christian and my man is an Iraqi Muslim. We want to get married but he does not want me to convert. Can I NOT convert to Islam in view tat he is a foreigner? If not, can we get married in another country where I dont have to convert then inform the Malaysian government when we return to Malaysia? I would really appreciate your advice. thank you.

    1. If u r a Christian u r going against Biblical teaching "do not yoke with the unbeliever". Have u talked to yr Church Elder?

  41. PLeae let me know where can i get counselling. I am a punjabi and i married a Pakitani and i converted. Now, he is daily arguing with me and scolding me vulgar words.

    I need to talk to somebody, can you please help me

    1. hello ms u r lucky u convert in islam,Allah give u a new life,i dont know about ur husband y he did like this but if u try to get him nice person u must be respect him n show him ur true love,if he shout u or what ever u treat him nice way im sure one day he become good husband,inshallah

      1. Fuck, your Allah ! He is not lucky, he destroyed his life probably because the demon devil made him believe this idiot Muslim loves him, but he was cheated !

    2. All interracial marriages do not work unless there is some symmetry between the couple. Pakistanis are mostly Punjabi by ethnicity but that does not mean that they will easily get along with Punjabi's who are not Muslim. would suggest you throw him out and go to the sharia court and denounce your religion if you want to or leave the country and go to a estern nation where you can be anything you want. Religions have no place in these societies. I suggest you become an atheist because the word god, temples, Mosque, Church, worship, sacred, miracles, mullah etc. These word have only brought anguish, confusion and fear in societies. Violence, hate and anger is the root of all these words.

  42. Hi,

    Is it possible for a muslim and non-muslim which are both Malaysian to get married overseas and the non-muslim party converts to Islam in overseas? Is there a need for the non-muslim party who converts to Islam overseas to register with the Jabatan Agama Islam if they decide to live in Malaysia? Is there a need for he or she to change their identification card?

    Thank You,

    Help Seeker

    1. Dear Help Seeker,

      Interesting question.

      There is no obligation on a convert to Islam registering the conversion. But, the marriage must be registered otherwise, both Muslim and non Muslim may be falling foul of the relevant syariah and civil laws on registration of marriages. And ultimately, a marriage between a Muslim and a non Muslim (assuming non Kitabiyyah) cannot be registered.

      So, strictly speaking, the convert to Islam would probably have register the conversion in order to register the marriage. The criminal provisions referred to in my earlier answer to Helpless are of some relevance, though not a direct answer. Sorry, but I don't have time to do a more detailed study on this at the moment.


  43. Helpless. It is not possible to marry overseas and return to Malaysia. The Muslim party will be considered to have offended the provisions of the relevant Syariah legislation. Further, the Muslim will probably be considered as committing the crime of khalwat, unlawful cohabitation and so on. The non Muslim party will have offended section 31 of the Law Reform (Marriage and Divorce) Act 1976 which requires citizens to register foreign marriages, and is a criminal offence pursuant to section 35 attracting a penalty of up to one year's imprisonment and a fine.

    1. Hi Shanmuga…
      Im a Indian Muslim gal but my parents not married til now and my mom still hindu … but my name in ic as muslim name and my religion islam… but this 6 years i falling luv with indian guy… and we planning want to married but we cannot register our marriage under malaysian gov… can u give me the best idea… please sum one help me… i already tried everything and now my case under syariah processing.. but i dont have any feedback from them.. please help me.. i realy kesian see my bf … pity him…

    2. Hi Shanmuga K,

      I am a indian muslim girl in love with a Hindu guy. We planning to get married. Both of us choose to stay with our own religion. we respect each others religion. Is there any idea for me to make it happen here?

      Whether Qur’an forbids it or not, I ain’t letting anyone deny me the right to marry a Jewish, Hindu, Christian or atheist man if I want to. if Allah looks down at me for marrying a man of a different faith because this man loves and respects me, then that’s not the Allah I want to worship…

      Please I really need some good idea…..
      [email protected]

    3. Hi Shanmuga,

      How about a Muslim woman and a Hindu guy i knew both Malaysian. They cohabits and have three children. The woman (wife) and the children are Muslim but the guy is still Hindu. The wife told me they been married for fourteen yrs…so confused… is it possible to happen here in Malaysia?

    4. Hi Shanmuga,

      I'm a chinese and I would like to marry a chinese muslim girl. Her parents converted because of some issue. If I ever want marry her I need to convert as well?

    5. Leave the world alone with this idiots ! Muslims… blury mind and they think they can change the world , so they only will bring you troubles in everyhting as is well known in all the world ! You all who want marry Muslims, better think again ! You will regret it all your life ! As a western woman, I would never marry such conditions to cover my head forever and to become an idiot for whole life . There are other men / women you can marry and be more happy ! Avoid this idiots Muslim with all their stupid customs !

  44. Hi,

    So is it possible for a muslim and non-muslim which are both Malaysian to get married overseas(eg: India or Singapore) and be able to register the marriage in Malaysia without changing one's religion? If it is not possible, if we decide to live in Malaysia, are we still considered as single?

    Thnak you.

    1. No, the marriage will not be recognized in Malaysia. If you want to be recognized as married then you will have to re-register your married (i.e. remarry according to Malaysian law, with the non-muslim individual converting to Islam). Any children you have had will be considered born out of wedlock

      This is the case of what happened to my parents and me (I'm the so-called 'bastard' child).

  45. and with the stroke of international human rights norms, Islamic injuctions on muslims can be steamrolled over with. If this is not imposing one set of belief (international human rights norm) upon another set of belief (Islamic value system), then I don't know what is.

    And some people can't seems to understand why muslims are up in arms over this issue.

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